Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 541 - Tang Xinrou’s Devious Idea

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Chapter 541: Tang Xinrou’s Devious Idea

In the greenhouse.

The old man placed his hands behind his back and looked up at the words on the wall with a silly smile.

Uncle Zhang stood behind him, his eyes filled with nostalgia.

“Now that I think about it, Madam has been gone for more than ten years.”

“That’s right…”

Grandfather Huo chuckled. “She left me behind for more than ten years. She’s so heartless. I wonder if she’s been bullied underground.”

“Oh, you’re worrying too much.”

Uncle Zhang smiled. “Do you still remember how Madam bullied you back then? It’s always Madam who bullies others. How could she be bullied?”

“That’s true.”

Grandfather Huo sighed. “More than ten years have passed in the blink of an eye, and we’re already so old. Ah Shu, Yaoyao is a good girl. If you see her, you’ll definitely like her.

“You don’t have to worry this time. Our son doesn’t have to grow old alone…”

Uncle Zhang listened to his nagging and quietly left the greenhouse.

Old people loved to nag.

Men like the Huos were destined to be extraordinary at birth. They carried a heavy burden on their shoulders and stood at a height that no one could compare to. Many people were not as lucky as this father and son to find the love of their lives.

This private birthday party lasted until eleven o’clock in the evening.

Even Tang Xinrou drank a lot of red wine.

“Tang Xinrou, let’s go.”

Xia Rao narrowed her eyes and leaned against Mu Jing, getting into the car unsteadily.

“Hey, I’m coming!”

Tang Xinrou quickly responded, pulling Song Yaoyao and whispering, “Yaoyao, I have something to tell you!”

Xu Yue rolled her eyes and slowly looked at Song Yaoyao. “I advise you not to listen to her.”

Her idea was definitely not a good idea.

Tang Xinrou glared at her and pulled Song Yaoyao away.

Lying on her shoulder, she whispered, “Precious, do you still remember the birthday present I gave you last time? It’s time to use it. Charge!!”


Tang Xinrou’s words were like a clap of thunder in the clear sky.

Song Yaoyao’s face tensed up and her eyelids twitched.

Expressionless, she replied with a straight face, “I haven’t opened it yet.”


Tang Xinrou gritted her teeth in anger. “I carefully selected it, alright? It’s very expensive! It may look thin but…” Before she could finish her sentence, she saw Xu Yue’s eyes and swallowed the rest of her words. She mumbled vaguely, “In short, I carefully selected it. It feels top-quality! Just like a second layer of skin. There won’t be any strange feelings! The most important thing is that it’s thin! You understand what I mean, right?”

She winked at Song Yaoyao ambiguously. Song Yaoyao shook her head innocently, gesturing that she really didn’t understand.

“Aiya! You’re really a blockhead!”

Tang Xinrou poked her head and heard her aunt urging her again. There was also Xu Yue eyeing her from the side. After saying that, she quickly ran away. Before she left, she didn’t forget to pull Xu Yue away.

One car after another gradually drove away and the courtyard quickly became quiet.

Song Yaoyao blinked her eyes slowly. She only felt a breath of hot air gushing out.

It was so hot that she didn’t even dare to touch her face. It was as if she was going to be burned.

When Tang Xinrou spoke, she made a tearing gesture and winked at her. “Just give it a try! Just like that! Give your Gege a different kind of emotional experience.”



Song Yao felt that she seemed to understand, but also seemed to not understand…

“Miss Song.”

“Ah! Ah… Zhang, Uncle Zhang, why are you here?”

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