Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 520 - I Love You

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Chapter 520: I Love You

The male lead’s name was Xiang Chuan, and he was 30 years old this year. He had been shooting television dramas for a long time, so this was his first time stepping into the movie industry.

It could be said that he attached great importance to this. This was related to whether he could establish a foothold in the movie industry in the future, especially since this movie was directed by Kang Yuan. So, he practically treated it with 100% seriousness.

Shao Yichen was embarrassed. “It’s just for fun. It’s fine if she doesn’t drink… Besides, isn’t the Little Director already an adult?”

The others frowned. It was not that they did not know what Shao Yichen was thinking, but this man’s ambition was a little too big!

Song Yaoyao was Director Kang’s student whom he doted on. Judging from his usual attitude, it seemed as though she was being groomed as his successor.

Yet, he still dared to have thoughts about the young lady. Perhaps, he was overconfident in his charms!

“I’ve already rejected you many times.” Song Yaoyao stood still and calmly looked at Shao Yichen. Under her dark gaze, Shao Yichen felt the pressure, “I’m pressed for time. I came here to study, not to go out to play or drink. If you want to go, go by yourself. I have to go back and edit the script.”

She turned her head and quickly walked toward the elevator.

Beauty Min shrugged and left as well.

Throughout the entire journey, no one paid attention to Shao Yichen, making him feel extremely embarrassed.

This damned girl! What’s so great about her She hadn’t even become a director yet, yet her temper was already so bad!

“Song Yaoyao.”

Song Yaoyao walked forward with her head lowered. Suddenly, a low, husky, and charming voice came from afar, startling her and making her think that she was hallucinating.

“Gege? Ah!”

Just as she raised her head, her body was suddenly lifted into the air by someone.

A familiar refreshing fragrance filled her nose. Song Yaoyao blinked in surprise and joy. Her voice softened a bit. “Gege! Why are you here?!”

Huo Yunque glanced at her, turned around and strode into the elevator.


Song Yaoyao called out, “Gege, why aren’t you talking to me… mm…”

All her words were suddenly blocked.

Before the elevator closed, the actors who came back together saw with their own eyes that the young lady who was especially serious during filming had melted in the man’s arms and was pressed against the elevator wall for a kiss.

After a long while, someone coughed.

Everyone came back to their senses.

Beauty Min opened her mouth. “That just now…”

Xiang Chuan rubbed his nose. “It turns out that the Little Director already has a boyfriend, and he’s so handsome. No wonder…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Shao Yichen, who was standing at the back, understood everything.

It was as if his face had been suddenly slapped a few times, and it was burning in pain.

“Open the door.”

The man’s breathing was a little rough. He lowered his head slightly and leaned into Song Yaoyao’s neck as he ordered her in a low voice.

Song Yaoyao’s cheeks turned red as blood, and her lips were like ripe peaches with a layer of mesmerizing watercolor. She searcched around with her trembling hand. “The room card… The room card is in my pocket…”

She struggled to take it out for a long time.

“Which pocket?”

Huo Yunque looked up. His dark eyes were deep, as if there was a layer of fog inside them. No one could see what he was thinking.

“The left one,” Song Yaoyao pursed her lips and said softly.

The man reached in with his fingers and easily took out the room card. With a beep, the door opened.

Song Yaoyao’s throat was dry, and her small hands gripped the man’s shirt nervously. “Gege…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the man stepped into the room and kicked the door shut.

At the same time, he raised his hand, threw her onto the big bed and slowly approached…

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