Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 519 - Little Director, Let’s Drink Together

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Chapter 519: Little Director, Let’s Drink Together

Translator: Yunyi

[I love you, Raorao! <3 ]

[Wow! Looks like Beauty Min is getting along really well with Director Kang’s student. They might become good friends!]

[Heh, am I the only one who is curious about the person who caught Director Kang’s eyes? She must be very talented, right? I’m looking forward to seeing what this is all about! Also, the Little Director or whatever, is so cute. Hahaha.]

[Her head is so small. She’s so… cute!]

[Everyone must be racing to carry her away!]

[My goddess Wanwan is too pitiful! Did you audition for Director Kang before? There, there, don’t be upset~ Take this opportunity to hone your skills. You will definitely get the chance to impress Director Kang in the future. Even if you can’t work with Director Kang, you can take a step back and choose the little director!]


Song Yaoyao, who didn’t know anything, continued to improve her skills under the guidance of Kang Yuan.

She was talented, to begin with, so even Kang Yuan was surprised by her improvement; it was a little too fast.

If she continued to learn at this speed, it wouldn’t take long for her to present her first project to everyone.

Song Yaoyao studied on set during the day and edited the script when she returned to the hotel at night.

She was as busy as a spinning top, but she was not tired.


Her friends and boyfriend who had been forgotten in a corner were beginning to feel their resentment growing.

When the 99th phone call came in and her phone was still turned off, a certain someone couldn’t sit still.

That night, Song Yaoyao followed the main group to the hotel.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew across the ground, causing dust to fly everywhere. She coughed twice and quickly covered her mouth and nose.

At that moment, the humming sound of helicopter blades grew louder and louder.

Kang Yuan rubbed his head and looked up. He clicked his tongue. “Yo, who’s so rich and generous to drive a private helicopter here? Is it some big boss?”

Song Yaoyao blinked blankly. She didn’t know why, but she had a bad feeling.

“Is there… a helipad here?”

Beauty Min smiled. “Little Director, you mustn’t know this, but many hotels have helipads on their roofs.”

“Oh.” Song Yao nodded and didn’t continue asking.

The plane soon disappeared, along with the loud noise.

Song Yaoyao felt relieved and let out a breath. She rolled up the script in her hand and knocked her head.

She must have been too tired.

The few of them entered the hotel while chatting and laughing. Seeing Song Yaoyao getting along well with the actors, Kang Yuan smiled and left first, giving these young people some space.

Kang Yuan was confident about his little student. She looked soft, but she had her own opinions. Even these old foxes in the entertainment industry would not be able to fool her.

She was a natural-born leader…

“Little Director!”

Shao Yichen jogged to Song Yaoyao’s side and smilingly invited her, “You’re off work early today. Shall we go and have a drink?”

Beauty Min frowned at this. “Shao Yichen, the Little Director is still a student.”

She did not like Shao Yichen. Although few people in the entertainment industry were absolutely clean, she was still very disdainful of his behavior. The main reason was that his private life was chaotic, and he was a well-known player in the industry.

He often toyed with girls’ hearts because his public relations team was good and prevented him from getting in trouble.

Besides, he was careful and kept his work and private life separate. If not for this, Kang Yuan would not have used him at all.

“Yes, Yichen. If you want to play, you can go by yourself. I forgot two lines during filming today, so I want to go back and practice the script again.”

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