Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 511 - I’ll Show You A Treasure

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Chapter 511: I’ll Show You A Treasure

No one thought too much about it. They just thought it was a coincidence.

An Feiran was very quiet at the dining table. Occasionally, when Kang Yuan’s glass was empty, he would fill it up for him carefully.

But he had always been gentle. Even if he did that, it would not make people feel awkward.

Kang Yuan was happy today, so he could not help but drink a few more glasses.

“Uncle, drink less.”

When Kang Yuan raised his cup again, a fair hand blocked his movements.

Tang Xinrou was stunned. She moved her lips and tried her best to signal him with her eyes. Unfortunately, An Feiran didn’t see it.

The actors looked at each other. They all knew that Director Kang had a bad temper and was addicted to alcohol. Anyone who tried to stop him from drinking would be given a light scolding.


Tonight, Kang Yuan’s temper was so good that it refreshed their understanding once again.

“Fine, I won’t drink anymore. You’re so strict.”

Kang Yuan put down his wine glass in a bad mood and glanced at An Feiran.

An Feiran smiled bashfully and pushed the glass in front of him. “A little wine can lighten the mood, but too much will harm your body. Drink some water.”

The boy had a fair appearance and was refined and delicate. His smile was clean and bright, making people reluctant to be angry with him.

Kang Yuan was helpless. He picked up the glass of water and gulped it down in one gulp. He said helplessly, “Happy?”

“Please drink slowly…”An Feiran found it funny.

Why did he drink like a child?

Everyone felt that their interaction was too harmonious. However, An Feiran had always kept a low profile, so even his friends did not know the real relationship between him and Kang Yuan.

“Teacher, I have something I want to show you.”

After three rounds of drinking, everyone was almost done eating.

Song Yaoyao took out a stack of stapled paper from her backpack. It was a 16K double-sided book with two simple words written on the cover.

“Palace Walls.”

“Oh? What is this? You wrote it? The name isn’t very attractive.”

“I bought it,” Song Yaoyao explained.

He clicked his tongue, lazily leaned back in his chair, and flipped to the first page.

13th year of the Showa Era. Qingshui County, Magistrate’s Mansion.

“Aunt, I’m also Father’s daughter. Why do Eldest Sister, Second Sister, and the others do whatever they want when I have to pretend to be a fool and lower myself? I’m not convinced!”


“Aren’t you going to shut up?!”

The frail woman gave her maid a look, and the maid immediately walked out the door and looked around. When she saw another maid stretching her neck nosily, her expression immediately changed, and she scolded, “Do you have a death wish, you little wench? Is the Lord’s courtyard a place where you can wander around? If you don’t behave, you better be careful!”

“Sister, I was wrong. Please forgive me this once!” The maid hurriedly knelt down and begged for mercy.

The older maid looked fierce but was actually timid. “Aren’t you going to hurry back to work?!”

After sending away the maid who wanted to eavesdrop, the older maid quickly returned to the room and closed the door tightly. She then stood guard outside.

Inside the room.

The frail woman coughed violently and pointed at the young woman with a handkerchief. “The Eldest Madam is a domineering person. Your face has always made her jealous. So if you are more outstanding than the child she raises, will this residence still be able to accommodate you?”

“Then I won’t stay here anymore! When my daughter is successful, I will definitely take you away from this place so you can live in the outside world!”

“Shut up! You are not allowed to say these words in the future!” The woman’s eyes reddened slightly. “It is my incompetence and lowly status that I can not protect you. If anything happens to you, how am I supposed to live?”

As soon as she finished speaking, tears began to fall.

Liu Yan, who was still very strong-willed just a moment ago, hurriedly walked forward on her knees and repeatedly hit herself on the face with the woman’s hand. “I know I was wrong! And I know I made you sad. From now on, I will never mention it again. Never—”

Just the first scene was already full of tension.

The leading actors were all very curious, but they did not have the courage to ask any questions.

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