Monster Paradise - Chapter 1901 - Charcoal, Thunder and Little Witch   

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Chapter 1901: Charcoal, Thunder and Little Witch


The intense battle between Dragon Emperor and the worm monster finally ended over two hours later.

He revealed almost all of his trump cards in this battle in order to finally defeat it.

After killing the worm monster, he did not even collect the carcass. He sat where he was with his legs crossed directly to adjust his breathing.

Bai warned Grimace again when he saw the latter staring at the carcass in excitement.

After almost an hour, Dragon Emperor finally got up and collected the white worm’s carcass.

At that moment, he belatedly realized that all of the spectators had left.

Apart from himself and the two people from the Sword Alliance, Old Man Heaven’s Secret from Heaven’s Secret was the only one left around the ootheca.

“We’ll have to pass the baton to the both of you now,” Dragon Emperor said to Bai and Grimace while cupping his hands.

He knew that the people before him were the only ones who could fight with the monsters.

Bai nodded, while Grimace did not bother to respond to him. He turned his head and shouted at Old Man Heaven’s Secret, “Old man, we’re not taking the responsibility if you’re killed in the crossfire.”

Old Man Heaven’s Secret’s combat strength was only at dominator-level rank-8, which was even lower than Lin Xin and the rest. However, this old man insisted on staying.

“I won’t blame anyone if I’m really killed. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Bai asked after a moment of thought, “What does Heaven’s Secret know about this ootheca?”

“I’ve actually sent the related information to your swordmaster. Dragon Emperor and the leaders from the few other top organizations received it as well.”

“I don’t know how much information your swordmaster revealed to you guys. Since there’s no one else here, I’ll give you a rough explanation.”

Old Man Heaven’s Secret organized his thoughts before speaking slowly, “This ootheca was actually created by one of the three Outer Gods under Aza, whose name is Shub.”

“She’s known as the Lord of All Things under Aza. Apart from breeding Abyssal creatures in Aza’s dreamland on her own, most of the monsters in the Abyss were actually created by her.”

“This ootheca is known as the Black Goat’s Egg. Shub can only create 12 such oothecas at most.”

“The ootheca has two breeding rules. One is as Nyarlathotep described, which is the rule that we’ve been observing so far. It’ll reset each round every ten days, and the Abyssal monsters it breeds will grow more and more powerful with every round.”

“The other breeding rule is that the ootheca would breed the Black Goat’s Offspring directly. However, we don’t know the exact details behind this.”

“We only know that the Black Goat’s Offspring is a terrifying monster whose physical body is even more powerful than the Outer Gods. Its iron hooves can crush everything in the world. It has a bottomless appetite, and it can devour any substance. It will even obtain the strength to devour all living beings.”

“Only one of the 12 oothecas are here, which means there are 11 other oothecas that might breed the Black Goat’s Offspring. As soon as that happens, the three Outer Gods will not be our only enemies. There will be 11 entities that have the same level of ability as the three Outer Gods.” Bai suddenly looked terrible now.

“Why not surrender now? Suddenly I feel that it’s not too bad to be converted into Abyssal creatures. It might make us even more powerful…” Grimace, who was standing to the side, said while pouting.

“Apart from testing us, the Black Goat’s Egg is also helping them stall for time,” Old Man Heaven’s Secret continued, “They require time in order for the Black Goat’s Offspring to hatch before Aza is woken up.”

The information Old Man Heaven’s Secret revealed made the people there fall into a long period of silence.

Time flew by, and it was soon midnight again.

This time, the number of monsters the ootheca bred doubled again. There were 16 Abyssal monsters now.

Grimace still did not attack. Bai and Dragon Emperor worked together and killed the Abyssal monsters that had mastered trillions of chaotic cosmoses.

Over the next few days, Grimace did not bother to attack.

As there were more and more Abyssal monsters, and the monsters’ combat strength continued to grow, Dragon Emperor felt more and more pressured.

Fortunately, Bai managed to kill the entities whose combat strength was more powerful than Dragon Emperor’s, which kept him from dying.

On the 50th day, the number of Abyssal monsters the ootheca bred reached 512.

It was only then that Grimace took the initiative to kill the monsters. His instantaneous kill speed even surpassed Bai’s.

“What? You aren’t going to wait until tomorrow to fight?” Bai teased.

“Tomorrow’s battle has nothing to do with us.” Grimace smiled.

With Grimace joining the battle, these monsters were killed within a minute.

He collected the carcasses enthusiastically and said to Dragon Emperor, who was not far away, “You can rest from tomorrow onward.”

Dragon Emperor looked rather depressed. Throughout these ten days, he had quickly come to realize that Bai and Grimace’s abilities had surpassed his.

“Are there… entities that are more powerful than the two of you in the Sword Alliance?”

“Of course.” Grimace grinned. “We’re just clones. Our Primordiums are even more powerful.”

“The two of you… are just clones?!” Dragon Emperor widened his eyes and displayed a look of disbelief.

He had never thought the two guys who were much more powerful than him were just clones.

Bai glared at Grimace. He knew what this guy was doing. He was revealing that to damage Dragon Emperor’s confidence intentionally.

“Can I stay behind to watch the upcoming battle?” Dragon Emperor asked after some hesitation.

“You can stay if you want to. No matter what, just like that guy, we might not have the extra time to take care of the two of you,” Grimace said while peeping at Old Man Heaven’s Secret, who was standing pretty far away.

Dragon Emperor nodded. He asked again after a moment of silence, “Sorry to ask, how many powerhouses are there in the Sword Alliance who have the same level of abilities as your Primordium?”

“You might see some of them tomorrow.” Grimace smiled and did not answer his question.

“What about Chief Lin? Is he more powerful than your Primordium?” Dragon Emperor asked further.

“It’s…” Grimace dragged his words out on purpose, and only continued a while later, “A secret!”

At that moment, a voice suddenly spoke into their ears.

“You talk too much, Grimace.” A young man in a black robe stepped out from the sky and appeared before them.

Dragon Emperor was clearly stunned when he saw that person. He sensed a familiar aura on that person. It was the aura of someone from the same tribe.

It was Charcoal who arrived.

“Little Charcoal, why do you look human now?” Grimace teased while snickering.

“Do you not want your clone anymore?” Charcoal looked mean. It hated Grimace addressing it in that way.

It could not do anything when Grimace’s Primordium called it that. However, this was just his clone. Charcoal was really eager to punish him.

“You can’t defeat my Primordium, so you’re going to vent your anger on my clone?” Grimace teased.

“So what if I do!” Charcoal said while stretching out its palm.

At that moment, a man in a purple robe and golden crown appeared out of thin air. He pressed his hand on Charcoal’s shoulder.

“Master said we’re supposed to focus our attention on the enemy in this mission.”

Charcoal scoffed and retrieved its hand.

“Why do you look human too, Little Crow?” Grimace said to the man in the purple robe.

“I…” Thunder, who was in the purple robe, almost lost itself.

Throughout the years, it had hated it the most when Grimace called it by that name.

At that moment, a young lady in a red robe appeared out of nowhere.

As her fingers moved subtly, Grimace’s lips were sealed by a red thread. It was as if there was a needle guiding the thread across his lips, which sewed them together completely in an instant.

“Him being annoying is nothing new that he’s annoying. Let’s just sew up his lips.” The red-robed young lady’s tone was calm.

She was Witch, who had always been guarding Lin Xin.

Dragon Emperor was completely shocked when he sensed the terrifying auras emanating from these few people.

There were so many terrifying powerhouses in the Sword Alliance!

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