Monster Integration - Chapter 1874 - Petals Of Death II

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Chapter 1874 - Petals Of Death II

Slice Slice Slice

Another round of petals have sliced through me; this is the seventh time since they had sliced through me and the first time since they have not been able to do any real damage; they were only able to cut some of my flesh.

Though, I am not happy about it. Until now, I was not able to capture a single petal; they are too fast for my vines to capture.

I have many times came closer to capturing them but never managed to do it, and I have to. It won't be long before one of the petals came for my fatal spot, and I am not able to avoid it. If that were to happen, it would be disastrous.

So, I have to capture these petals as soon as possible, and thankfully, I am starting to understand their patterns; it won't be long before I was able to capture them.


I had just thought that when a petal directly entered the pink runic sphere attached to the top of my vine. It was so surprising that I forget to dodge the petal coming at my face. If I had not reacted quickly, it would not just be a slice on the cheek but a petal through my eye, which might have killed me.

The petal entering the pink sphere is a complete coincidence that I am extremely happy about. These petals are life-threatening attacks that I could not count against; the more I capture them, the better it would be from me.

Slice Slice Slice

Three more rounds of petals attacked me when I was finally able to capture the petal, and this one is not due to the coincidence but due to my own hard work. This time, I had made the right calculation and was able to move my vine at the right time to capture the petal.

Slice Slice Slice

Another round of petals came and sliced through me. I again dodged them moving and bending at a different angle; still, I was not able to avoid them all, and also my vines were also not able to catch the petals, and like before, I did not get disappointed and was able to catch another petal two rounds later.

With petals getting captured, things have become a little easy for me, there are fewer petals to dodge, and I could spend more of my strength in capturing them.

Slice Slice Slice 

The petals continued to attack me, and now and I would catch them. It continued, and soon came a time that there are only five petals floating in front of me, and for the first time since I entered the invisible field, I was able to avoid all the petals that had attacked me.

With only five petals left, I was quickly able to collect them; I was so quick that even I had got shocked by it. I had captured two together in the first second and three in the next second, caging all the petals in pink runic sphere attached to the twelve vines.

Seeing that smile couldn't help but appear on my bloody face, but my job is far from being done. I still have to harvest the rest of the flower. It is not dangerous to work but extremely delicate, and most important, if I wasn't able to harvest the rest of the flower, then the petals would become useless.

I did not waste any time and started to draw the formation with neutral energies, I would have very much like to deal with my heavy injuries first, but I bȧrėly have an hour before the flower wilt away, so I have to harvest it before that.

Nearly twenty minutes had passed when I finished drawing a sheet of formation and which I placed below the rose tree before activating the formation.

The formation was the most important part, and now I just have to pluck the power carefully, and I did without making the slightest mistake.

As I plucked the flower, the invisible field disappeared, and the rest of the tree begin to wither away till it had turned to dust.

I took out a special wooden storing case; this one is crafted with mana crystal inside it; I just have to draw a formation and connect it to power. I flower is needed to place inside the special formation, or it would gradually lose its efficacy; I do not want that.

I needed fifteen minutes to draw the formation; as I did, I opened the box and placed the stem of the flower before gently placing one petal after another inside it.

Like magic, petals started to attach themselves to the flower on their own, and by the time I added the last petal inside, I have a completely mutated Silver Razor Rose in the case. I couldn't help but feel happy seeing it; the deathly risk was definitely worth it; this flower is going to help me a lot when I create my own core.

I stare at the flower for a couple of more seconds before I closed the wooden box and activated the formation before storing it inside my storage.

Now that I had harnessed the flower, it is time for me to focus on my injuries. I am having a hard time containing them; if I did not start healing them soon, they will going to burst out from the seals and make things very dangerous for me.

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