Monarch of Time - Chapter 729 - 729

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A miserable cry that was filled with indescribable horror and pain left young lady Niu's mouth a moment later, before her body turned limp.

''Young lady!'' The red-robed, red-haired middle-aged man shouted in concern, as his body disappeared on the spot, appearing right next to the white-robed young woman almost immediately.

At the same time, the cloud of Heavenly Tribulation above her head seemed to have disappeared after firing off the 3 bolts of white lightning, leaving behind an extremely stifling atmosphere.

Finally, after a few moments of silence, one of the surrounding peak Dao Kings couldn't help exclaiming in a low voice

''Don't tell me that young lady Niu really died...''

''I hope not. Young lady Niu's master is 'old freak Gao', one of the top masters in the central region who is just a step away from ascending and becoming a true immortal! If she really died, I can't even imagine how angry her master will be.  I heard that 'old freak Gao' dotes on young lady Niu so much, that he even ordered senior Feng to follow after her and keep her safe, so you can guess how important he considers young lady Niu to be.''

''I know about this matter as well. It's because young lady Niu has comprehended a supreme Dao along with a unique Dao, that 'old freak Gao' looks at her so favorably. There is even a chance that 'young lady Niu' can surpass her master in the future and possibly become a true immortal!''

''But look at the expression on senior Feng's face! Things don't look too good right now.''

Indeed, the look on the red-haired Sovereign realm expert's face was extremely ugly to behold.

Senior Feng could feel the life force inside young lady Niu's body seeping away uncontrollably, while her face had also turned pale, without a single hint of blood inside it.

In the midst of this deathly silence, the sound of footsteps could suddenly be heard from the distance behind him, causing the red-haired middle-aged man to frown.

As he turned his head around, senior Feng noticed a yellow-robed, short-haired young man walking towards his direction with his eyes closed.

''Eh? Who is this kid? A peak rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivator can actually make it here?'' A surprised look flashed inside senior Feng's eyes as he stared at Shun Long, who didn't seem to be obstructed by the pressure of the surrounding Daos in the least as he walked inside this inner region of the King's Palace.

It wasn't just senior Feng who was surprised upon seeing this scene.

The surrounding Dao Kings who were waiting to see whether young lady Niu had survived or not were also stunned when they noticed that another Nascent Soul stage cultivator had actually made it in this place.

Even someone like young lady Niu who had comprehended a supreme Dao as her foundational Dao for her qi cultivation, along with a unique Dao for her body refinement cultivation, had only managed to make it this far inside the King's Palace, and was clearly struggling with each step she took, and yet someone else at the same cultivation level could walk around this place completely unhindered?

For a moment, everyone seemed to have forgotten about young lady Niu who was on the verge of death, as they stared at the black-haired young man in yellow robes who was walking towards the depths of the King's Palace with a frown on his face.

Shun Long was completely unaware of the attention he had attracted as he walked past senior Feng and young lady Niu, as well as the group of Dao Kings that had surrounded them, and headed even deeper inside the King's Palace.

Everyone was extremely curious about Shun Long's identity since they hadn't heard of any other disciple who was at the same level as young lady Niu entering the King's Palace this time around.

Even if such a person had entered, the Northern Sovereign should have been aware of it, and she would have definitely informed bigshots like 'senior Feng' as well as the representatives of the big sects.

''Could it be that the Nothern Sovereign intentionally hid this information from me?''

For a moment, senior Feng wanted to follow after Shun Long and see how far he could go, while he also wanted to find out more about Shun Long's background, but it was at that moment that a series of violent coughings attracted his attention.

Young lady Niu's lips were tainted with a crimson color as she coughed blood without stop, before she finally opened her eyes a few moments later.

''Young lady, how do you feel?'' 

Senior Feng asked in a relieved tone when he saw that young lady Niu had opened her eyes, before he took out a crimson-colored pill from his spatial ring and fed it to the white-robed young woman.

Regardless of how injured she was, as long as she wasn't dead and could still regain consciousness, it meant that young lady Niu had managed to survive the Heavenly Tribulation and complete her breakthrough.

It was unknown what kind of pill the red-haired Sovereign realm expert had fed her, but a few moments after consuming the pill, the beautiful white-robed young woman had regained enough strength to move her body by herself, as she struggled to sit cross-legged on the ground.

A few moments later, after she managed to stabilize her breathing, young lady Niu turned to look at the sky above her and said in a relieved yet still fearful tone

''I didn't expect the Heavenly Tribulation to be this terrifying! Even after using a Saint high-grade martial skill, I still nearly died from it..''

Senior Feng nodded his head calmly without speaking.

Indeed, young lady Niu had been extremely lucky to survive her Heavenly Tribulation.

In reality, young lady Niu had come even closer to dying compared to Jiang Chen when he had faced his Heavenly Tribulation half a day ago.

Of course, the reason behind that was the difference in their defensive abilities.

Although young lady Niu's 'Golden Bell' came from a Saint high-grade defensive martial skill, the bell's defensive abilities were far inferior to Jiang Chen's when he activated his bloodline of the Demonic Crow of Darkness.

After all, the Demonic Crow of Darkness was a Mythic-rank magic beast from the Immortal Dimension, and was even considered to be one of the stronger ones.

It wasn't an exaggeration to say that after using his immortal-grade bloodline, Jiang Chen could probably shatter young lady Niu's 'Golden Bell' with just a couple of punches.

This was why even though the 2 of them had practically faced an almost identical Heavenly Tribulation, young lady Niu had ended up in a much worse situation compared to Jiang Chen.

Seeing that young lady Niu seemed to have recovered somewhat, senior Feng took a deep breath, before he said in a solemn tone

''Young lady, there is something that you need to know. Just now, when you were undergoing your Heavenly Tribulation.... a young man at the peak of the Nascent Soul stage passed by, and headed towards the depths of the King's Palace!''

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