Monarch of Time - Chapter 728 - 728

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As if guessing what Shun Long was thinking, Jiang Chen stood up and looked at him seriously, before he said in a solemn tone

''Brother, be careful this time.''

Shun Long nodded his head as he looked at Jiang Chen, while the look in his eyes had also turned serious.

Naturally, Shun Long understood why Jiang Chen was so worried, since he had nearly died from his own Heavenly Tribulation as well, and Shun Long's Heavenly Tribulation was bound to be even more terrifying that his.

In reality, even Shun Long couldn't guess what his Heavenly Tribulation was going to be like after witnessing Jiang Chen's and the rest's.

Shaking his head, a resolute look appeared in his eyes soon after, as Shun Long took a step forward and walked deeper inside the King's Palace.

Regardless of how dangerous the Heavenly Tribulation was going to be, it was still something that he would have to face in the end, and nobody could truly avoid it.

Since that was the case, the only thing that Shun Long could do, was to really go all-out this time.

The 2 undead knights that Liu Mei had sent to follow Shun Long were still walking behind him as they vigilantly stared at their surroundings.

The 2 undead creatures looked even more alert and perceptive than they were in the past, when Liu Mei was still at the Nascent Soul stage.

After breaking through to the Dao King realm, the undead knights gave Shun Long the feeling that they were actual living beings, while the wisps of red ember inside their eye sockets flickered brightly, giving one the sensation that they were real eyes instead.

At the same time, the deeper he walked towards the inner region of the King's Palace, Shun Long could sense the pressure of the Daos around him becoming even heavier and more solid than before.

At this point, he had yet to see another Nascent Soul stage cultivator so deep in the inner region, while the only disciples he encountered were actually peak Dao Kings.

Of course, Shun Long entering so deep in the inner region of the King's Palace naturally attracted the attention of those Dao Kings, but after a few moments of observing him, those people soon closed their eyes and focused on gaining their own insights as well.

In reality, Nascent Soul stage cultivators would very rarely step foot into the inner region of the King's Palace, and most of them would only walk around the very outskirts and wouldn't go too deep inside, which was why Shun Long's presence here had attracted so much attention.

After all, the pressure of the Daos in this place made it nearly impossible for normal Nascent Soul stage cultivators to even stand in this place, and yet those Dao King realm cultivators could all see, that Shun Long looked barely affected by it as he kept advancing even deeper inside.

Half a day later, Shun Long's footsteps suddenly came to a halt as he noticed a big crowd gathered in the distance ahead of him.

The leader of this crowd was a young woman who was dressed in white robes, whose cultivation was surprisingly at the peak of rank 9 in the Nascent Soul, just like Shun Long's, while next to this young woman was a red-robed middle-aged man, as well as a few peak rank 9 Dao Kings who were following after her.

The young woman was struggling to keep going, her body was even trembling slightly as she endured the pressure of the Daos, but what attracted Shun Long's attention was actually the aura of the red-robed middle-aged man by her side.

This man's aura was clearly many times stronger than the Grand Elder's own aura, and was actually on par with the purple-robed old man who was guarding Bai Liuxian when she visited the Holy sect!

Just as Shun Long was about to ignore the group in front of him and keep advancing deeper inside the King's Palace, a familiar rumbling sound came from the sky above him, as it immediately attracted his attention.

As he gazed past the broken ceiling that had been riddled with holes from the purple bolts of lightning after the passage of countless years, Shun Long could see an enormous white cloud slowly that was pushing the surrounding black thunderclouds away.

The cloud of Heavenly Tribulation that was just as big as Jiang Chen's Heavenly Tribulation, covering a radius of more than 1000 meters up in the sky, quickly attracted everyone's attention, as the gazes of the surrounding Dao Kings quickly fell on the white-robed young woman who had now closed her eyes and was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

''It's young lady Niu! Young lady Niu is breaking through to the Dao King realm! Look at how big her Heavenly Tribulation is!''

''Is this really the Heavenly Tribulation of a Nascent Soul stage cultivator? Can young lady Niu even survive this?''

''Fool! Close your mouth! If senior Feng hears you, you are dead meat!''

The man who had just been berated suddenly felt a shiver in his spine as he hurriedly closed his mouth and turned his attention towards the red-robed, red-haired Sovereign realm expert in the distance.

Thankfully, the red-robed middle-aged man didn't seem to have heard him, as he kept staring at the cloud of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky above the white-robed young woman with a solemn look in his eyes.

Sparks of white lightning had started to crackle around the white-colored thundercloud, before 3 enormous lightning bolts were slowly formed around its surface.

At the same time, a golden bell that was more than 10 meters long and 4 meters wide appeared in the sky above the white-robed 'young lady Niu', before it completely covered her body, seemingly intending to protect her from the bolts of Heavenly Tribulation.

The Dao Kings around young lady Niu barely had enough time to get away from her, afraid that they would be affected by her tribulation, before 3 gigantic pure-white lightning bolts descended from the sky, as they all landed on the golden bell above her head.

The golden bell trembled and barely managed to last for a single second before it disappeared, as the 3 lightning bolts pierced through 'young lady Niu's' head.

The red-robed middle-aged man and the surrounding Dao Kings all stared with bated breaths, anxious to see whether young lady Niu had managed to survive her tribulation or not.

And yet, nobody seemed to have noticed that Shun Long had closed his eyes at that moment, as he suddenly took a step forward and walked deeper inside the King's Palace.

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