MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 899 - Eastern Liao King

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Chapter 899 Eastern Liao King

The heavy devil looked at the controlled Mo Luo, and a sneer appeared on his lips. “I didn’t expect that the talented Mo Luo would also be controlled. How embarrassing!”

The nine people behind him were also surprised.

Mo Luo was a devil child, and he was very strong. He also had a very high position in the Xuan Mo clan.

They didn’t expect that Mo Luo would be controlled by an enemy with similar strength.

Although the heavy devil did not know why, Jiang Feng knew.

Mo Luo was a child after all. Although he was strong, his soul was still a child and was not very strong. That was why he was controlled by the Consort’s soul.

The heavy devil was experienced after all. He was meticulous and checked his surroundings.

The first thing he noticed was that there was something wrong with the oil lamp and the

. What made Jiang Feng and the Rest’s hearts tremble was that the heavy devil’s gaze actually looked in their direction.


Chong Mo stared at him for a long time, as if he had sent out something. Just as he was about to observe further, Miao Yu from the Gu clan shouted coldly and the Miao clan attacked.

With a wave of their hands, more than twenty people released over a hundred centipedes.

These centipedes charged towards Mo Luo, the ghost attendants and Qing Hun.

“You are courting death!”

The Noble Consort’s soul said darkly and waved her hand, causing the ghost attendants, Qing Hun and Mo Luo’s group to charge towards Miao Yu’s group.


Mo Luo’s eyes were emitting black flames. With an angry roar, he struck out with his palm, and a huge black palm pressed towards Miao Yu.

Miao Yu frowned. A purplish-black vine whip appeared in his hand. With a violent swing, he shattered the black palm. After the vine whip shattered the black palm, it lashed out towards Mo Luo.

Mo Luo dodged her attack, and the vine whip lashed out at another person.


The person who was struck by the whip had white foam rising from his body. His clothes were corroded, and the moment the poison touched his skin, his skin began to fester. Not long after, his entire body turned into a pile of liquid, and he was melted by the poison.


What a poisonous poison. Once the Dark Thunder Astral Qi was broken and attacked, if the poison could not be removed in time, it would be very miserable!

When Jiang Feng saw this scene, he sucked in a breath of cold air.

That person was instantly killed. It was mainly because the noble consort’s soul did not control them to activate their innate astral qi. If they activated their innate astral qi, they would still be able to resist for a while.

As expected, seeing that the subordinates they controlled were instantly killed, the Noble Consort’s soul hurriedly ordered them to activate their innate astral qi.

“Sou Sou Sou…”

Unfortunately, the Gu clan’s 20 people’s weapons were all rattan whips. When they all waved their weapons, the innate astral qi that they had just activated was shattered. Other than Mo Luo, in the blink of an eye, the others were all killed. It was terrifying.

The heavy demon was indifferent to seeing his own kind being killed, but he had a trace of fear towards the vines and poison in the hands of Miao Yu and the others.

Although they were devils, they were not completely immune to poison. Once they were poisoned, it would be very troublesome to deal with them.

“Do it, don’t bother about the others, let’s get the Black Devil Stone Inscription First!”

Seeing the Gu clan’s twenty people rushing towards the Noble Consort’s soul, he did not wait any longer and rushed towards the two coffins.

But just as he took a step, he saw the Noble Consort’s soul’s ten fingers releasing a black aura towards the Gu clan.

Miao Yu immediately took out a white jade silkworm and the white jade silkworm spat out a strand of silk to wrap around the black aura that was charging towards her.

However, her teammates were not so lucky. Under the control of the five of them, the vine whip lashed towards them.

Miao Yu grabbed the vine that was lashing towards her. The poison had no effect on her. She directly went forward and struck the back of the head of the controlled people, knocking them unconscious and throwing them out of the range of the spirit gathering formation. The remaining people became very careful. They took out all the GU on their bodies to prevent the Black Qi from invading them.

At this time, the heavy devil had already passed Miao Yu and the others. He did not even bother with the Noble Consort’s soul and rushed towards the two coffins.

This was because they knew that as long as they obtained the secret treasure and the Black Devil Stone inscription, the secret realm would be closed. There was no need to waste energy to fight.

“Open another coffin!”

The heavy devil said to one of his subordinates. His body emitted a powerful demonic qi that neutralized the attack of the Noble Consort’s soul.


One of his subordinates took this opportunity to rush to the other coffin and pushed it open.

However, the moment he pushed open the coffin, dozens of saber lights flew out and cut him into dozens of halves.

“You dare to hurt my beloved concubine? You are courting death!”

A man wearing armor and holding a large saber came out from another coffin.

The moment the man appeared, he slashed out with his saber, repelling the heavy demon. The heavy demon’s arm was even injured by the saber qi and was bleeding.

[ eastern Liaoning King ] : Transcendent Peak

Combat Strength: 490,000

True Qi value: 190,000

Another peak expert with rich true qi value. His strength was very terrifying.


The heavy demon was not afraid, since they were all of the same strength, it would depend on who had more methods.

At the moment when the Xuan Mo clan, Gu clan, imperial consort’s soul and Eastern Liao King were fighting.

Jiang Feng’s gaze looked into the second coffin.

He saw a rectangular stone tablet placed on the pillow of the second coffin, and six elemental secret treasures placed around the stone tablet. “There are no other items in the second coffin other than the stone tablet and the six elemental secret treasures. It seems that the secret treasure that supports this mystical realm should be in the other coffin. But what exactly is that secret treasure?”

He was somewhat dumbfounded. That was because there were not only many gold, silver, and jewelry in the first coffin, but also many jewelry used by women. In addition, it was a little far from the coffin, so there was no way to inspect it, so there was no way to determine which item was a secret treasure.

“Listen up. When you go down, you can directly snatch the items inside the first coffin and take them all. Senior Lu, help us hold off the heavy demon and the others. Get Ready to


Jiang Feng said to everyone.

Seeing Lu Xiaofeng leading the five people toward the spirit gathering array, Jiang Feng took a deep breath and said coldly, “Do it!”

At this moment, Jiang Feng suddenly jumped down from the beam and landed in the second coffin.

With a wave of his hand, he put away the stone tablet and the six elemental treasures.

Sus and the other three landed in the first coffin and continued to pick up the things inside.

“Squat down!”

At this moment, Jiang Feng shouted coldly and Sus and the other three squatted down.


Immediately after, the King of eastern Liaoning’s broadsword fiercely hacked onto the bronze coffin. The dead people hiding inside were shocked until they were dizzy.

“Captain, there are no secret treasures inside!”

The swastika activated its innate astral Qi in time and took the last item in the coffin. It said to Jiang Feng with an unsightly expression.


Jiang Feng jumped out of the second coffin and his gaze landed on the Imperial Consort’s soul and the king of the Eastern Liao Kingdom.


Just as he was puzzled, the king of the Eastern Liao kingdom appeared beside him in an instant and slashed his broadsword at him.


A dragon’s roar was heard as a white dragon rushed out from his white dragon robe and blocked the attack.

“The secret treasure is the eastern Liaoning King’s Shoes!”

The white dragon robe automatically defended against the attack of the eastern Liaoning King. He used the bewilderment steps to dodge the next attack of the eastern Liaoning King. At the same time, his gaze landed on the eastern Liaoning King’s shoes.

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