MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 804 - Tianji Inter-Area Competition

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Chapter 804: Tianji Inter-Area Competition

A Double Secret Treasures Secret Map was a secret map that was openly acknowledged as being the most dangerous.

Most of the players who have entered one would be killed.

Even an entire professional Squadron could not survive after entering the Secret Map.

But what made Zhou Botong and all the leaders here feel disbelief was that the Huaxia Squadron managed to clear a Double Secret Treasures Secret Map!

“Impossible! So many players and professional Squadrons have all died there. How could a newbie Squadron manage to clear it?” Zhou Botong scratched his head as he could not understand it.

The leader of the Battle Dragon Planet looked at Zhou Botong in shock and asked, “Old Zhou, what did you just say? A Double Secret Treasures Secret Map has been cleared by a newbie Squadron?”

Zhou Botong shook his head with a bitter smile and said, “That’s right. It’s a newbie squadron. Their captain almost joined the Tianya Squadron. Unfortunately, my disciples chased him away. Sigh… How unfortunate…”

The beauty from Planet Norm raised her eyebrow as the Huaxia Squadron had piqued her interest. She then said, “I remember that they have already cleared a Secret Map once.”

“What?! This newbie squadron has already cleared a Secret Map? Which one?”

“The Undead Valley!”

“I remember now. That means that this Newbie Squadron has at least three treasures in their hands!”


The leaders were not the only ones that were in shock. As soon as the World Announcement was made, all the players from the Xingyue Area and Tianmo Area were in an uproar.

“How’s that possible?! So many powerful Squadrons went in but couldn’t clear it… But this Huaxia Squadron managed to do it? Speaking of which, just what is the Huaxia Squadron? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it?”

“Isn’t Huaxia Squadron the newbie Squadron that challenged Bili Squadron on the Xingyue City’s ring? Seriously? A Double Secret Treasures Secret Map was cleared by a newbie Squadron… How ironic.”

“You must have forgotten something. No one has entered the Mirror Image Secret Map for the past half a month. That means that only the Huaxia Squadron was inside the Mirror Image Secret Map and they managed to endure for half a month!”

“No way. It’s already considered a great feat for someone to survive for one day in there. Surviving for half a month is impossible!”

There were several questions that all the players were asking.

The first one was how the Huaxia Squadron survived within the Mirror Image Secret Map for half a month.

The environment made it very difficult to survive within the Secret Map. No one could survive more than 24 hours. Not only did a squadron manage to stay there for half a month, they even managed to clear the Secret Map. That made all the players very curious.

The second question was how they cleared the Secret Map.

There were two powerful bosses in a Double Secret Treasures Secret Map. Not only that, there would be plenty of leaders other than the bosses. Even though there was only one Squadron on the secret map, they would have to face plenty of monsters.

No one could figure out how the Huaxia Squadron could defeat these monsters and bosses when facing so many monsters and the two bosses.

The third question was what kind of Secret Treasures they had and where they were.

The third question was the question that most players wanted to ask.

With the secret map cleared, that meant that two secret treasures have appeared. If they could get their hands on the two secret treasures, they would be rich!

Many players were looking for the Huaxia Squadron, wanting to steal the three secret treasures that Jiang Feng had.


Tianji Hall, Xingyue City.

Jiang Feng and Sus were in a room within the Tianji Hall.

Previously in the Mirror Image Secret Map, they managed to kill the Burning Queen and had received the second Secret Treasure, and they finally managed to leave the Secret Map.

When facing the Burning Queen, it was much easier than fighting the Veluriyam Queen.

With the Fire Aegis Pearl, her fire elemental magic was useless against them. Jiang Feng and Huang Xiaoyu once again drew the Eight Front Formation to fight the Heaven and Earth created by the Burning Queen. The five players and one beast began their unrelenting assault, and they managed to slay her before the Eight Front Formation’s effect faded away.

Fire Elemental Orb: Secret Treasure

Basic Stats: When equipped, all attacks made by the wielder and the wielder’s teammates deal 50 points of extra Fire Elemental damage. Fixed chances of burning enemies.

Special: Locked

As expected, the second Secret Treasure was a Flame Elemental Orb.

‘I wonder how many types of Elemental Orbs there are. If I can equip all ten of them, that means all my attacks would deal extra 500 fixed damage. Not only that, but I can also trigger the extra effects from the Elemental Orbs,” Jiang Feng thought to himself as he looked at the red Fire Elemental Orb in his hand.

Most of the Earth Realm players only had around 2,000 HP while the Heaven realm players would have around 3,000.

That meant that if he could find all ten Elemental Orbs, he could kill his opponent in about seven to eight attacks even when they have already reached Heaven Realm.

Of course, it was just a thought. It would be extremely difficult to gather all ten Elemental Orbs.

“I didn’t expect that we would become famous again.” Sus had a smile on his face after he exited.

The other three also had smiles on their faces.

The rewards they received were quite good. 300 player slots, 150,000 Reputation Points, two Secret Treasures, and many Scarce Herbs.

“We have three Secret Treasures now. Do any of you want one?” Jiang Feng was feeling quite good and so he placed the three Secret Treasures in front of them.

All four of them looked at the Secret Treasures.

The Secret Treasures were much more valuable than any weapon. If it were others who had seen the three Secret Treasures, they would have already been overtaken by their greed and grabbed one.

But Sus and the other four merely gave them a glance. It was clear that they did not want it.

“Captain, you keep them,” Kalosi said calmly. “We must have attracted plenty of attention right now. It’s extremely risky for any of us to hold it. It’s safer to have it with you since you’re more capable.”

“Kalosi’s right. Not to mention that there isn’t enough for each of us since there are only three. We can talk about this once we have five Secret Treasures,” Huang Xiaoyu said.

“Fine, then I’ll keep the Secret Treasures for now. If any of you want it, just let me know.” Jiang Feng did not say much and merely put them in the Golden Dragon ring.

The Secret Treasure was quite difficult to share, but there were more than enough Scarce Herbs for the five of them.

What made him speechless was that all four of them did not want the herbs, but they wanted two Low-Heaven Beast Pills each.

They did not know how Jiang Feng managed to get the Low-Heaven Beast Pills, but they did know that Jiang Feng had plenty of the pills on him. The Beast Pill was worth more than the herbs, so naturally, they went for the pills.

Ding. Xingyue Area Announcement: The 2,631st Tianji Inter-Area Competition is accepting registration. All major Squadrons may now register through the Tianji Hall.

Jiang Feng was just about to leave the Tianji Hall with Jianbao when the system’s voice rang in his ears.

“Haha! Here it comes! I can get more player slots!” He said with a smile when he heard the system’s voice.

Sus and the others who were going to leave also turned around and said to Jiang Feng, “Captain, let’s go and register then.”

Jiang Feng nodded and left the room with Sus and the others, and they headed toward Tianji Hall’s registration area.

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