MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 803 - Secret Map Cleared, Shocking the World!

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Chapter 803: Secret Map Cleared, Shocking the World!

The twenty fire guards stood guard at the gate, unleashing their fire breaths at Jiang Feng and the others.

Jiang Feng and everyone else had the Fire Aegis Pearls within their mouths. The flames disappeared as soon as they reached the barrier around them.

The flames could do no damage toward them.

The fire guards were equipped with fire hammers. When they noticed that their flames were ineffective, they quickly attacked with the weapons in their hands.

“We’ll use the same tactic we used to deal with the glass guards! Block the guards behind them at the chokepoint! Don’t worry about their Black Pills!” When Jiang Feng saw that the fire guards were prepared to enter melee, he shouted to the others as he engaged two guards in battle. Sus and the others were also fighting several guards, using them to block the guards behind them so that they could not effectively engage them in battle.

The guards that were blocked became somewhat anxious when they could not reach their enemies. They all summoned their Black Pills and attacked Jiang Feng.

“I’ve been waiting for your Black Pills!”

When he saw the guards use their Black Pills to attack, he immediately summoned his Earth Soul.

The moment that the Earth Soul appeared, the little Jiang Feng and the little golden dragon quickly pounced toward the Black Pills.

Ding. Tianji System Prompt: Black Pill-Inner Chi conversion successful. Inner Chi was restored by 30%.

The little Jiang Feng and little Golden Dragon were both Jiang Feng’s Earth Souls, which meant that he technically had two. When little Jiang Feng swallowed a Black Pill, it would instantly be transformed into Inner Chi.

Initially, he had around half of his Inner Chi left. He instantly managed to replenish it, and Jiang Feng was quite happy about it.

“I didn’t expect that the Earth Soul could do something like this! Haha, all I need to do after this is to transmute monsters that have black pills, and I no longer have to be worried about my Inner Chi depleting!” Jiang Feng thought to himself excitedly.

He finally understood how overpowered an S Rank Earth Soul was. It was too overpowered. As expected of the most powerful Earth Soul.

He really wanted to know who were the other two who had obtained the two S Rank Earth Souls and what level of power they had reached.

“Regardless of who they are, as long as they’re still alive, I will definitely meet with them later. I need to focus on leaving this Secret Map for now,” he mumbled to himself as he began to focus on the fight.

The Earth Soul had the ability to transform Black Pills into Inner Chi so Jiang Feng began to go all out. He infused all of his attacks with Inner Chi, and each swing of his sword became terribly dangerous.

Even Sus and the others became surprised when they saw his attacks, and they all created some distance between themselves and Jiang Feng as they were worried that they might get affected by it. They were also quite confused about how Jiang Feng was able to access a limitless amount of Inner Chi.

Very soon, the nine fire guards at the front row had been killed. The eleven fire guards behind them had all lost their Black Pills, and so they could only fight using their flesh alone. They could not even defend against one single attack from Jiang Feng and the others.

In less than five minutes, all 20 fire guards had been slain.

“You guys should heal up, and look at my performance.” Jiang Feng was very confident in himself. He did not even rest and simply engaged with other fire guard patrols on the bridge.

“Feihe Swordstyle!” As he used the Expeditious Steps and used the Feihe Swordstyle, he was like a dancing crane as each attack he made would leave behind a deep wound on the fire guards.

Even if he had expended all his Inner Chi, all he needed to do was to throw a Black Pill to the little golden dragon.

When they heard what Jiang Feng said, Sus and the others did not fight. They merely sat on the fire bridge and looked at Jiang Feng’s battle.

“Amitabha. Is this the power of an S Rank Earth Soul? It can convert Black Pills into Inner Chi? It means that as long as he has enough Inner Chi, he could keep on fighting. Even Heaven Realm Two Stars and Three Stars would die to him in a battle of attrition! So overpowered!”

“I miss the time when we’re fighting in the glass castle. Everyone’s about the same level. It’s hard, but it’s fun. But now… All I want to do is to daydream,” Sus said as his violet eyes became dreamy and he looked straight ahead of him.

Kalosi and Huang Xiaoyu were not envious when they saw how powerful Jiang Feng was. Instead, they looked quite calm. To them, that was how powerful their captain should be.

They had not even formed their Earth Souls yet. They were prepared to ask Jiang Feng how to form an S Rank Earth Soul.

Even if they could not form an S Rank Earth Soul, an A Rank Earth Soul or even B Rank Earth Soul would be nice.

Jiang Feng did not feel any pressure after fighting ten enemies in one go. The battle ended rather quickly.

However, he did not stop and continued to fight.

Until he reached the fire guard leader.

He noticed that his Earth Soul could only consume Black Pills but not the enemies’ Earth Souls. However, the enemy’s Earth Soul was not at the same level as his, so he simply crushed it.

In about an hour, he had killed all the monsters on the fire bridge and the fire hall.

“Captain, you’re great!” Wanke walked over as he clapped his hands.

In that one hour, they were all watching his performance and have returned to their peak.

“Stop wasting time. Let’s kill the boss and leave this place. I’ve been staying here for so long that I want to eat something nice for a change,” Jiang Feng said and rushed toward the Blazing Queen without wasting anymore time.

He then noticed something interesting. While there were two big bosses in a Double Secret Treasures Secret Map, and its difficulty was doubled, but the two bosses were somehow related. As long as they could find the relationship between the two, there were some chances of them completing the map.

As for why he was taking it so easy, it was mainly because he had formed his Earth Soul, and it was an S Rank Earth Soul at that. It meant that he himself had become a boss. That was why the difficulty of the Secret Map was not as hard as before.


During the past half a month, something terrible happened. There had been players going missing within the Xingyue Area.

While no one noticed anything when only two or three players had disappeared, when twenty or thirty players disappeared in one day, it finally caught the attention of the five main factions.

All of the leaders of the five factions were having a meeting in the Xingyue Pavillion’s meeting room.

Zhou Botong slammed the table and said angrily, “Damn it. There are around a hundred players who have gone missing within half a month! I suggest that all five factions send out five patrols to patrol the Xingyue Area. We must find out why they went missing!”

“They disappeared within the safe area. I suspect that the Heavenly Demons from the Tianmo Area have made their way here. Only they can fight within the Xingyue Area!” The beauty from Planet Norm said with a frown.

“Then we should think of a way to…”

Ding. Tianji System Announcement: Congratulations to the Huaxia Squadron for completing the Mirror Image Secret Map. As this Secret Map is a Double Secret Treasures Secret Map, according to the difficulty adjustment, all members of the Squadron have been awarded 200 player slots as well as 100,000 Reputation Points. The Squadron has been awarded the title of A-Rank Professional Squadron.

Before the leader of the Battle Dragon Planet could even finish what he was saying, a World Announcement instantly cut him off to the point where he stammered.

“Im… Impossible!’

Zhou Botong naturally knew who was in the Huaxia Squadron. However, he could not believe that a newbie squadron cleared a Double Secret Treasures Secret Map!

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