MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 711 - The Weasel with the Cigar

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Chapter 711: The Weasel with the Cigar

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Yinke looked up at Jiang Feng who had achieved victory with shock on her face as she murmured, “How can he be so powerful? We entered the Great World of Tianji together. Even though he entered this place using his real body, he shouldn’t be this strong!’

She did not know however that his stats in Divine Dominion had been converted over to the Great World of Tianji.

In truth, others were even more shocked than her.

Many of Moye’s fans that were watching the competition sitting in the restaurants began to discuss with each other.

“How could Moye lose to a player only at Black Realm One Star? This is unbelievable! If it’s all because of the high combat rating, then what’s the point of having realms as a distinction?”

“True. Speaking of which, how did that guy get his combat rating so high? It seems that his Mysticisms are quite powerful too! Even his weapons are Spiritual Weapons! How did he manage to get everything in the first place?”

“Wow! He is so strong! And his silver hair and red eyes look so cool too! I wonder if he has signed up to go up the Tianji Leaderboard? If he has, I can join his fan group next month!”

“That’s right! He must have some special ways since his realm is so low but his combat rating is so high. I hope that he can start his classes, maybe our powers can increase too!”

After the third round, only 18 people were left.

They continued to draw. This time, all 18 of them drew together and no one would be on the bye.

18 of them, nine arenas.

That meant that after the battle, only 9 of them would be left.

Then, the nine of them could fight for the top 5.

And maybe Jiang Feng was quite lucky as he had drawn one that was considered weaker among the eighteen.

That was why he easily won his match.

After easily winning his match, he then continued to observe everyone else’s match.



On a building by the sea, Qingqiu was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed.

The movements of everything around him were within his senses.

Even a fly would not be allowed to enter the mansion.

Suddenly, he felt something as his eyes stared out to the ocean in the night sky.

He then saw that on the wavy ocean, a weasel wearing a yellow jacket and leather pants, wearing a Western Cowboy Hat and two handguns by his waist, was riding the waves as it approached them.

Rather than saying he was riding the waves, it was probably better to say that it was an ocean wave pushing him toward the beach. Just like when Jiang Feng was making his way back. However, the wave that the weasel was riding on was very small.


Qingqiu only needed a glance at the weasel to know who it was. It was indeed the follower that Jiang Feng had recruited earlier.

When Xiaohuang heard Qingqiu’s voice, he stepped on the ocean and jumped up. He closed the distance of around 30 meters between them as he landed on the mansion by the seashore.

When Qingqiu sensed a terrifying aura on Xiaohuang, he asked him in awe, “You had a breakthrough?”

Originally he thought that Youbai would be the next one to have a breakthrough after him, but what he did not expect was that Xiaohuang would have caught up with him first. He had already reached the Early Abyssal Realm and it surprised him.

“Yes, I’ve been traveling all around the world, I had a breakthrough because I went through too much,” And when Xiaohuang said that, he took out a cigar, put it in his mouth, and inhaled deeply once he had used his Inner Chi to light it up. His eyes looked deep, and it seemed that he had gone through plenty and even his heart had changed.

Looking at Xiaohuang being so relaxed, Qingiqu could not help but roll his eyes and say, “Can you please stop showing off?”

‘So, you came all the way here because you wanted to show off your breakthrough?’

Xiaohuang inhaled his cigar and then said with a very serious tone as he stared at him, “I just returned from America and had encountered some people from Paradise’s Gate. I managed to get some info from them that tonight, the American elites will go to the Chinese Yin Sect to make a ruckus and get our boss into trouble.”

T/L Notes: Miami is not in America? K.

“What? How is that possible? The Americans dare to go to China?” The Green Dragon asked with doubt in his voice.

“Don’t know. Heard that the Americans found a very powerful helper. I heard that he has already reached the Abyssal Realm and he is very powerful.” Xiaohuang then continued, “I have already sent the news back. You go and inform the Yin Sect. I need to get back to the border. I advise that you inform the boss about this. I think things aren’t as ordinary as we think!”

After Xiaohuang had finished saying that, he then jumped into the air and quickly headed toward China’s direction.

Xiaohuang was originally quite the joker, but this time, even when Qingqiu joked with him, there was no change to his state of emotion. He had been serious all the way. That meant that everything he said was most likely true.

“It seems that the information he gained isn’t fake. I do need to make preparations for it!” After he had finished saying that he then sat down cross-legged and began informing the people at the Yin Sect. He also asked Youbai to protect the members of the Jiang and Ling family just in case and to raise the alert level to level A.


Yin Sect.

Xuanyuan Dugu was the one in charge with Xiaochu supporting him.

Just as Xiaochu was working on some paperwork, his entire body was suddenly stunned as his face turned pale.

He quickly put down all the work on hand and triggered the alarm.


In the next moment, thirty-odd people had appeared on the platform in front of Xuanlong Gate. Among them was Xuanyuan Dugu!

Xuanyuan Dugu frowned as he looked at XIaochu and asked, “What is it? Why did you trigger the Level A alarm?”‘

Xiaochu then said in a very serious tone, “The Assistant Gatekeeper has just sent news back that there is going to be a large group of enemies invading China. Among them is an Abyssal Realm elite. Probably even at mid or late Abyssal Realm.”

“What?!” Everyone that was present turned pale.

Mid or late Abyssal Realm? How were they supposed to fight? Was that not committing suicide?

Thanks to Jiang Feng’s support, among the elites at the Yin Sect, there were already around seven of them reaching Peak Grandmaster. But most of them were still in the Early and Mid stages. They would not be able to hold against an Abyssal Realm elite.

“No need to be so nervous. Xiaohuang has already broken through into the Abyssal Realm. He is headed to the border to stop them. All we need to do is to support him,” To maintain everyone’s morale, he then told them what Qingqiu had transmitted to him.

“What? The weasel has broken through into the Abyssal Realm?” Xuanyuan Gudu asked in shock.


“By the gods! I cannot even be compared to a weasel! To think that I, Xuanyuan Dugu, have been stuck in Peak Grandmaster for so long and cannot have a breakthrough. Meanwhile, a weasel has just trained for a short while and has already reached the Abyssal Realm!” Xuanyuan Dugu said in a somewhat jealous tone.

Xiaochu consoled him and said, “Alright senior. We have to go help him. Perhaps in this fight, everyone has the chance to have a breakthrough!”

“True,” Xuanyuan Dugu looked at the others and said, “Bai Yunfeng, you are among the youngest here. Stay here. We old people will go over. If any accident were to happen, the Yin Sect would at least survive.”

After he finished saying that, Xiaochu, Xuanyuan Dugu, and a group of older people all left the Yin Sect. They then called for a helicopter and flew toward the border.

At this stage, they did not know which border the enemy was coming from.

However, as long as there were hostile or unidentified aircrafts entering the border, the people at the Ministry of National Defense would know. And then, they would also receive news about it.

Xiaochu and the group sat in the helicopter. They did not know why, but their hearts became heavy. It was as if they had a very bad feeling.

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