MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 397 - I’ll Do it for the Steward’s Order!

Chapter 397: I’ll Do it for the Steward’s Order!

Jiang Feng managed to get to the bottom of the castle before Xuanyuan Qi did and he also knew the location of the Floating Island Schema and the Donghuang Bell fragment.

That was why he immediately rushed to the bottom and picked up all four items.

When he had just picked one of them up, he then heard the system’s voice.

Ding. System Prompt: Congratulations, you have received the Floating Island Schema. Will you accept the “Rebuild Mechanus” hidden quest? If you refuse, you will not be able to pick up the Floating Island Schema. If you accept, you must rebuild Mechanus within one year.


Jiang Feng did not expect that the Floating Island Schema would have its own quest. However, if he could rebuild the Ancient City of the Shifter Emperor, then he could rebuild Mechanus as well. So, he did not think twice and accepted it.

However, the next system voice that rang made his face turn pale.

Ding. System Prompt: As you have the Floating Island Schema on you, you cannot become invisible. Invisibility dispelled. If you die, the Floating Island Schema will be dropped!

“Damn it! The Floating Island Schema has that kind of mechanics? Isn’t that asking me to commit suicide?” Jiang Feng could not help but curse.

As soon as he said that, a beam of light shot out from his forehead to the sky to the East.

When he saw that light, Jiang Feng paused before realizing what it was.

“I see! The Floating Island Schema is tracing the Floating Island. No wonder I had to remove my Invisibility. If I were still invisible, then I would not be able to trace the Floating Island!” He mumbled and quickly turned off the Floating Island Schema’s special effect. Then, only he himself could see the beam of light that was used for tracing.

“Shifter Emperor!”

However, just as he managed to switch off the Floating Island Schema’s effect, there was a cold shout coming from behind. Next, he could feel an intense pain coming from behind as blood spurted out.


Just as he was going to react, his entire body was frozen in ice.

‘Damn it! I was too careless and forgot that there were still others behind me!’ Jiang Feng cursed to himself as he was being frozen.

As he was frozen, and he did not have anything on him that could break such negative status effects, he could not escape for a short period of time.


At this time, a sword pierced from behind and skewered his chest, and a blue sword stained with blood appeared in front of his eyes.

“I didn’t expect the Shifter Emperor to be a thief, trying to steal our treasures. I have wanted to test your power, but I didn’t expect you to be killed in one strike. Garbage!” Xuanyuan Qi attacked once again as he stabbed with his sword, as well as sneering at him.

Bang! Bang!

When Jiang Feng’s Sacred Health was going to be depleted, a sash floated down from on top of the hole. Ling Luo was kneeling on one knee, holding her sniper rifle, and had fired thrice. All three attacks hit Xuanyuan Qi’s head.

And at this time, the three seconds’ worth of freezing had disappeared, and Jiang Feng could move once again.

“Damn you!”

Jiang Feng, as soon as he managed to escape his binding, endured the ripping pain from his back and struck away Xuanyuan Qi with his staff.

“You think you’re very good, huh?!”

The staff not only threw Xuanyuan Qi into the air, but Jiang Feng also roared and teleported next to Xuanyuan Qi’s side and immediately used Nine Kills and continuously struck Xuanyuan Qi in mid-air.

On the fourth hit, Xuanyuan Qi had already been killed by him. However, he did not stop and chained all five remaining strikes on him. No other reason other than him sneaking up on him and as a payback for his arrogance.

“Shifter Emperor, give us back our Floating Island Schema!”

Obviously, when Xuanyuan Qi died, he had sent out the news to Johns, Kitazawa Hinata, and a group of other Inheritors. That was why they knew their treasures had been snatched, and that was why they were so angry.

Jiang Feng merely scoffed at Johns and said, “Yours? Hehe, the Floating Island Schema has no owner. Whoever gets to it first would be its new owner. Now that I have gotten it, then the Floating Island Schema is mine!”

“The hell with you! Go and kill him, and take back the Floating Island Schema! Those who obtain the Floating Island Schema would become this game’s emperor, and will be able to enjoy all the endless glory and wealth!” Johns roared out when he heard what Jiang Feng had said.

When Jiang Feng heard what he had said, his face turned into a frown, and looked at all the players that were looking at him.

All of the players around him looked at him greedily. Some of the archer players had already begun their attacks on him.

Who did not want prestige and wealth? Johns used the players’ inner desires to make them Jiang Feng’s enemies.

“Roar! Return the Floating Island Schema!”

Not only that, but the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon also rushed toward him as if it could feel that the Floating Island Schema was on him.

At this moment, he was surrounded by enemies.

“Shifter Emperor, we will help you!” Wen Yan led a group of Fire Elementals and rushed out, blocking a group of players.

“And us!” The Waters had also stood forward.

“The Spirits are here as well!” Xiao Lan raised her head and gave Jiang Feng a glance, and led a group of Spirit Kings to step forward.

When all the races that were aligned with the Shifter faction stood up, Jiang Feng felt pleased.

But he was not going to start a war with the Divine and Infernal factions. As there would be no need for one if he could escape.

Putting aside whether he could or could not win. Even if he could win, it would come at a great loss. His guess was that all the players from his faction would be weakened. How were they going to deal with King Zhou later?

He was not going to stay behind unless there was any reason to.

“Thank you, everyone. But all of you…”

Beep! Beep!

Just as Jiang Feng was going to have the players from the Shifter faction retreat, he received a message. It was from Ling Feiyu.

Ling Feiyu then said, “Little Feng. Another bet has just surfaced. The content of the bet is whether you can kill the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon and take its Dragon Heart and Mechanus’s Steward’s Order. That means that if you can kill the Five-Claws Mechanica Dragon, you may become Mechanus’s ruler. Then, the Shifter Faction would have two cities!”

‘What?! The Mechanus’ Steward’s Order?! Damn it, looks like I can’t escape this time, I have to do it then!’

After seeing the message from Ling Feiyu, his eyes beamed with excitement. But when he looked at the players from the Six Nations that were charging at him because of the promise of power, he felt a headache coming.

Regardless, when there was such great benefit waving in front of him, he had to try it!

While Mechanus was in a stage of disrepair, but since he had accepted the Floating Island Schema quest, he needed to rebuild Mechanus.

If it were not his own city, he would not be that passionate about it.

But if it was to rebuild Mechanus to become his own city, then he would be full of enthusiasm.

Not to mention that Mechanus was a special city that contained special classes as well as having the ability to produce Golems and Mechanica Soldiers.

Once he has controlled Mechanus, these Golems and Mechanica Soldiers would become part of the Shifter faction. Then, the Shifter faction would become even stronger.

When there was such a great benefit being presented, everyone would take a gamble and give it a try.

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