Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 99: Huo Yao Must Have Said Something!

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Chapter 99: Huo Yao Must Have Said Something!

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Huo Tingrui looked at her quizzically and asked. “Hmm?”

“I have a medicine for nourishing Qi and blood. It’s pretty effective. Tell me when you’re coming home, so I can prepare it for you,” said Huo Yao as she briefly explained.

After all, Huo Yao just received a ‘small’ red packet from Huo Tingrui, so she ought to give him something in return. To be fair though, her medication was worth far more than those red packets.

Huo Tingrui composed his thoughts and smiled when he realized that Huo Yao was trying to do a kind gesture. Just as he was about to speak up, her voice spoke again, “Or you can send me your address, and I’ll get it couriered to you.”

When Huo Tingrui saw how serious his little sister was about the matter, he swallowed his words of rejection. He replied with a smile. “That’s fine. I’ll be coming to stay at home for a period of time.”

Huo Yao snapped her fingers at him and said, “Okay then. I’ll give it to you tonight.”

Then she jumped off the car coolly.

Huo Tingrui placed his hands on the steering wheel as he watched his little sister disappear into the distance. He smiled as he shook his head.

This little sister of his was cute. No, correction, she was rather cool.

As Huo Tingrui started the engine, his car passed by the Lu family’s car which was just entering into the school compound.

Lu Xia inadvertently looked up and happened to see Huo Tingrui’s face.

“Stop the car,” said Lu Xia to the chauffeur hurriedly.

The chauffeur stepped on the brake quickly and pulled up on the side.

Lu Xia opened the car door, but Huo Tingrui’s car was long gone and had almost completely disappeared by the time she looked behind.

Lu Xia bit her lip angrily. Then she took out her phone from her bag and called Huo Tingrui.

After a few rings, Huo Tingrui picked up the phone and asked. “Xiaxia? Do you need anything?”

Lu Xia continued gazing in the direction that Huo Tingrui’s car had gone as she said warmly, “Nothing. Just wondering whether you are back from your business trip.”

Huo Tingrui paused while he was driving the car. Then he said composedly, “Not yet. The case is a little complicated, and I won’t be able to come back so soon.”

Lu Xia subconsciously tightened her grip on the phone when she heard this and looked upset. After a few seconds, she finally found her voice and said, “Ah, I see. Then tell me when you’re coming back. I can come pick you up at the airport.”

Huo Tingrui acknowledged her in a perfunctory tone. “Mhm. I have a client with me. Talk again when I’m free.”

“Okay. Carry on then, Brother Tingrui.”

Lu Xia stood motionlessly after hanging up the phone for some time, and her eyes suddenly misted.

Although both cars brushed past each other quickly, Lu Xia was certain that it was Huo Tingrui’s face and his license plate number.

Why did Huo Tingrui lie to Lu Xia about being on a business trip?

Was he so cold to Lu Xia because Huo Yao had returned?

Oh yes. He was driving from the school earlier on. Without a doubt, Huo Yao must have said something to him!

Lu Xia clenched her fists. Her sharp nails seemed to cut through her skin.


After Huo Yao reached the class, Meng Ying, who had been lying listlessly on the table, instantly regained her spirits and said, “Sister Big Shot, you’re back. How did your test go?”

Huo Yao swept the hair on her cheeks and tucked them behind her ears. She replied in her usual nonchalant manner. “It was okay.”

Meng Ying clicked her tongue. Tsk tsk, Huo Yao sounded indifferent.

“You don’t look very energetic. Did you have a hard time sleeping last night?” asked Huo Yao as she glanced at her.

Meng Ying shook her head. Then she placed her chin on the table and acted pitiful. She said, “The class advisor announced something hateful this morning.”

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