Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 94: It’s Almost Like Watching The Birth Of A Genius

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Chapter 94: It’s Almost Like Watching The Birth Of A Genius

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The official National Quiz Contest was unlike the preliminary exam, where there was only one test. In this one, other than a written paper, they would also get tested on theory and logic, so it was far more challenging.

The time limit for the written test was an hour. The students were supposed to head to the examination hall next door after finishing the written test to take the next test, which was also time bound.

Huo Yao read through the entire paper after she received it and shook her head in disinterest. Although it was more challenging than the preliminary test... it was still as easy as pie for her.

She picked up her pen disappointingly and answered each question slowly.

Sigh! She finished the preliminary test too quickly, so her teacher had assumed that she did not treat it seriously enough. This time, she had to look the part.

Although Huo Yao was confident that she had taken enough time, she still gloriously finished first. Even the invigilator was surprised by her speed.

After accepting the answer script, the invigilator especially took note of her name.

Huo Yao? Was she not the kid who scored full marks in the preliminary test?

The invigilator was in a daze as he held her answer script.

Huo Yao went straight to the examination hall next door. In there, three invigilators would draw questions for the participant to answer within a ten minute time frame.

Was this not like an interview?

Huo Yao tutted and griped. The exam was prepared by the Education Association and certainly lived up to her expectation of being absolutely boring.

Very quickly, three questions were drawn. One was related to history, while the other two were science questions. This mainly served to determine the candidates’ level of logical competence in varied fields.

Huo Yao was not the least bit anxious after she read the questions. After all, her copious amount of reading was bound to come in handy, someday.

Huo Yao finished answering all her questions within two minutes. It was literally a child’s play for her.

Instead, the invigilators were the ones who were shocked. After Huo Yao left the exam hall, they could not help lamenting amongst themselves. “This participant is probably the best student I have met in my life.”

“All she took was two minutes. She had ended up receiving three of the hardest questions from the entire lot. When I watched her harness that insane logic of hers, it was as though I was watching the birth of a genius.”

“I have suddenly realised that our country might be about to make its mark in the International Quiz Contest this year.”


The camera crew from the television station was there to shoot the entire event. The host thought that the first person to finish would be the campus celebrity, Lu Xia. Hence, everyone was ready and poised to interview her.

After all, given her status as a popular celebrity, it would help sell the show more.

But it was Huo Yao who unexpectedly came out first. The host was caught by surprise, but she quickly composed herself and went over with the microphone to ask Huo Yao about the quiz.

Although it was not Lu Xia, the girl who came out first was an extraordinary beauty who gave off a cool aura and possessed photogenic features.

Huo Yao slapped her forehead helplessly as she glanced at the camera. If she knew that the camera crew would hound her, she would not have come out early.

“Hi, how do you feel about the quiz? Are you confident about making it into the provincial level competition?” asked the host as she smiled.

Huo Yao looked at her expressionlessly and replied in a calm manner. “It was quite easy.”

When the host heard this patronizing and arrogant response, she almost choked. This was the first time that she had gone speechless with her microphone in hand.

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