Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 92: If You Get Headhunted By The Major Associations In The Capital

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Chapter 92: If You Get Headhunted By The Major Associations In The Capital

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“I believed that this quiz would be easy for you,” sighed the Principal.

The Principal had chanced upon Huo Yao, online purely by coincidence when she successfully solved all the toughest test questions from the most renowned schools in the capital.

Many students spent ages trying to solve them but failed. Yet the moment she laid her hands on them, she answered them effortlessly as though they were elementary school questions. She was capable of applying what she learned, exceptionally well.

She had almost caused the collapse of many college education systems, but no one knew her real identity.

If not for the No.1 Middle School’s online admission test, she would have probably never gotten exposed as the 17 year old girl who gave those colleges such a headache.

It was also a stroke of luck that he managed to invite her to join the No.1 Middle School. Since she was planning to study in City S, and it was the best middle school in town, she had taken an interest in this school.

Of course, the Principal had no idea that she would actually pick the No.1 Middle School in the end.

The Principal’s inexplicable trust in her made Huo Yao helplessly say, “I only want to study hard.”

The Principal twitched his lips and replied. “There’s no conflict between the schoolwork and the quiz.”

“But why did you want me to take part in the quiz?” asked Huo Yao bluntly.

The Principal adjusted his spectacles and told her. “Although we have managed to maintain the school’s enrolment rate in recent years, it’s clearly declining...”

He paused for a moment before he said somewhat bitterly, “I want to improve the No.1 Middle School’s reputation.”

Huo Yao flashed an okay sign and said, “I get it.”

The Principal did not have to beat around the bush since he was talking to an intelligent person. He looked at Huo Yao and pondered for a few seconds before speaking further. “The significance of this quiz isn’t as simple as it seems. If you do well, the capital’s major associations might try to headhunt you. It will do wonders for your career in the future.”

Huo Yao raised her brow and was somewhat surprised.

The Principal smiled and said, “Staying at the No.1 Middle School is beneath you, given your talent. There isn’t much I can help you with either.”

Huo Yao waved and said lazily, “You don’t have to do more. You’re doing enough.”

Then she stood up. “It’s almost time for class. I’m going back.”

“Sure,” replied the Principal without speaking further.

But when Huo Yao stepped out through the door, he suddenly said, “I didn’t tell anyone about what happened online.”

Huo Yao halted. She gave him a sideways smile and left.

There was a profound look in the Principal’s eyes. The warm expression on his face suddenly turned downcast after Huo Yao was completely out of sight. He walked over to his office desk and picked up the landline to make a call.

Although the young lady did not care about clearing her name, it did not mean he would condone it when people stirred trouble in his absence.


In the blink of an eye, it was time for the National Quiz Contest’s official heats.

The city level heats were all conducted at the city’s Education Center instead of the participating middle schools.

Huo Yao did not need to attend school this morning and headed straight to the exam hall.

Song Ning and Huo Jinyan had woken up early in the morning when they learned that their daughter was to appear for the quiz today. They even prepared a more sumptuous breakfast than usual.

All of them headed downstairs after breakfast and they kept asking Huo Yao endlessly about whether she had everything she needed while they were in the lift.

Her parents looked so nervous that it seemed as though they were preparing for war. Huo Yao did not know whether she should cry or laugh.

She consoled them and said, “Mom and Dad. It’s just a little quiz. No need to get dramatic.”

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