Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 90: Huo Yanxi Got His Face Slapped

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Chapter 90: Huo Yanxi Got His Face Slapped

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Since Huo Yanxi did not want to listen to his mother go on exaggerating about Huo Yao’s studies, he changed the subject and asked her casually. “Didn’t Yao sign up for the National Quiz Contest? How did you fare in the preliminary test?”

Huo Yanxi looked at Huo Yao and continued to speak without waiting for her reply. “Xiaxia signed up for the quiz too. Her results were pretty good and came in amongst the top 10.”

He did not say Lu Xia came in 6th, so as not to embarrass her.

Huo Yao’s eyebrows twitched slightly but she didn’t speak up.

Song Ning and Huo Jinyan did not seem surprised at all when they heard this. Instead...

“Oh, Xiaxia did pretty well,” said Song Ning as she nodded patronizingly.

Huo Jinyan also commented rather calmly. “Lu Xia always did well in school. It’s no surprise that she made it into the top 10.”

But no matter how well Lu Xia did, she could not surpass their daughter!

After all, their girl scored full marks and came in first!

When Huo Yanxi saw his parents’ lackluster response towards Lu Xia’s results, he raised his head to look at them. They had reared and doted on Lu Xia for over a decade after all. Even if she was not their daughter by blood, they did not have to be so unenthusiastic about the whole thing.

Were they worried about Huo Yao’s feelings because she did not perform as well as her?

Huo Yanxi twitched his lips. But the moment the thought crossed his mind, his father’s voice quickly reached his ears.

“Our Yaoyao is the best though. She transferred from a small county middle school and scored full marks before she even acclimated to the city’s education system. She has made our family proud!”

Huo Jinyan was beaming and looked honored. His face had the expression which seemed to say, ‘I have the smartest daughter on earth’.

“That’s right. She came first in the country!” said Song Ning excitedly with her chin raised in pride.

When Huo Yanxi heard his parents, he raised his head to look at them in shock and asked in a whisper. “Full marks? Top in the country?”

Song Ning innocently blinked when she detected Huo Yanxi’s disbelief. She said, “Yes, that’s right. Didn’t I tell you about it?”

Huo Jinyan solemnly glanced at his wife. “It might have slipped your mind.”

“How can that be? Doesn’t she have awful grades?” Huo Yanxi blurted out instinctively.

Song Ning raised her brow as she glanced at her oldest son and asked him. “Who told you Yaoyao had bad grades?”

She clearly forgot that she used to think Huo Yao had lousy grades too.

Huo Yanxi was confused for a moment.

“If you don’t believe us, then go and check online. The ranking list appears the moment you run a search,” sneered Song Ning.

She was clearly expressing her disappointment over her son’s distrust towards his younger sister.

The moment Huo Yanxi heard his mother, his face went so stiff that he almost could not keep his chopsticks upright. He did not reach for his phone to check the ranking because he knew that his parents would never joke about this.

Complicated emotions ran through Huo Yanxi as he glanced at Huo Yao while she quietly ate.

He had always thought that his little sister was a bad performer and even believed that she obtained the No.1 Middle School Acceptance Letter through unsavory means.

When Huo Yanxi first heard that Huo Yao signed up for the National Quiz Contest, he had thought she was messing around because of his preconceptions about her. He had believed that he was doing her a favor by offering to hire a tuition teacher for her. When she turned him down, he had judged her for being arrogant and for aiming too high.

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