Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 87: Genius Doctor Lin

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Chapter 87: Genius Doctor Lin

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The neurology expert picked up the magazine and swiftly flipped through it as he said, “Although our hospital isn’t capable of treating you, someone from overseas might be able to help with your case.”

Huo Xiang was already at the door. When he heard the doctor’s words, he swiftly turned around and asked him. “Who?”

The neurology expert held the magazine in mid-air and pointed at a photo. He said, “This guy is the Chinese medical genius, Lin.”

Huo Xiang’s eyes landed on the photo in the magazine. Instantly, he was stunned.

“Lin won multiple international medical awards when he was only 19 years old. His medical research has caused major sensation in the medical industry. He specializes in neurology. If he is willing to help, you might have a chance to recover.”

The neurology expert spoke with such admiration that it was clear he held Lin in high esteem.

Tong Yu looked delighted the moment he heard the expert’s words. He asked the person eagerly. “Can we take this magazine with us?”

The neurology expert generously handed it over to him and continued speaking. “I have heard that Lin is rather eccentric and doesn’t readily provide consultations, but you can give it a go.”

Tong Yu thanked him as he took the magazine from his hand. At this stage, he could not be bothered with the doctor’s eccentricity. The important thing was that Huo Xiang had a chance to attain recovery.

Even if Lin did not readily see patients, Tong Yu had to find a way to make him agree.


After leaving the hospital, they got into the car. Tong Yu hugged the magazine without the usual anxiety visible on his face.

“Huo Xiang, don’t worry about your spinal cord damage. We have a real chance now. If we can find Lin, you will be able to return to the stage soon. I checked online, but there isn’t much information about this guy,” said Tong Yu as he browsed on his phone.

Huo Xiang was still overwhelmed with the shock of seeing the photo, so he did not hear a word that Tong Yu uttered.

A while later, Tong Yu’s hopeful face became grave once more as he said, “Lin does seem to have an odd temperament. Rumor has it that he doesn’t help unless... it’s a world-class rare disease.”

Tong Yu turned to look at Huo Xiang and said softly, “Huo Xiang, we...”

Huo Xiang finally collected himself. He eventually interrupted Tong Yu softly and consoled him. “He will help me.”

Tong Yu narrowed his eyes. He found Huo Xiang’s sudden confidence incomprehensible and asked him suspiciously. “What do you mean?”

Huo Xiang took the magazine from Tong Yu and flipped it over to Lin’s photo. He removed his black mask and held the magazine up. After that, he asked his agent in a mild tone. “What do you see?

Even though Huo Xiang’s actions confused Tong Yu further, he repeatedly compared the picture to Huo Xiang’s face.

After a few moments, he said quizzically, “Both of you are equally handsome? Eh, Xiang. At a time like this, how can you have the mood to care about who’s more good looking?”

Huo Xiang’s face turned dark. He gritted his teeth and rubbed his forehead. Then he said with gritted teeth, “Don’t you think we resemble each other a lot?”

Tong Yu scrutinized the photo again and replied carefully. “Now that you mention it, you do look like each other...”

He suddenly froze and a look of disbelief emerged on his face. “Don’t tell me he’s...”

After Tong Yu seemed to understand what Huo Xiang was driving at, he closed the magazine and put his mask back on. He said, “Let’s go.”

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