Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 86: Seriously Damaged

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Chapter 86: Seriously Damaged

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Huo Yao went to the nurses’ station to leave some instructions before leaving the hospital.

Although Yang Qiuhua suffered a sudden relapse, Min Yu had managed to send her to the hospital just in time. Since she had Huo Yao’s medication now, there was nothing to worry about.

Huo Yao spotted a familiar silhouette on her way out of the hospital and instinctively stopped. With a frown, she tried to recognise the person.

Was he not Huo Xiang’s agent, Tong Yu? Since they had just met yesterday, Huo Yao still had some impression of him.

She narrowed her eyes and scoured through the crowd, but Huo Xiang was nowhere to be seen.

It did not necessarily mean that Huo Xiang was at the hospital just because his agent was. After all, he said he would be flying to a neighboring city to film a MV. At this hour of the day, he was probably in flight.

Huo Yao swiftly veered her eyes away and left the hospital without lingering on.

Shortly after she left, a man wearing a baseball cap and a black mask walked out of the bathroom located on the side.

Tong Yu went up to him with a report in hand and said, “Xiang, the hospital president, and the neurologist are waiting for you.”

Huo Xiang’s eyes landed on the report in Tong Yu’s hand. His eyes remained dim as he said, “Let’s go.”

Tong Yu knew that it was hard for Huo Xiang to muster the courage to visit the hospital, so he patted his shoulder and said, “A miracle can always happen.”

Huo Xiang laughed in self-deprecation.

They headed to the office quickly, where the president and a neurology expert were waiting for them.

Tong Yu bowed to both of them politely before he handed them the report.

Few minutes later, the hospital president removed his spectacles and said somewhat regretfully, “Severe spinal cord injury takes three to five years to make a full recovery. What’s more, you have spinal nerve damage... this will impact your rate of recovery greatly.”

The neurology expert added to the president’s diagnosis. “I am afraid what he said is right. As you know, there are nerves in our entire body. If there is damage to the nerves, you might suffer from sensory problems or could end up getting paralyzed. Judging from your examination report, your spinal cord injury is moderate, so we can only suggest taking a conservative approach for the treatment. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that you will make a full recovery. Even if there is a chance that you get cured fully, you will no longer be able to do any major strenuous activity.”

Huo Xiang clenched his fists when he heard them. He had thought that he was already numb after hearing such diagnoses countless times, but it always ended up stabbing him fiercely.

“Isn’t there any other treatment?”

Tong Yu’s eyes turned red as he asked the question. He had pulled major connections to get in touch with the hospital president and the neurology expert because this hospital was considered to be the top most in the country in this field.

He had hoped to hear something different from this hospital!

“My apologies, there are no other options.”

Tong Yu wanted to say something more, but Huo Xiang pulled his arm. Huo Xiang bowed to the president and the neurology expert and said politely, “I get it. Thanks.”

Instantly, he turned to leave from there without waiting for them to respond.

Huo Xiang looked frail from behind. There seemed to be a depressed and hopeless aura emanating from him. It was really heartbreaking to watch him.

Although the doctor had seen plenty of patients with bad spinal nerve damage, the neurology expert sighed helplessly. His eyes suddenly landed on a magazine kept on a side table beside him.

He hastily recalled something and shouted, “Hang on.”

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