Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 85: Do You Know How Much My Pills Are Worth?

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Chapter 85: Do You Know How Much My Pills Are Worth?

Min Yu was far away in the capital when he suddenly sneezed. His handsome features looked particularly pale, and only his eyes remained deep.

“Master, are you feeling...” asked Zhuo Yun worriedly.

Min Yu raised his hand and said, “I’m fine.”

“The auction starts at 6:00 pm. Do you want to go back to the manor for a rest first?” Zhuo Yun asked, his voice still held concern in it.

“It’s okay. Go straight to the event,” said Min Yu with a cool look in his eyes.

Then he paused and looked sideways before continuing. “We must keep a close eye on everyone who turns up at the auction.”

Zhuo Yun replied with a nod. “I understand. The moment he turns up, we will get him.”

Min Yu adjusted his cuffs casually. After a long time, he said calmly, “I sure hope so.”

“If he still needs that medicine, he will definitely turn up tonight,” said Zhuo Yun softly with a dark expression on his face.


Huo Yao watched as her Grandmother finished her medication. After they chatted for a while, the old lady fell asleep. She was getting older and was feeling unwell as well, hence this was to be expected.

Huo Yao tucked her in and walked out of the hospital ward before long.

Shortly after Huo Yao reached the ground floor, she bumped into He Xiaoman. No, from the looks of it, He Xiaoman had been purposely waiting for Huo Yao.

“Come with me. I have something to say to you.”

He Xiaoman did not sound too severe since they were in a crowded place, but her face remained arrogant.

Huo Yao raised her brow at her domineering command.

He Xiaoman had already walked out towards the flower bed. Huo Yao contemplated for a few seconds as she watched her receding back. Then she followed her with a sigh.

“Tell me, what medicine have you been giving my mom?” asked He Xiaoman with a frosty look in her eyes as though Huo Yao was a criminal.

Huo Yao stood with her hands in her pant pockets and appeared unconcerned. Instead of answering her, she asked in return. “Why? Is there something wrong with them?”

He Xiaoman laughed angrily at her response and retorted. “It doesn’t come with any packaging or instructions or manufacturer’s information. How can you give dubious pills like those to an elderly woman? Are you trying to kill her, Huo Yao?”

“Dubious medication?” Huo Yao suddenly laughed at the words.

She looked at He Xiaoman’s quizzical face unhurriedly with her profound eyes and said, “Do-you-know-how-much-my-pills-are-worth?”

Huo Yao spoke very slowly with a deliberate pause in between each word and sounded sarcastic.

He Xiaoman was taken aback by her attitude. She composed herself after a while and sneered. “No matter how expensive they are, the effectiveness of those pills is questionable.”

How much could folk cure be worth? Huo Yao must be joking!

He Xiaoman paused before she spoke again. “Moreover, I showed it to a doctor, and even he said that Mom couldn’t take such folk remedies randomly. It does nothing but stress her heart and is as good as chronic poison to her. Mom has always had stable physical indicators. If it weren’t because of these pills, why would she have a sudden relapse last night? Huo Yao, if anything happens to her, you are to be blamed!”

Huo Yao pursed her lips into a smile. These accusations failed to annoy her. She merely said, “Was the doctor whom you showed the pills to, myopic and unlicensed?”

He Xiaoman, “...”

Huo Yao smiled as she shook her head. She could not be bothered wasting her time convincing He Xiaoman, so she turned and left from there without speaking.

By the time He Xiaoman composed herself, Huo Yao had already gone away, leaving her livid and fuming.

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