Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 82: Genuinely Hated Huo Yao

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Chapter 82: Genuinely Hated Huo Yao

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Yang Qiuhua’s face turned pale as she bit her lip. Lu Xia stood up at that moment and tugged at He Xiaoman’s arm and said, “Mom, calm down. Since Grandma wants Huo Yao to take care of her, then we can call her over. Although Huo Yao isn’t Grandma’s biological granddaughter, they must have feelings for each other after living together for so long. Don’t get into a fight with Grandma on my account. We should focus on Grandma’s recovery instead.”

Lu Xia forcibly smiled before she turned to retrieve her phone from the purse.

He Xiaoman felt even angrier when she heard her daughter. Seeing Lu Xia with her phone, she swiftly snatched it from her hand.

“Why are you calling her? Why are you so stubborn? You came here to take care of your grandmother after skipping an important official event. Why do you have to call that girl over? Are you naïve or plain stupid?” He Xiaoman asked her disappointedly.

“Mom, it’s okay...” replied Lu Xia as she attempted to take her phone back. But when she looked up, she saw Huo Yao standing at the doorway. She was stunned.

The moment He Xiaoman detected something amiss with Lu Xia’s expression, she glanced towards the door as well. She was caught by surprise too but she quickly composed herself and spoke with her face downcast. “What are you doing here?”

Yang Qiuhua had spotted Huo Yao as well and looked at her anxiously. She was unsure about how much of their conversation Huo Yao had heard. Out of fear that there might be a misunderstanding, Yang Qiuhua hurriedly said, “Yaoyao stayed with me all through the night.”

“All night?” He Xiaoman asked as she turned to look at the old lady with a look of disbelief on her face.

“Mom, are you saying this to help her? If she stayed with you all night, why didn’t you say so earlier?”

Now it was clear that Yang Qiuhua was hiding something from her daughter.

“Would you have believed me if I did? Would it change your mind about chasing Yaoyao away?” Yang Qiuhua muttered almost to herself.

Yang Qiuhua merely wanted to convince them to leave before Huo Yao got here. She did not expect Huo Yao to come back so quickly.

When He Xiaoman heard her mother, she couldn’t help but use a self-deprecating tone. “Am I such a terrible daughter to you?”

Yang Qiuhua averted her eyes and did not want to respond.

“Mom,” interrupted Lu Xia at this moment. She shook her head at He Xiaoman before quickly walking over to the door to pull Huo Yao in.

In a pleasant tone, she said, “Yaoyao, come on in quickly. Grandma has been waiting for you.”

Huo Yao glanced at Lu Xia indifferently and avoided her hand. She walked into the hospital ward before Lu Xia could touch her. Huo Yao went straight to the old lady’s bedside without saying anything to He Xiaoman, either.

She looked at her grandmother and said rather calmly, “Didn’t I tell you not to get angry? Are you misbehaving again?”

Yang Qiuhua gazed at Huo Yao’s calm face and subconsciously cringed. She muttered softly. “I wasn’t getting agitated. I’m okay.”

Huo Yao cast her a thoughtful smile and said, “If you were fine, you wouldn’t have suffered a relapse last night.”

Yang Qiuhua did not dare to speak any further and looked at her meekly.

She was unafraid of anyone throwing a temper at her, except for Huo Yao.

Lu Xia lowered her eyes and clenched her fists when she witnessed this scene. No matter how well she performed in front of the old lady, it seemed Yang Qiuhua did not give a damn about her.

Lu Xia genuinely loathed Huo Yao.

Lu Ziming had been quietly playing with his phone all this time without saying a word, but he suddenly looked up at Huo Yao and a look of surprise surfaced in his eyes.

Was this still that stupid and cowardly big sister of his?

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