Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 77: Wasn’t Huo Xiang Famous?

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Chapter 77: Wasn’t Huo Xiang Famous?

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Shortly after Huo Xiang entered the living room, Song Ning pointed at Huo Yao, who had just gotten up from the couch. She said, “Xiang, this is your biological sister, Yaoyao.”

Huo Xiang turned to look in her direction.

The girl was pretty and had defined features while her fair face was radiant and translucent under the light. Her loose T-shirt was paired with casual home wear shorts, and her legs were slender and straight. She was far more stunning than any other model or celebrity that he had seen in the entertainment industry.

Although she had a laid back appearance, Huo Yao looked unaffected and confident. She did not appear delicate or meek like the other girls usually did.

Huo Xiang had not felt too strongly about his biological sister, despite Tong Yu saying wonderful things about her. After all, they grew up in entirely different environments, and he did not like meek girls.

Now that they met for the first time, she exceeded his expectations. For what it was worth, he did not dislike her on the first look.

Huo Xiang’s habitually cold face warmed up a little.

Huo Yao also blatantly studied him while he was sizing her up.

Huo Xiang did not appear to be as Huo Yao had imagined and had undoubtedly inherited the family’s good looking genes. Yet judging from the way he acted when he got his agent to send gifts this afternoon, she had surmised that he was an arrogant person.

In all honesty, Huo Xiang was proud, but it was purely inherent and unintentional.

People usually had such temperament because they were highly competent and did not have to ingratiate themselves with anyone.

Huo Yao was surely surprised. She found it inconceivable for Huo Xiang to deviate so far from her initial impression which she had formed about him this afternoon.

Why had Huo Yao never seen Huo Xiang in advertisements, given his imposing aura and celebrity status?

Was he not famous in reality?

Huo Yao stopped staring at him curiously. Then she greeted him calmly and politely. “Brother Xiang.”

“Mhm, I’m glad you’re back,” said Huo Xiang as he nodded with a cool expression on his face.

He paused for a moment before a thought crossed his mind. He suddenly said in an apologetic tone, “I’m sorry. I came in such a hurry that I forgot to bring you a gift.”

Huo Yao glanced quizzically at the cabinet not far from her.

The things that Tong Yu brought in the afternoon were still sitting on the cabinet.

Before she spoke her mind, Song Ning asked him. “Hmm? Didn’t your agent come with a lot of gifts earlier this afternoon?”

Song Ning had walked up to the cabinet and checked the contents of the paper bag.

Huo Xiang’s eyes glinted and he said, “Tong Yu picked those. When I have the time, I will personally pick a gift for my little sister.”

Song Ning was rather surprised to hear that.

Huo Xiang had an eccentric personality and was lofty, indifferent, and arrogant. Despite growing up together with Lu Xia, he had barely paid her any attention.

Song Ning had been worried that it would be tougher for her other sons to get along with Huo Yao, especially her youngest boy since Huo Yanxi had developed a bias against her early on. But from the looks of it right now, Huo Xiang seemed to have a good impression of Huo Yao.

“It’s fine. There’s no need to go through the trouble of picking a gift for me,” said Huo Yao as she turned him down politely.

Huo Xiang frowned and seemed unwilling to accept her refusal. After contemplating for a few seconds, he retrieved his phone from his pocket and said, “I’m not sure what you like either. Why don’t I give you some money, and you can buy something yourself instead?”

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