Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 75: Wasn’t That Your Fourth Elder Brother?

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Chapter 75: Wasn’t That Your Fourth Elder Brother?

Tong Yu had been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade. Over the years, he had become one of the top agents in the trade, so he was particularly observant.

Despite Huo Yao’s smile, Tong Yu could sense the coldness emanating from her. At first, he wanted to nod and agree, but he unexpectedly changed his words and replied. “He’s held up at work. Some changes need to be done for the movie which he filmed abroad recently, so he headed to the office right after he got off the plane.”

Tong Yu continued to speak after a brief pause. “Xiang especially told me to send the presents over first when he found out you were back. When he’s done with work, he will probably come over.”

Huo Yao twitched her lips and said calmly, “Got it. Thanks.”

Tong Yu scratched his head and asked her. “I’m heading back to the office. Do you have any message for him?”

Huo Yao had turned to go back into the apartment. When she heard Tong Yu’s words, she glanced towards the kitchen. She turned her head to the side and looked at him. “Please tell him that Mom went to the supermarket first thing in the morning and bought all his favorite food.”

Tong Yu was speechless. By the time he gathered his thoughts and wanted to speak up, Huo Yao had already closed the door.

The smile on his face dissipated a while later and was replaced by a look of woe. He sighed before turning to head towards the lift.


Song Ning came out of the kitchen with a spatula in hand, beaming brightly. But when she saw it was just Huo Yao, she was surprised. “Who was at the door, Yao? Is Xiang home?”

Huo Yao placed the paper bag in the cabinet by the doorway and replied calmly. “No, it was his agent.”

There was a slight look of disappointment on Song Ning’s face as she said, “So Xiang won’t be coming home today?”

Huo Yao glanced at her and replied softly. “He’s held up at the office.”

“Sigh, okay then!” said Song Ning.

Suddenly she became angry as she turned towards the kitchen. “I should have objected when he wanted to join the entertainment industry. He barely gets any rest. His biological sister has come back since long. No matter how busy he is, he should have come home to visit by now.”

Huo Yao merely smiled ambiguously.


Meanwhile, on the other side...

After Tong Yu drove out of the Huo family’s estate, he did not head back to the office. Instead, he went to a posh villa located downtown.

Tong Yu swiped the key card and entered. He placed the key on the cabinet at the doorway before changing into indoor slippers. Then he poured a glass of water and headed upstairs.

“I saw your biological sister when I visited your place just now. She’s gorgeous and resembles you a lot.”

After Tong Yu entered the master bedroom, he said to the man lying in bed.

The man seemed to have no reaction whatsoever. He remained motionless as though he were asleep.

Tong Yu sighed. He walked up to the bedside to turn on the table lamp and said once more, “Your little sister is probably hoping you’d go back to see her. She asked me to give you a message before I left.”

The man in bed suddenly pulled the blanket off after not reacting for a long time. A face bearing a strong similarity to Huo Yao emerged from beneath.

Huo Xiang’s hair was disheveled. He had a slovenly demeanor, and his handsome face seemed depressed. He looked at Tong Yu gloomily and sounded harsh as he said to Tong Yu, “You’re so irritating! What’s the point of telling me that? Don’t you know that I’m...”

Huo Xiang smiled with slight self-ridicule. Then he said dejectedly, “Leave. Don’t ever come looking for me.”

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