Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 748 - Student Representative

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Chapter 748: Student Representative

Notifications kept beeping on Huo Yanxi’s phone, but he couldn’t help feeling disappointed after glancing at every message.

Huo Yanxi inhaled deeply as he suppressed the sour taste in his mouth. Sometimes, it was impossible to fix a broken relationship.

Perhaps it was too late to mend his relationship with Huo Yao.

Huo Yanxi wiped his face sadly before he put his phone down. Despite the firecrackers going off outside, the atmosphere didn’t feel lively. Even though the heating in the room was on, he inexplicably felt chilly.

Huo Yanxi’s phone beeped a couple of times again, so he lowered his eyes. Even though he knew he would probably be disappointed, he could not resist picking up his phone.

Huo Yanxi tapped on WeChat and saw Huo Yao thanking him and the weight of disappointment sitting on his chest disappeared right away. All his depression instantly dissipated when he saw the text message.

Huo Yanxi held the phone for a long time. His frown had disappeared but he did not answer.

Even though Huo Yao was probably replying out of courtesy, it was the happiest thing that happened to him over Chinese New Year.


Before long, the term started after Chinese New Year was over.

There were still three months and 108 days left until the college entrance exam.

After returning to school, Huo Yao did a lot better with her language during the first monthly test. During her last test, she had scored slightly over 100 marks for language, but she did 20 marks better this time, especially in the composition and comprehension sections.

Huo Yao’s teacher was very pleased with the result and gave Huo Yao more past year papers to practice.

Although Huo Yao didn’t like it, she accepted the test papers. Every single day, she studied hard. Even though she had put on a little weight over the Chinese New Year, she quickly lost it as the college entrance exam came closer.

Chen Yu called Huo Yao to her office 30 days prior to the college entrance exam.

“Yao, it will be time for the college entrance exam very soon. We have invited some alumni from Tsing University to come back to No.1 Middle School and give the students a speech to motivate them and help everyone relax a little. Although you were transferred to No.1 Middle School in your third year, everyone knows how well you have done, so you have to prepare a speech as well.”

Chen Yu looked at Huo Yao and spoke gently.

Huo Yao blinked. “Me? Do I have to make a speech as well?”

Chen Yu nodded. “Uh huh. You are representing the students this year. Good luck!”

“Can I say no?” replied Huo Yao after thinking briefly.

“Why?” Chen Yu was stunned. “This is a great opportunity. We will be filming it as well, so it will do you good.”

Chen Yu paused. She genuinely didn’t want Huo Yao to pass up on the perfect opportunity, so she said, “If you have trouble writing the speech, you can write a draft first. I can help you check and edit it.”

Huo Yao went quiet for half a minute before she said, “That’s not it.”

“Then why won’t you do it?” Chen Yu felt puzzled.

Huo Yao cleared her throat and said, “You gave me ten test papers to do, and I haven’t finished them yet.”

Chen Yu went speechless when she realized what Huo Yao wanted.

“Miss Chen, you painstakingly got me those test papers, so I have to do them. If I have to make time to write a speech and rehearse them while I am revising for the exam, I might end up doing a bad job and embarrassing you. How could I let that happen?” Huo Yao analyzed the situation with a serious look on her face.

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