Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 747

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Chapter 747: Everyone Was Richer Than Huo Yao

Huo Yao was already a rich woman, but she did not dare to touch the money.

The moment she touched the money, it would lead to quite a commotion.

She would have to earn more money to make up for the loss.

Huo Yao contemplated as she sat in the swing and pushed off the ground gently before turning her head sideways subtly.

Huo Yulin pulled his hand back and said softly, “I can definitely help you fulfill your second dream.”

He was unsure what Huo Yao meant when she said she wanted to lie around and do nothing, but it would only take a word from him to make her rich.

He did not know how many bonuses he had collected from the family business all these years, but it ought to be enough to make his little sister a rich woman.

Huo Yulin pondered before making up his mind to call Huo Changfeng later and ask for the exact figures.

As for telling Huo Yao about his eldest uncle, he decided to wait for a bit.

Although Huo Yao should have been moved when she heard Huo Yulin say that he could make her a rich woman effortlessly, she could not help feeling a little demoralized about how broke she was.

All of them were richer than her!


The two of them chatted briefly before going inside.

The Chinese New year’s gala was still airing on the television when they got back in. Huo Yao started to yawn after watching it for a while and went upstairs before long.

After Huo Yao washed up, she felt more energetic, so she lay on the bed and played with her phone.

She could hear firecrackers going off outside since it was Chinese New Year.

The moment it was midnight, Huo Yao’s phone kept pinging with messages. Just as she was about to check her messages, she received a phone call.

She raised her brows slightly and answered the phone.

“Happy Chinese New Year!” Min Yu’s husky voice came from over the phone with firecrackers in the background.

“Uh huh. Happy Chinese New Year!” said Huo Yao happily.

“I thought you might be sleeping.” Min Yu stood on the balcony as snow fluttered down. He reached his hand out and caught some snow which quickly melted. “Is it snowing in City S?”

“I don’t think so,” said Huo Yao before getting out of bed. She walked up to the French windows, opened the curtain, and looked outside. Technicolored firecrackers came into sight as she replied. “Nope, it isn’t snowing.”

Min Yu acknowledged gently and coughed a couple of times.

Huo Yao heard him coughing and asked. “Have you caught a cold?”

“A little.” Min Yu cleared his throat once more.

Since there were firecrackers going off in the background earlier, Huo Yao did not catch how nasal he was sounding earlier. Now that things had quietened down, she heard it and said, “You should rest early.”

“Okay. You too,” acknowledged Min Yu gently. “Good night.”

“Night.” Huo Yao nodded.

Before long, she hung up the phone.

After standing there briefly, she closed the curtains and lay in bed to check her messages.

The moment she opened her WeChat, she saw a string of notifications for bank transfers.

She had received money from her father, mother, and all her brothers. It felt as though they were in on it together since all of them sent her $99 999.

Huo Yao couldn’t help touching her nose as she looked at the figures.

She felt she ought to take a screenshot and upload it on social media with a heading: [Striking it rich with red packets.]

However, she changed her mind and decided against it after thinking briefly.

Huo Yao touched her nose before she tapped on each dialog box and accepted the money. She proceeded to send a GIF to thank them for their generosity.

Huo Yao’s hand paused when she got to Huo Yanxi’s dialog box. She thought about how Huo Tingrui mentioned Huo Yanxi helping her when she got slandered on social media.

She accepted the money before replying to him: [Thanks, Brother Yanxi.]

Huo Yanxi had yet to sleep and was still holding his phone with his eyes on the screen. It was as though he was waiting for something.

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