Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 72: The Only One With Full Marks

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Chapter 72: The Only One With Full Marks

Lu Xia was fairly confident about her scores. She had been only unsure about a few art related questions but the rest were fine. Hence, she foresaw no problem passing the preliminary test.

Coming in 6th with 138 marks was within her expectations.

Lu Xia’s lips turned up. She glanced swiftly at her results before handing the phone back to her agent. But a thought crossed her mind, and she pulled her hand back. Then she scrolled down the webpage.

By now, she had reached the bottom of the ranking page, but Huo Yao’s name was nowhere to be seen.

Lu Xia frowned. Did Huo Yao not take the quiz? Where was her name?

Did she... fail the preliminary test?

The smile on Lu Xia’s face deepened. She just knew Huo Yao could not have passed the test with rotten grades like hers.

Lu Xia sneered but accidentally pressed the icon to go to the top of the page. That’s when Huo Yao’s name shockingly came into her sight as she lowered her eyes to close the webpage.

st – 150 marks – Huo Yao.

The smile on Lu Xia’s face froze. The grip on her phone tightened.

How could this be? How could she have scored full marks? How could she have come first?

“Xiaxia, why do you look unwell? Were the rehearsals exhausting?” The agent looked at her in concern. He could clearly see that something was amiss with Lu Xia’s expression.

Lu Xia’s eyes glinted. Then she handed the phone back to her agent as though nothing had happened and said gently, “I’m fine. I was probably too engrossed in my performance earlier and am still preoccupied with it.”

The agent patted her shoulder when he heard that. He said, “Have a good rest. I’ll come in and get you when the official filming starts.”

“Mhm, thanks, Brother Tian,” replied Lu Xia gently.

The agent took the phone and was about to leave when he paused. Then he turned back and looked at Lu Xia and said, “Oh yes, Xiaxia. They will ask you some questions later. I will get the director to ask you about the quiz as well. Just answer them accordingly, haha.”

Lu Xia blankly stared before he nodded.


Huo Yao had performed brilliantly in the quiz and made it into the city level heats with full marks. She was also the only person with full marks amongst the dozens of middle schools in City S.

Not only did Huo Yao come in first on the National Quiz Contest ranking, but her score had a gap of a substantial 9 point margin from the first runner-up. This showed how solid her grasp on both arts and sciences was.

Meanwhile, at the local Education Association...

“Someone from No.1 Middle School scored full marks in the preliminary test. Surprisingly, she managed to solve Zhang’s tricky physics question. She must be pretty impressive.”

The Secretary-General exclaimed in admiration as he handed the test paper to the Chairman.

The Chairman adjusted his spectacles before he lowered his eyes to look at it.

“Her handwriting is pretty good. It looks majestic, confident, and powerful with clean lines. I can tell that she is a highly cultivated student,” commented the Chairman generously.

“Since she’s a humanities student, she must be possessing greater literary talent than the science students,” said the Secretary-General with a smile.

The Chairman raised his brow with a look of shock on his face as he said, “Are you sure? Did a humanities student solve Zhang’s question?”

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