Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 70: Huo Yao, You Are Quite The Character

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Chapter 70: Huo Yao, You Are Quite The Character

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A bitter smile emerged on Wei Mingzhe’s face. He tasted regret for the first time in his professional life.

If... if Wei Mingzhe did not make false assumptions about her and reject the Dean’s good intentions, then this all-round genius might have become a highlight of his famous teaching career.

But... Wei Mingzhe suddenly looked up at Huo Yao.

The student had stayed quiet the whole time. She neither defended nor explained herself. Her eyes brimmed with indifference as though she was waiting to watch everyone make fools of themselves while they argued about her grades until they were completely embarrassed.

Wei Mingzhe averted his eyes which were filed with ridicule. Regardless of her grades, he was not interested in insensible students like her.

He walked up to Huo Yao and said sarcastically, “Huo Yao, you are quite the character. I’m impressed that you didn’t say a word during this whole time.”

Saying so, he left the office expressionlessly without waiting for the rest to react.

The Dean frowned. Wei Mingzhe was so...

“What do you mean by not saying a word? You were the one targeting her from the very beginning and didn’t give her a chance to explain,” muttered Chen Yu.

She could no longer take it lying down.

When they thought Huo Yao’s grades were poor, they suspected she got into the school using connections. Now that her grades turned out to be brilliant, they ridiculed her for deliberately withholding the fact.

If Huo Yao’s preliminary test results had not been revealed, she would probably still be mired in suspicion.

“What’s up with that teacher? He talked so cynically that it sounded as though my daughter committed a huge mistake.”

Huo Jinyan’s face was dark, and he sounded angry.

He had walked over to look at his daughter’s results as well. She stood first, scorfing full marks.

Although Huo Jinyan did not know what the test was all about, the important thing was that there was no need to take the backdoor with grades like hers.

Although it was the school which misunderstood Huo Yao, they still gave them a lousy attitude after her scores were out. They even insinuated that Huo Yao deliberately withheld information without reflecting on their own mistakes!

The Dean could tell that the Vice-principal was starting to feel embarrassed. He sighed helplessly in his heart. He walked up to apologize to Huo Yao’s parents and played the role of the peacemaker yet again.

20 minutes later, the Dean was finally done seeing Huo Jinyan and Song Ning off while Huo Yao went back to the classroom.

Only the Dean and Vice-principal remained in the office.

“Mr Wu, I’m not trying to find fault here but why didn’t you tell us about this transfer student having such wonderful grades? It’s your fault for causing this embarrassment!”

The Vice-principal still felt mortified the moment he recalled Huo Yao’s test scores.

The Dean looked indignant and retorted loudly. “Didn’t I tell you? I told you so many times, but did any of you listen?”

The Vice-principal appeared a little uneasy as he raised his hand to touch his forehead. He said, “But you didn’t make yourself clear, so I took Wei Mingzhe’s side... Sigh! Forget it. There’s no point arguing over it now.”

Then a thought crossed the Vice-principal’s mind, and he continued to speak. “Now that the air is cleared, there is no need to tell the Principal about it. He’ll be caught up with a lot of work after he returns to the capital, so let’s not kick a fuss about it.”

The Dean’s lips curled up in slight ridicule. Only now did the Vice-principal want to keep it from the Principal. What had he been doing all along?

“Even if I don’t report it to him, the Principal will still find out after he returns.”

The Vice-principal waved his hand impatiently and said, “Let’s take things one step at a time. It’s just a minor misunderstanding and not such a big deal.”

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