Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 65: Was She Secretly A Genius?

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Chapter 65: Was She Secretly A Genius?

The invigilator came into the hall with the test papers soon after. After briefly bringing some points to the students’ attention, he handed out the test.

Huo Yao scanned through the entire test after receiving it. Then she shook her head rather disappointedly before picking up her pen and completing the test slowly.

She had wondered how formidable the Education Association was until she saw the mediocre test paper.

They were given an hour to complete the test, but Huo Yao finished it in 30 minutes. Then she lay on the table lazily.

Huo Yao would have undoubtedly left the moment she finished the quiz if she were permitted to submit her test ahead of time.

Wei Mingzhe was the invigilator of the second examination hall. His impression of Huo Yao was deep but terrible.

He could not help shaking his head mockingly when he caught sight of Huo Yao lying down on the table. She was apparently napping halfway through the test. She was poles apart from the other contestants who were absolutely focused on the test.

Despite Huo Yao’s poor grades, she could still have had a positive learning attitude. Even if she entered the school by pulling some strings, didn’t she have any self-knowledge of her limits? Did she think that the National Quiz Contest was a child’s play?

This was hilarious.

Fortunately, Wei Mingzhe had insisted on refusing to accept her into his class, or else she would have driven him mad.

The test came to an end in 60 minutes. Although Huo Yao was the first to finish the test, she was the last to submit it.

When Huo Yao handed the test to Wei Mingzhe, he did not cast an eye at her or her test paper. Instead, he placed it straight into the document bag before sealing it and leaving the exam hall.


Huo Yao went to the bathroom after leaving the exam hall before heading back to the class.

The moment she sat down, her deskmate, Meng Ying, leaned over and asked her. “How did the test go, Sister Big Shot? I heard the study committee member and class monitor say that the preliminary test was hard.”

Besides Huo Yao, the only other contestants from the Experimental Class were the class monitor and a study committee member.

Huo Yao looked up lazily. Then she said expressionlessly, “Was it tough?”

Meng Ying was dumbstruck and asked in return. “Wasn’t it tough?”

Both the class monitor and the study committee member were ranked in the top 20 in the entire level each year, so if they griped about it being hard, it must be true.

Huo Yao replied with a shrug. “Okay, so it was hard.”

Meng Ying, “...”

When Meng Ying heard her words, Huo Yao sounded patronizing, arrogant, and a little big-headed.

Meng Ying touched her nose tip and continued. “How many points do you think you can get? Any chance of passing the preliminary test?”

Huo Yao raised her brows gently as she said, “Honey, do you doubt my ability?”

Meng Ying blushed. She felt Huo Yao was becoming more and more of a rogue. She said, “Let’s not forget that you’re widely under the suspicion of getting into the school through the back door!”

Huo Yao waved her hand nonchalantly and Meng Ying shook her head quietly without asking further.

Was Sister Big Shot secretly a genius, considering how calm she was?


The preliminary test results would be out the next day at 10:00 am, but Huo Yao was called into the Office of Academic Affairs before they were released.

Several teachers were inside the Office of Academic Affairs.

Other than her class advisor, Chen Yu, Wei Mingzhe, the Dean of Students, and the Vice-principal were also present.

All of them looked particularly grave, especially the Vice-principal and her class advisor.

The Vice-principal looked at Huo Yao as he said coldly, “Huo Yao, you must have heard the gossip about you that is going around the school, right?”

Huo Yao looked up at him without a shred of fear towards his stern attitude. Instead, she asked airily. “The one about me pulling strings to get into the school?”

The Vice-principal frowned. He did not expect the new transfer student to have such an attitude.

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