Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 60: Why Sign Up For The Contest?

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Chapter 60: Why Sign Up For The Contest?

Song Ning looked at her son oddly and immediately warned him. “You want to see your baby sister? What lousy idea is breeding in your head, now?”

Last time, after they parted on bad terms, her damn son only called her once and that too, to tell her to discipline her daughter. He had never come back after that.

Huo Yanxi curled his lips in frustration. “Mom, do you have some misunderstanding about me? I am just asking about my sister.”

Song Ning removed her facial mask. Her face managed to demonstrate her disdain to him. “I think you know better than anyone if I have misunderstood you.”

Huo Yanxi, “...”

“Forget it. I am done talking to you. I have to continue my facial. Suit yourself.”

With that, Song Ning went to her bedroom. After a moment, she halted and turned around to look at Huo Yanxi.

Song Ning had a serious expression on her face and said, “Do not disturb your sister. She studies very hard every day.”

Then, she went away, leaving only Huo Yanxi and her husband, who was watching TV, in the living room.

Huo Yanxi looked at his father. He was about to say something when his father stood up, picked up the remote to shut the TV, and then stretched out his arms. He said, “I got up too early in the morning. I am so tired now. Yanxi, don’t stay up late. Good night.”

His deep yawn had blurred his voice.

Post that, Huo Jinyan hurried back to the bedroom, leaving no time for Huo Yanxi to reply.

Huo Yanxi, “...”

It had been days since he came home. Already, both his parents loathed him?

Depressed, Hou Yanxi went upstairs. He darted a glance at Huo Yao’s bedroom and paused for a second. Eventually, he looked away and went to his bedroom.


The next day was Saturday. There was no class. However, Huo Yao still woke up early to go for her morning jog.

When she came back, she went up to her room. While walking past Huo Yanxi’s bedroom, someone pulled the door open all of a sudden, which startled Huo Yao.

Huo Yanxi was still in his pajamas. Since he had just woken up, even his eyes were not fully open. As soon as he opened his door, the sweaty Huo Yao leapt into his sight. Instantly, he was fully awake. “Where did you...”

Huo Yao had recovered from her astonishment and answered calmly. “I just came back from jogging.”

This answer took Huo Yanxi aback. After all, this was the weekend. Most people would choose to sleep in.

After that, Huo Yao nodded to Huo Yanxi, politely and said, “I’m gonna go now.”

Huo Yanxi stared at her absent-mindedly as she stepped away.

Twenty minutes later.

Huo Yao had come down for breakfast. She was enjoying her meal quietly, eating without haste.

Huo Yanxi sat across her. Every now and then, he could cast a look at her. He wanted to chat but failed to find a topic. This was really awkward for him.

Maybe, Huo Yao could no longer endure his occasional gaze. She put down her spoon and looked straight into his eyes. “Do you have anything you want to say to me?”

Huo Yanxi cleared his throat. All of a sudden, he remembered what Lu Xia said yesterday. “I heard that you signed up for the National Quiz Contest.”

Huo Yao was baffled and asked. “How do you know?”

“Lu Xia mentioned it yesterday.” Huo Yanxi didn’t think he needed to hide this. So, he answered honestly.

Huo Yao raised her eyebrows and simply said, “Oh.”

She should have expected this.

“Why do you want to participate in this contest?” Huo Yanxi intended to add words like “the senior year is important and participating in this contest is a waste of time”, but he held back eventually.

Huo Yao giggled and answered with a question of her own. “Have you said those words to Lu Xia? What did she say?”

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