Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 59: Troublesome Baby Sister

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Chapter 59: Troublesome Baby Sister

Huo Yao finally stopped and turned to face Lu Xia. “No. I will take the bus.” Huo Yao refused coldly with a lukewarm look on her face.

Before the sound of her voice died down, she had looked away and walked toward the bus station without haste. She never said another word to Lu Xia.

Meng Ying, the onlooker, realised that she had stumbled across a big news, and went running after Huo Yao at once. “Sister Big Shot, wait for me.”

Lu Xia’s smile froze on her face, but since she was wearing the sunglasses, she still appeared calm.

She watched as Huo Yao went further and further away. Her grip on her purse had tightened.


“Sister Big Shot, you know Lu Xia, don’t you?” Meng Ying was convinced of the answer to that question.

Huo Yao arrived at the bus station, but the bus had not arrived yet. She gave a perfunctory answer to Meng Ying who was dying to dig up the dirt. “Kind of.”

“Is she... your relative?” Meng Ying blinked. She had made a brave guess. A few seconds later, before Huo Yao could answer, Meng Ying suddenly pulled a long face.

“Oh, no, I am doomed. Sister Big Shot, I have said so many mean things about Lu Xia just now. Will you tell her?” At this very moment, Meng Ying felt that something was pinching her heart.

After all, at No.1 Middle School, there was quite a large fan following of Lu Xia. Those fangirls could drown anyone who spoke against their idol, with their saliva.

Huo Yao was amused. “Don’t make such a big fuss about this.”

The strong tension which Meng Ying had felt a few moments ago, disappeared without a trace immediately. “Listen, you have no sense of humor whatsoever.”

Right then, the bus that Huo Yao took everyday, arrived. She got into the line, took out her transportation card and asked Meng Ying. “Are you sure that you want to follow me all the way... to discuss if I have a sense of humor?”

Meng Ying suddenly realized what she was doing. She slapped herself on her head which was filled with gossip. “Oh, crap. Why did I follow you to the bus station? My dad is waiting for me at the gate.”

With that, she darted a look at Huo Yao with hidden bitterness and ran off.

Huo Yao chuckled.


Lu Xia had got onto Huo Yanxi’s car. After they indulged in some small talk, Lu Xia spoke in an offhand manner. “Brother Yanxi, I have signed up for the National Quiz Contest. The Education Association is paying close attention to this contest and the top 3 students at the national contest will be recommended to Tsing University.”

Huo Yanxi turned around to look at her in surprise. “This sounds interesting. Try your best, and see if you can win.”

Lu Xia lowered her head and gently flickered the furry ball pendant on her bag, “Sure. I saw that Yaoyao has signed up as well.”

Huo Yanxi suddenly tightened his grip on the steering wheel. “What is she doing signing up for the contest. Considering her score, isn’t that a waste of her time?”

He frowned in annoyance.

“I think she might be looking for a challenge. It’s okay. Just think of this as an extracurricular activity for her to broaden her mind.” Lu Xia replied with a gentle smile.

Huo Yanxi only shook his head as a reply. His baby sister was turning out to be a source of trouble.


Huo Yanxi took Lu Xia to dinner and then dropped her off at the Lu Family.

When he left the Lu Family villa, it was still early. He thought about it and drove to the Huo Family.

Song Ning was applying a moisturizing facial mask when the doorbell rang. She was surprised to see her oldest son standing outside when she went to answer the door. “Yanxi. It is so late. Did something happen?”

Huo Yanxi went inside and looked around before he answered his mom. “I have finished the project. I am planning on staying here for a couple of days.”

And then, he asked. “Where is Huo Yao?”

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