Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 588: Are They Going To Starve Their Young Mistress?

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Chapter 588: Are They Going To Starve Their Young Mistress?

The director beamed brightly when he saw the arguments going on amongst the audience. He welcomed the dispute since it would help increase the show’s viewership. Despite him finding Shen Si and Wu Miao somewhat distasteful, the popularity of the show had soared.

Qu Yi happily looked at the statistics for the live stream program before he waved his assistant over. “Tell the team that we will order more food for lunch today. Remember to get the restaurant to prepare lunch.”

Ever since Huo Yao’s family restaurant started sending food for the recreation program, Qu Yi had saved a lot of money.

The assistant was delighted to hear this since the food was prepared by award-winning chefs from a five-star restaurant. He quickly left to execute the director’s orders.

Even though the assistant had left happily, he came back with a complicated expression on his face five minutes later.

The director was looking at the computer monitor and only realized after some time that the assistant had returned. When he noticed something amiss with the look on his face, he asked the assistant. “What’s wrong?”

The assistant sighed and said, “We won’t be getting any feast today.” Moreover, he even suspected that no food would be sent for the remaining episodes.

Qu Yi was stunned at the news. “What do you mean?”

“Ahem ahem. They said you abused their Young Mistress in this episode, so they won’t be providing food for us,” explained the assistant succinctly.

Qu Yi was at a loss.

Qu Yi’s eyes landed on the computer monitor to check out Huo Xiang and Huo Yao’s remodeling status. Their plan had started to take shape and the team happily chatted while they worked. Were they being abused at all?

They were clearly having fun!

Qu Yi sneered. “If they aren’t going to send us any food, are they planning on starving their Young Mistress?”

The assistant just knew Qu Yi would say something like that, so he said, “They will send her food on their own.”

Qu Yi was at a loss.

“They even said they would provide food for everyone, including the other guests, but just not the production team,” added the assistant.

Qu Yi was dumbstruck.

This differential treatment was too much!

“Sigh. It’s too bad that we won’t have the chance to enjoy the cooking of a renowned chef.” The assistant sighed countless times as he looked at Qu Yi begrudgingly.

Qu Yi felt indignant.

Was it his fault? He clearly was not the only person who had planned this episode.

The assistant veered his eyes and headed out. “Why don’t I buy some steamed buns and salted vegetables from the villagers?”

Qu Yi was speechless.


They spent the entire morning remodeling the houses. Huo Yao’s team had just laid the tiles. After they painted the walls in the afternoon, and added some decoration, they would be all set.

Despite checking for online tutorials, the effect of the remodeling done by Shen Si’s team did not turn out well. Hence, Yin Hai went next door to check what Huo Yao’s team had done and was terribly impressed.

“I am getting old and can no longer catch up with the youngsters,” lamented Yin Hai as he stood at the door.

Huo Yao took off her gloves, placed them on the windowsill casually. She glanced at Yin Hai and said, “It’s great to be young.”

Yin Hai’s lips twitched. “I have a feeling that you are dissing me.”

Huo Yao raised her brow and asked him. “How is your remodeling process going?”

Yin Hai waved his hand. “I don’t know what to say.”

Huo Yao contemplated before she consoled him. “Good luck.”

She did not go next door to check their situation. Instead, she told Huo Xiang to have lunch.

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