Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 587: Learn From Them

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Chapter 587: Learn From Them

[Shen Si and her cousin are a little too much. How could they stand around without helping their own team?]

[Shen Si put up an act for so many episodes, but she totally can’t be bothered anymore. Is she too lazy to even pretend?]

[I don’t see anything wrong with Sisi. Is it her fault that she can’t help? Would you rather she pretended to help and ended up making things worse?]

[That’s right. If she does not know what to do, she will just end up causing trouble, so I don’t think she is in the wrong.]

[Haha! You are such morons. Have you seen what Lucky’s sister has done next door? That is real work!]

[Isn’t it normal for her to be good at doing menial labor since she is from the countryside? How could you compare her to Sisi?]

[Tsk tsk. Sure enough, you and your idol have a lot in common. Your outlooks on life are incredible!]

Wu Miao had taken out her phone and accessed the live stream. She had planned on finding out how Huo Yao’s team was doing next door. The moment she saw the viewers’ comments, her heart skipped a beat.

Even though most of Shen Si’s fans sounded understanding, a lot of the other viewers could not tolerate what she was doing and kept dissing her for it.

Wu Miao took a quick look at the remodeling situation next door before putting her phone away and turning to say to Shen Si. “Why don’t we go in and help? I know you have nasal allergies and the dust causes it to act up, but we can’t leave all the work to Uncle Yin and his nephew.”

Wu Miao deliberately avoided the camera and looked at Shen Si as she spoke with her back against the camera.

Initially, Shen Si was a little puzzled. But the moment she saw the way Wu Miao was looking at her, she caught her drift.

Since she did not suffer from nasal allergies, her cousin must have brought it up after seeing some negative comments on the live stream.

Shen Si lowered her eyes and pretended to sniff. She rubbed her nose and said, “Okay. Let’s go. I can still bear with it for a while.”

Even though the house was in such a mess that she found it repulsive, she could only suck it up since they were on air.

The disappointed viewers became a lot more understanding after Wu Miao mentioned that Shen Si suffered from nasal allergies.

After entering the house, Wu Miao recalled how Huo Yao’s team found online tutorials about remodeling, so she started by asking Yin Hai. “Have you come up with any ideas?”

Yin Hai was moving old furniture when Wu Miao asked him the question. He only sighed. “Nope.”

“I noticed that the other team checked online for remodelling videos. Why don’t we learn from them and do the same?” Since they were on air, Wu Miao was not stupid enough to claim the idea as her own.

Hence, she phrased it as though she was taking a tip from Huo Yao’s team.

Yin Hai’s hands froze for a second. “Are there online tutorial videos for this?”

“Probably. Let me check,” said Wu Miao before she pulled out her phone.

Before long, Wu Miao came up with a bunch of hits.

Complicated emotions rose in the viewers’ hearts when they saw what Wu Miao did, especially Huo Xiang’s fans.

[Oh god. How could Wu Miao be so shameless? How could she blatantly copy their idea? She is simply despicable!]

[I agree that I feel a little annoyed watching this. Although it is not entirely wrong to learn from the experience of others, I can’t help feeling that this is unethical.]

[Anyone could have come up with the same idea. It’s not like Lucky’s team copyrighted it or something, so it isn’t considered theft. She merely suggested learning from them. What’s with the fuss?]

[I think so too. Stop overreacting all the time. Can’t you just watch the live stream quietly?]

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