Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 58: Did Sister Big Shot Come From A Mountain Village?

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Chapter 58: Did Sister Big Shot Come From A Mountain Village?

Lu Xia fixed the strands of hair that had fallen on her cheeks and lowered her head. Sitting there, she was like a painting with a soothing look.

She puckered her lips in a smile and said, “I will try my best.”

“Winning is not a problem for you. Look at your scores!” Chang Yingying never missed a chance to praise Lu Xia.

But Lu Xia remained untouched. “All the participants are the most outstanding students from all around the country.”

“Don’t worry. To begin with, our school is one of the top-ranking high schools in our country. As for outstanding students, without a doubt, you are one of them.”

Chang Yingying blinked. After two seconds, she went on with a giggle. “Think about it. You are a famous young celebrity after you went to the Star Training Camp. If you can win a prize at the provincial or the national level, you will win over so many more fans.”

The fact that Lu Xia studied well and was at No.1 Middle School had been made public by her agency to set up her persona. More than half of her fans were students.

Imagine this. A girl who was pretty and kind, who could sing and dance and could win a place at the National Quiz Contest, would be a perfect goddess for countless people!

Just the fact that Lu Xia was a girl brimming with youthful sunshine, could make her a star among all the schools.

“But things are not looking so good for that fake daughter, Huo Yao. I am thinking that she will be utterly humiliated this time.” Chang Yingying said this as if she could see that happening already.

Lu Xia smiled but said nothing in return.


After school, that day, Huo Yao and Meng Ying left together. As they approached the gate, they could see Lu Xia standing not far from them. She was wearing sunglasses and appeared to be waiting for someone.

As soon as Meng Ying saw Lu Xia, her gossipy nature began to roar and wanted to burst out of her. She whispered to Huo Yao. “Did you see the girl wearing sunglasses?”

Huo Yao gave her a look and replied. “Yes?”

“She is our school’s celebrity campus belle, Lu Xia. Sister Big Shot, you must have watched the show ‘Star Training Camp’, right? She is the most popular contestant on that show.”

Huo Yao tilted her head and asked Meng Ying. “Are you a fan of hers?”

Meng Ying shook her head at once. “I am not. Don’t you think that everything about her screams fake and pretentious? She is just so artificial. Do you know what I mean?”

“Mm.” Huo Yao mumbled and after a few seconds, she said, “I never watch talent shows.”

Meng Ying stared at her in shock. “No way. Sister Big Shot. From what kind of remote mountain village did you come? How come you never watched any talent shows?”

Huo Yao grinned. “Can watching talent shows help me with my studies?”

Meng Ying did not know what to say. This was such an enlightening question that penetrated into her very soul.

“Also, don’t discriminate against anyone coming from remote villages. They may turn out to be lions and tigers.” Huo Yao added something that carried much deeper meaning.

Meng Ying somehow felt that she and Sister Big Shot were not having a conversation on the same topic.

They walked out and went past Lu Xia.

Huo Yao did not spare even a look towards the other girl in this entire time. Huo Yao was tall, and was carrying her backpack on one shoulder. Her delicate face was pretty much expressionless. Every inch of Huo Yao was demonstrating that she was even cooler than a boy.

The sunglasses helped cover up the dying glow in Lu Xia’s eyes. She waited for a second and stopped Huo Yao. “Huo Yao, Brother Yanxi is coming and picking me up, today. Let’s go together.”

As soon as those words were out there, Meng Ying, who was with Huo Yao, went into complete shock.

The celebrity campus belle knew Sister Big Shot’s name and she mentioned something about a brother and used “us”...

Meng Ying felt that she had stumbled onto something huge.

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