Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 57: Strive For A Prize At The Provincial Level

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Chapter 57: Strive For A Prize At The Provincial Level

“Yes.” Huo Yao answered. She had already moved on from the question of who signed up on her behalf.

Meng Ying blinked. Though she did not believe that Sister Big Shot did not get admission in the school through connections, she didn’t think her academic records were that outstanding.

The other participants for the contest were basically the top 10 students from different classes. Sister Big Shot’s name on the list was like a drop of poison in a tun of wine. No matter how good she was, the straight-A students would steal all her thunder.

“Are you up for this, Sister Big Shot? This contest is not a joke. Do you know how many people are waiting to see you embarrass yourself?” Meng Ying tried to talk Huo Yao out of it.

After all, quitting now was less humiliating than to fail the first preliminary contest.

Maybe Meng Ying had been nagging her for so long that Huo Yao eventually opened her eyes. She put her hand on the edge of her desk to pull herself up, and slowly moved in closer to Meng Ying in a somewhat aggressive manner.

Her eyes were sparkling, and her voice was magnetic. “Do not ever ask people if they are up to something.”

Sister Big Shot’s face was right under Meng Ying’s nose. The latter could see every expression on the former’s amorous, exquisite face. Huo Yao’s voice sounded ambiguous and enchanting.

Meng Ying felt as if her heart was about to leap out from her throat, and she could not do anything about it.

Under Huo Yao’s gaze, Meng Ying covered her face with her hands and moved back to her seat. “Well, Sister Big Shot, don’t look at me with your seducing eyes next time. I am afraid you are going to turn me gay.”

If she did turn gay, she would never hear the end of it from her parents.

Huo Yao chuckled. Finally, she had freed herself from Meng Ying’s never-ending nagging. She bent over her desk again and even covered her head with the chemistry textbook.

Sitting next to her, all Meng Ying could say was, “!!!!”

Sister Big Shot, you would lose all your friends this way!


In the meanwhile.

“Xiaxia, do you know how overly arrogant that Huo Yao is?” Chang Yingying was dying to share her gossip with Lu Xia who was doing her test paper, quietly.

Lu Xia stopped writing and put her pen down. “What?”

She looked at Chang Yingying, baffled.

“She has signed up for the National Quiz Contest. Can you believe it?” Chang Yingying could not hide the excitement and sarcasm in her voice.

“I wonder who gave her the courage. So many people are waiting to see her fail.”

Lu Xia raised her pretty eyebrows, tilted her head, and gave a reasonable answer. “Anyone can sign up for the contest. Why would anyone laugh at her?”

“You don’t know this. People are saying that she used money to exert some influence to get into our school. How dare she sign up for the contest with her sorry scores? Don’t you think this is ridiculous?” Chang Yingying sneered.

Lu Xia fell silent for a few seconds before she turned to Chang Yingying again. “Yingying, the rumor that Huo Yao pulled strings to come here was not spread by you, was it?”

Chang Yingying evaded her looks, feeling a bit guilty. However, she sounded confident. “No. I would never do that.”

Lu Xia put on a soft smile. “I am glad that it wasn’t you. Anyways, Huo Yao is my sister. No matter how bad her scores are, I don’t want to see people discussing her or laughing at her.”

Chang Yingying had a look in her eyes that said, “I knew it”.

“Xiaxia, I know you have signed up for the contest as well. You must strive to win a prize at the provincial level!”

She encouraged Lu Xia sincerely.

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