Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 562: This Meeting Was Ruined

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Chapter 562: This Meeting Was Ruined

Lu Hongwen staggered on his feet when he heard what Liang Jun said. He had harbored hopes that Lu Corporation could rise through the ranks to end up as one of the top ten businesses in the city emerging as a dark horse.

Why did his hopes end up getting dashed?

Why did things end up this way?

Lu Hongwen did not get it. He grabbed Liang Jun’s arm and asked him. “Didn’t you say that your superiors wanted to pay extra attention to Lu Corporation? Didn’t you say we had a high chance of winning the bid? How did things turn this way?”

Lu Hongwen had grabbed Liang Jun so hard that it hurt him. Liang Jun frowned as he pulled his arm back. “How would I know?”

A thought crossed Liang Jun’s mind, so he looked at Lu Hongwen and asked him. “Do you really have no connections to Secretary Lin?”

The moment Lu Hongwen heard this, he was caught by surprise. He instinctively said, “Would I need your help if I were connected to him?”

Liang Jun had told Lu Hongwen that his superiors wanted extra attention to be paid to Lu Corporation’s bid. He said that Lu Corporation had a high chance of winning it. Otherwise, Lu Hongwen would not have gotten so hopeful.

Liang Jun frowned even harder. “Why would he tell us to pay attention to your bid if you were unrelated to him?”

He had inadvertently heard that the secretary had given orders to pay extra attention to Lu Corporation, so he decided to get close to Lu Hongwen.

Although Lu Hongwen acted like he was unacquainted with Lin Shuwen, he merely thought Lu Hongwen did not want to reveal his connections, so he did not probe him. He simply went about quietly making arrangements for the meeting.

He had remained unpromoted for years and needed an opportunity, so he acted dumb when Lu Hongwen insisted that he was unacquainted with the secretary.

From the looks of it, he was really a fool to do this!

“I have no idea. I really don’t know Secretary Lin. None of my relatives and board members have spoken to him before either.” Lu Hongwen felt puzzled by Liang Jun’s questions when he kept asking if he knew the secretary.

Liang Jun saw the expression on Lu Hongwen’s face and realized that he was not joking. Had this happened out of sheer misunderstanding?

At that moment, Liang Jun was incapable of figuring out what went wrong. Even if he could, it was impossible to save his career.

If Lu Hongwen had not offered a bribe, he could wriggle out of it regardless of the matter.

However... Liang Jun’s shoulders slumped. He was filled with regret and said nothing as he turned to walk out of the private room. He looked utterly depressed from behind.

Lu Hongwen watched as Liang Jun left. It finally occurred to him that this meeting was ruined.

He let go of the bank card and it fell on the carpet.

He Xiaoman was shocked by the events that had transpired. She stood by the side incapable of maintaining her poise. She cautiously walked up to her husband and bent over to pick up the card before she said, “Honey...”

Lu Hongwen instantly looked furious when he heard He Xiaoman’s voice and recalled that it was her wise idea to bribe the secretary.

Lu Hongwen turned to look at He Xiaoman with his eyes bereft of warmth.

He flung the proposal in his hand on her face. “Look what you have done! Are you happy now?”

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