Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 55: Huo Yao’s Name Must Go!

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Chapter 55: Huo Yao’s Name Must Go!

After the registration deadline passed, Chen Yu printed out a registration form of the Experimental Classes and submitted it to the Vice-principal.

The Vice-principal looked at the sheet and asked. “Well? How come so few people signed up?”

In total, the Experimental Classes had forty students, but only three signed up for the contest.

Chen Yu forced a smile on her face and explained. “I think it’s probably because the students want to focus their minds on their studies instead of spending their time on the contest.”

The Vice-principal read through the names. When Huo Yao’s name leaped into his sight, he froze for a second. “Is this Huo Yao a transfer student? Why did she sign up for this? Does she not have to study hard to catch up with the schedule here?”

Chen Yu felt embarrassed to answer this question. “She might be looking for a challenge.”

The Vice-principal only knew that Huo Yao was specially recruited by the Principal, but had no idea about Huo Yao’s academic records. A few days ago, the Vice-principal heard from Wei Mingzhe about this student and her condescending attitude.


The Vice-principal frowned.

“The Education Association takes this contest very seriously. I can deal with it if this transfer student can outperform herself and pass the municipal preliminary contest. However, if she cannot, and other schools find out that we have registered a transfer student just to fill in the numbers, what do you think that will do to our reputation?”

The Vice-principal was serious, and Chen Yu knew what he said made sense.

She said, “I agree, nevertheless... Isn’t the registration open for everyone?”

There was no rule against a transfer student participating.

The Vice-principal failed to argue against her using this rational reason. “No matter what, the transfer student’s name cannot appear here.”

Chen Yu kept silent for a few seconds. “Is that... can we do that?”

The Vice-principal lost his patience. “Of course.”

Chen Yu lowered her eyes. She knew that the only reason Huo Yao could come to the school was because she had some strong connections. Judging by the Vice-principal’s attitude, Chen Yu could tell that he was not the one who had allowed Huo Yao in. That only left... the Principal?

If Huo Yao found out that she was disqualified for no reason after she signed up, would she go to the Principal to figure things out?

At this thought, Chen Yu suggested, “Should I... ask the Principal first?”

The Vice-principal hurled the form onto his desk grumpily. “Are you saying that I cannot make this simple decision because I am merely the VICE Principal?”

On one side, Chen Yu had to consider the Principal’s feelings. On the other, she could not ignore the Vice-principal, either. How hard was this!

Though frustrated inside, Chen Yu had to keep that smile intact on her face. “Sir, that is not what I mean. I just don’t think it’s okay to disqualify Huo Yao without a proper reason...”

The Vice-principal sneered and waved his hand to cut her off. “Stop. There is no need to go to the Principal, and I will not cross her name off the form. Let it be.”


“Now, if you will excuse me, I have other things to do.” The Vice-principal kept a straight face. He picked up the form, walked to the other side of his desk, and tossed the paper into a drawer.

Chen Yu knew that now was not the time for her to argue any further. She walked away, looking embarrassed.

The Vice-principal sat down in his chair, and his expression was awful. After a moment, something came to his mind and his lips curled in a sneer.

He could not wait to see how this transfer student from a remote place ended up humiliating the Principal!

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