Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 53: Pulling Strings

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Chapter 53: Pulling Strings

“Huo Yao, come clean. Is your family crazily wealthy?” Meng Ying sounded jealous.

Huo Yao darted her a look and picked up her phone without batting her eyelashes. Right in front of Meng Ying, Huo Yao unlocked her phone, opened up WeChat, and accepted Ms. Song and I Am Huo Yuanjia’s transfers. She could not look any more indifferent.

Meng Ying, “!!!”

Good god! She wanted to swap with her deskmate’s life. She would take away all of her money on WeChat, and more than that, she would keep Huo Yao’s wealthy parents to herself!

“Alas. Comparisons are odious.” After a moment, Meng Ying sighed, pretending to be sad. “How come I don’t have wealthy parents who would pamper me in this manner?”

Huo Yao tilted her head and casually fixed her bangs with her finger. Her crystal clear eyes glistened with enchantment. “Don’t be sad about your parents not being wealthy. You still have the chance to become a wealthy mother to spoil your daughter.”


Meng Ying gave Huo Yao a thumb up. Anyone who said that her deskmate was an icy beauty was in the wrong. Listen to her. Huo Yao obviously had a clear mind and a sharp mouth.

Meng Ying thought of the rumors that she was hearing these days. She moved her butt closer to Huo Yao and adopted a more serious tone than before. “Anyways, there has been some gossip about you. Have you heard?”

Huo Yao asked in a normal voice. “What gossip?”

Meng Ying thought for a couple of seconds before replying. “Someone said that your academic scores are really poor, and you are not even as good as the students in the average classes. As per the rumour, you bribed someone, and that is how you got in here.”

No.1 Middle School was not like Desheng, the elite school next door. The students had to pass tough tests to get into No.1 Middle School and all of them were star students. The rules and principles of No.1 Middle School were really strict.

The Principal was a tough character, famous for being impartial and incorruptible. It sufficed to say that no one could pull any strings to get into No.1 Middle School.

However, in the rumors, Huo Yao was being depicted as the exception who had broken the rules of No.1 Middle School.

Truth be told, spreading the rumor in itself was not the worst thing that had happened. What mattered was that the rumor made it sound as if Huo Yao had sullied the reputation of the school.

During the past few days, Meng Ying had seen how Huo Yao’s parents would transfer money in her WeChat account every day. From this, it was not hard for Meng Ying to deduce that Huo Yao came from a rich household. It seemed that for Huo Yao... pulling strings was not entirely unlikely.

Of course, Meng Ying was unwilling to believe this rumor. After all, her deskmate’s perfect attitude in studying was fairly evident to her.

Meng Ying’s complicated emotions were evident all over her face. Huo Yao grinned and answered her with a question of her own. “Do you believe it?”

Meng Ying shook her head and said immediately, “Me? Of course not. The only thing you do all day long, is study. You are a big ol’ bookworm. Anyone else can get in here by bribing someone, but not you.”

Huo Yao broke into laughter at this comment and shook her head.

Meng Ying was such an innocent girl.

Huo Yao was completely unaffected by the rumor and Meng Ying sensed that. She said, “Why do I feel that you are not anxious at all, after listening to this?”

Generally speaking, when people heard that they were victims of slandering, anyone would be furious.

Huo Yao kept her gaze on Meng Ying and contemplated in silence. A few seconds later, she gave a brief response. “The wise do not buy rumors.”

Meng Ying curled her lips. “I understand that. However, if the rumor keeps spreading like this, I am afraid you can get into trouble. If those idiots make a big scene and the Principal gets to know about it, it will be really bad.”

After a pause, Meng Ying thought of something. Her eyes were glowing as she stared at Huo Yao. “I have an idea of how to end the rumor quickly.”

Huo Yao was briefly interested. “Oh? Humor me.”

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