Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 498: They Had To Support Their Idol

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Chapter 498: They Had To Support Their Idol

“Yu, are we all done?” Huo Yao raised her head to look at Tong Yu.

Tong Yu turned his head to glance around before he said, “Get into the car first.”

The area beyond the cordoned zone was filled with people trying to take pictures with their phones. Huo Yao raised her head to look around and pulled her mask up.

Since Huo Xiang’s face was highly recognizable, the moment he started filming the advertisement, his pictures had been posted on social media by fans who happened to see him.

Also, his mysterious little sister was here too, so the fans exploded in excitement and surged towards the filming location.

They did not come solely to see their idol but also wanted to see his little sister.

The fans wanted to check out his domineering little sister and find out what she was like in reality.

Even though the fans were incapable of seeing Huo Yao’s face, she looked far cooler up close than she did on the live stream program.

She was far beyond their expectation.

The moment they noticed the outfit she was in, they felt that it was cool from every angle. Hence, people started searching for her outfit online.

Also, some of the netizens took videos of her. Before the advertisement even got aired, Huo Yao’s outfit was completely sold out both online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Huo Xiang was a top celebrity, so they had to support him. Since his little sister propelled Huo Xiang to even greater heights, they had to support her even more.

Huo Yao only came for the shoot with the intention of tagging along with her older brother but ended up becoming the star attraction and the hottest topic online.

Meanwhile, the brand representative had already received several calls from the company while they were dismantling the filming equipment. He was stunned when he heard about the unexpected boost in online sales of the product.

After he composed himself, the brand representative accessed the company’s sales platform and trembled in his heart when he saw the numbers.

Even though they had just finished filming, there was such a major impact on their sales. What would happen when the advertisement actually got released?

The brand representative did not even dare to imagine this. He suppressed the joy in his heart before he turned off the online sales statistics. He contemplated briefly before looking for Tong Yu’s number and called him.


After some time, Huo Xiang and Huo Yao finally made it to the huge MPV with the help of their bodyguards.

Huo Yao removed her mask and pressed her forehead.

Sure enough, the fans were incredibly excited to see them.

Fortunately, she chose to film with a mask on. Otherwise, she would go mad from all this attention.

Tong Yu walked behind them while he answered a call from the brand representative. After exchanging a few words, he hung up the phone.

He turned to look in the rearview mirror before starting the engine and said, “Yao, the brand representative just called to say that they want you to shoot more photos for them.”

Huo Yao raised her brow in surprise. “That fast?”

“Uh huh. But the photos...” Before Tong Yu could finish his sentence, Huo Xiang interrupted him.

“No! You can’t do any other ads in the future. Tell them she won’t be doing the extra photoshoot.” Huo Xiang sounded particularly serious.

“Why?” asked Tong Yu quizzically.

Huo Yao turned sideways to look at him as well. She found it unfathomable that her fourth older brother would suddenly be against this.

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