Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 479: Little Master Huo!

Chapter 479: Little Master Huo!

Old Mr. Yi had invited a lot of guests for the banquet tonight. Most of them were family friends and influential people in City S.

Since Min Yu and Huo Yao were new to the circles, everyone turned to look at them curiously when they entered the main hall.

It was normal for Old Mr. Yi to personally receive the guests if they were important. However, they were just two youngsters, so everyone was curious.

Old Mr. Yi did not explain who Min Yu was. All he said was that they were distant relatives of his. Before long, everyone stopped looking at Min Yu and Huo Yao.

It made sense for Old Mr. Yi to personally receive his relatives. Since they were not influential people, there was no need to chat with them, even if Min Yu had such a powerful aura surrounding him.

Since Old Mr. Yi had other guests to entertain, he walked Huo Yao and Min Yu to their seats before he left.

The snacks on the table looked exquisite. Min Yu took a plate of snacks and placed it in front of Huo Yao before he said unhurriedly, “Dinner won’t start so soon. Have some snacks first.”

Huo Yao was a foodie at heart, so she did not refuse the offer. She picked up a piece of hibiscus cake and placed it in her mouth. It was buttery smooth and not too sweet. Since it suited her taste well, she ate two pieces in a row.

Min Yu sat upright at his seat. His well-chiseled features gave off a distant vibe as he looked at the girl beside her without the slightest coldness.

Huo Yao stopped after she ate two to three pieces of snacks. There were a few crumbs of the cake on her lips, so she wanted to retrieve some tissue from her pocket. However, Min Yu beat her to it.

She raised her head and took it from him. “Thanks.”

Min Yu rapped his fingers on the table gently. “Welcome.”

Since Old Mr. Pei and Old Mr. Yi were long-standing friends, Old Mr. Pei was there at the banquet as well. He had just come back from the bathroom when he spotted Huo Yao in the main hall. His eyes lit up, and he walked over quickly.

“Little Master Huo.”

Huo Yao instinctively raised her hand to cover her forehead when she heard the greeting.

Ever since she used Old Mr. Pei’s pharmaceutical laboratory, she became a master in his eyes. It felt odd to hear an old man call her that.

Old Mr. Pei looked excited to see Huo Yao. He walked up to greet Min Yu before he sat down next to Huo Yao.

“Little Master Huo, I followed your instructions and succeeded in making nerve soothing incense.”

He said nothing about how he made countless attempts before he succeeded in making an average quality incense.

Huo Yao turned to look at Old Mr. Pei. She smiled forcibly and commended him. “That’s great!”

Old Mr. Pei coughed. “It was thanks to how detailed your instructions were.”

“Since the nerve soothing incense has a particular purpose, it is useless for regular people,” said Huo Yao as she raised her brow.

Old Mr. Pei chuckled and said, “I know.”

Then, he asked her boldly. “In that case, why don’t you teach me how to make normal incense that promotes rest?”

Huo Yao felt her temples throb. She instantly replied. “I don’t know how to make those. This is the only incense I can make.”

Min Yu looked at her quietly.

Old Mr. Pei stroked his beard. He was a little disappointed to hear this. Then again, Huo Yao was a master in making medicine, so she probably was not as well-versed in incense making. After all, incense was hard to make.

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