Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 478: Anything Was Possible With Money

Chapter 478: Anything Was Possible With Money

No wonder Min Yu had offered to prepare a birthday gift for Old Mr. Yi on her behalf.

Huo Yao glanced at Min Yu and replied emotionlessly. “Yup. But there isn’t much left.”

Min Yu detected her reluctance and pressed his lips. He took out his phone unhurriedly and transferred $999 999 three times.

Huo Yao looked at Min Yu when she heard her phone ringing with a new notification and pulled it out of her pocket.

Her fingertips trembled slightly when she saw the transfer on the screen. She said in a solemn tone, “Oh my. You didn’t have to do this. It’s just some incense, and there is plenty lying around at my place. I will give you a box on our way back. You didn’t have to go through the trouble!”

Min Yu’s lips twitched as he glanced at the notification, saying the recipient had received the money.

After accepting the transfer, Huo Yao recalled something and said, “Weren’t you saying that your heart flutters?”

Min Yu looked at her quietly. He had an ominous feeling about what she was going to say.

“I will give you some pills for it. They are good for all kinds of heart diseases,” said Huo Yao generously.

Min Yu felt as though he was about to fall apart.

Zhuo Yun almost burst out laughing while driving the car.

Huo Yao must be sent by god to handle Min Yu.

She was so unpredictable.

Huo Yao looked out of the window happily after accepting the funds. The black coat she was wearing complemented her complexion and made it look even more flawless. Her usual cold aura diminished, and she looked quietly elegant.

The car arrived at the old Yi residence 30 minutes later.

A lot of cars were parked outside the old Yi residence, and Min Yu’s car seemed to be the most low-key.

Huo Yao glanced at them before veering her eyes to straighten her coat.

Before long, Zhuo Yun came with the gifts from the car. He handed one to Huo Yao and said, “Miss Huo, Yu prepared this for you.”

Huo Yao took the gift and thanked him.

The butler was receiving guests at the entrance. The moment he spotted Min Yu, he sent for someone to inform Old Mr. Yi.

He knew that the young man was an important guest.

Before long, Old Mr. Yi came out. A reverent look appeared on his face when he saw Min Yu. “Young Master Min.”

Min Yu nodded slightly to Old Mr. Yi before handing the gift to the butler. “Happy birthday.”

Old Mr. Yi nodded and chuckled. “Thank you.”

He turned to look at Huo Yao next to Min Yu and his eyes instantly lit up. “Huo Yao.”

Huo Yao’s lips twitched. She automatically dismissed the excitement in his eyes and gave him the gift. “Happy birthday, Old Mr. Yi.”

“Haha! If you become my disciple, I would be even happier,” teased Old Mr. Yi.

Huo Yao smiled and replied. “Then I don’t think you’ll have the chance of becoming happier.”

Old Mr. Yi could tell that she was turning him down. He coughed and said, “Come on in.”

He led them into the hall.

Min Yu looked at Old Mr. Yi thoughtfully from behind for two seconds before he turned sideways a little to speak to Huo Yao. “It seems Old Mr. Yi really wants you as his disciple.”

Huo Yao raised her brow and replied proudly. “It can’t be helped. I am just too good.”

Min Yu was already accustomed to her thick skin, so he merely glanced at her and entered the house without saying another word.

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