Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 1203 - Comparing Disciples

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Chapter 1203: Comparing Disciples

It seemed Rong Jun was not sad at all. Instead, he was clearly here to show off.

When President Xue caught Rong Jun’s drift, he acknowledged the man expressionlessly. “I only have one disciple. He has not done much other than creating a shape memory alloy driver. He’s so irritating.”

Rong Jun’s cheeks trembled. He nearly choked on the tea in his mouth. He said annoyingly, “Enough already. I know you are just bragging about your disciple.”

President Xue glanced at Rong Jun sideways. “I am not as accomplished as you. I only have one disciple, but you have three.”

“Correction, it’s not three but four disciples.” Rong Jun did not want to lower himself to President Xue’s level and argue about this. “I have recently accepted a new disciple.”

It was four against one. He could outdo President Xue on just quantity alone.

President Xue looked at Rong Jun as the latter smiled smugly. He instantly realized that Rong Jun’s new disciple was probably a genius. He paused before he said, “In that case, I believe congratulations are in order.”

Rong Jun wanted to smile. He promptly stopped smiling the moment he recalled the way Huo Yao treated him as though he was an embarrassment.

Rong Jun sighed and went back to business. “Oh yes. You have to get your disciple to help. Without him, no one in the institute can handle the optical radiation at all.”

The moment Rong Jun talked about work, President Xue straightened his body slightly and replied. “I thought so too, but I can’t make any promises about making him come back.”

“What kind of teacher are you?” Rong Jun shook his head speechlessly. “Do your best. If he is willing to help, the deep-sea exploration project’s safety features will be more stable.”

“Uh huh. I know.” President Xue nodded. He thought about something and looked at Rong Jun. “As for you, why did you suddenly change your mind?”

Rong Jun knew President Xue was asking why he suddenly agreed to help on the deep sea exploration project. He simply smiled. “We should not give up simply because risks exist.”

President Xue went into deep thought for an entire minute before he finally said, “Back in the day, the research project was very risky. I am glad you managed to get over it.”

Rong Jun took a sip of tea without talking.

President Xue glanced at him and sighed inside. He changed the subject and went on to talk about something else.


Meanwhile, Huo Yao and the others had arrived back at school. Liu Qian had to write a report for the university, so he was very busy.

Huo Yao initially wanted to leave the school. Dai Jie was busy thinking about how to change the experiment plan, so Tang Jun and Wang Jing were going to help. She pondered and decided to stay stay back in school.

She went to the self-study room with her teammates.

There was hardly anyone in the room when they got there, so they could talk freely.

Dai Jie, Tang Jun, and Wang Jing were talking about the details of the research project. After sitting by the side, Huo Yao took Dai Jie’s laptop and looked at the experiment plan.

“Oh yes, Huo Yao. What suggestions do you have?” Wang Jing was holding a pen and spinning it. When she turned to look at Huo Yao, she saw her typing on Dai Jie’s laptop. She went closer and looked at the screen. “Are you editing it?”

Huo Yao continued typing. Two minutes later, she clicked save and raised her head. “This experiment plan is already perfect, so we do not have to make major changes. We simply have to add in more details.”

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