Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2645 - Guo Family

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Chapter 2645: Guo Family

Her voice paused, her eyes swept across the young people, then fell on the old man and the middle-aged man behind. She said: “When we realised that there was someone here, we decided to come over to ask for directions on how to get out of here.”

Upon hearing Feng Jiu’s words, the family clan members didn’t answer but only stared at the three of them.

The young man talking who was dressed in azure had an ordinary appearance and was unremarkable. On the contrary, the young boy and girl in the back had outstanding looks and the robes they wore were also extraordinary. However, the boy was covered in blood and he seemed to have suffered a lot of injuries, and he was still carrying the girl. The girl wasn’t wearing training clothes but a gauze dress instead.

In comparison to the young boy and girl, the youth in azure robes had an inconspicuous face and there was a simple and honest bearing between his eyebrows. He appeared to be a servant. It was just that, the Xie Family? Which Xie Family?

The strength of the three people was not strong, the three of them were at the Foundation Formation Stage and yet they dared to enter here? They didn’t know what kind of family the Xie Family were, but they actually allowed their weak children to enter such a place?

The weakest children in their team were already at the Golden Core Stage.

“The Apex Poison Forest is full of dangers and ferocious beasts. You dare to come here to practise with your strength? You’ve been separated from your family?” A young man said, he looked at them and said: “How did you survive until now?”

This question was a little rude. However, except for Feng Jiu and the Xie siblings, no one in that family thought that there was anything wrong with that question.

That’s right, the strength in front of their eyes were three Foundation Formation Stage cultivators, why would they think anything of them?

However, one of the young men stepped out after he had looked at Feng Jiu for a while.

He walked up to the old man and the middle-aged man and said: “First Elder, Uncle Sun, the three of them look like they are only in their teens, it’s dangerous in here with no family clan protecting them. Since we are also going back, why don’t we take them with us? When their family finds out later, they will be grateful to us.”

In his opinion, the three Foundation Formation Stage cultivators were too weak. Without the protection of powerful people, they wouldn’t be able to get out of this forest alive. As for them, those three people are not a threat to them, naturally they didn’t have to worry about any plot as such.

The old man and the middle-aged man looked at each other and said a few words. Finally, the old man stood up and said: “We are the Guo Family of South Ridges. Since you have met us here, it is also your good fortune. We are getting ready to go back, you will come with us!”

Upon hearing this, the Xie siblings had a look of joy on their faces and they thanked them immediately: “Thank you Senior.” They stepped forward and came to the Guo Family.

The younger generation of the Guo Family sat back down, but their eyes remained on the three of them. When they came on this trip, everyone in their family were all men, no women followed them. At this time, when they saw such a charming girl, they couldn’t help but take a few more glances. As for Feng Jiu in her azure robes, she was ignored by them.

“Are you siblings?” The middle-aged man asked, his eyes on the Xie siblings.

“Yes, we are siblings. My little sister sprained her foot, so I’ve been carrying her on my back.” Xie Yutang replied. He saw the middle-aged man’s eyes shift to the side and fell on Feng Jiu, who was beside him.

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