Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2324 - A wise move

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Chapter 2324: A wise move

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The Devil Lord let out a muffled groan. The sharp arrow penetrated the devilry cultivator’s body, leaving only a bloody hole. The devilry cultivator fell to his death, his eyes were still wide open as if refusing to believe that he was killed like this.

Feng Jiu looked back and glanced at Gu Xiang not far below with a smile. “Well done.” Things went much smoother than she thought. Once the Devil Lord died, it was much easier to take over the Devilry City.

Below, when Phoenix City’s cultivators saw the Devil Lord’s death, their battle intent intensified and their courage mounted as the battle progressed. Not long after, they wiped out all the devilry cultivators.

Elder Gu assigned them to check for survivors. Finally, he reported to Feng Jiu. “Master, there are two hundred and one people in total and there are no survivors!”

“After cleaning up this place, let’s get a good rest! Three days later, follow me to take down Devilry City!” Feng Jiu told them.

The crowd were excited. With a resounding and vigorous voice, they immediately answered, “Yes!”

Feng Jiu returned to the courtyard while the others started to clear away the corpses in the city. As the sky was getting bright, some of the loose cultivators observing outside the city were shocked.

Why was there no movement here? Was it already over? Was it possible that the Devilry City’s people were lost?

Once this idea was raised, the loose cultivators only thought it was inconceivable.

Three days later, Phoenix City remained the same as before, but the news of the defeat of the people of the Devilry City quickly spread. As soon as the news came out, it finally attracted the attention of several other forces.

Upon hearing the news, the devilry cultivators of the Devilry City fled and abandoned the city, afraid to stay there. The whole Devilry City was empty because it had no ruler…

For this reason, several forces sent their people to sit down and talk, for they felt that Phoenix City’s City Lord Feng already posed a threat to them. If they ignored this problem, one of them would be the next to be destroyed.

As the proverb goes, without the lips, the teeth feel the cold. The eight forces kept the balance of power and had nothing to do with each other. But, ever since City Lord Feng seized the Black Mountain City and occupied it, and now wiped out Devilry City, who’s next?

They believed it would be one of them next. The person came to look for trouble and was so powerful that if they didn’t pay attention, it would be too late for regrets.

The middle-aged man neighbouring Phoenix City also received letters sent by several other forces, but he threw it aside after taking a look.

Seeing this, the old man, who was waiting by the side, could not help asking. “Master? Are we not going to meet them for a talk?”

“What’s there to talk about?”

The middle-aged man sneered. “I think those people turned foolish after being isolated here. Their brains became slow. Isn’t it clear what to do in such a situation and such changes? What else is there to discuss?”

The old man was stunned when he heard this. He glanced at the middle-aged man and asked carefully, “So, in Master’s opinion, what should we do now?”

The middle-aged man glanced at the sky, flicked his robe and stood up. “It’s still early in the day. Let’s go! Come out with me.”

Seeing him stepping outside, the old man followed him hurriedly and rode on a flying sword. Seeing him going towards Phoenix City, he was so scared that cold sweats seeped out.

“Master, are, are you going to Phoenix City?” He couldn’t help asking, wondering what his Master had in mind.

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