Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2323 - There’s no escape

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Chapter 2323: There’s no escape

As Phoenix City’s cultivators came from behind, they were all flabbergasted at the chaotic scene. They thought they would meet a fierce battle, but unexpectedly, they didn’t have to fight at all. These devilry cultivators fought against each other and more than half of them were killed.

Watching those devilry cultivators clashed like mad with crimson eyes, they were secretly frightened. Their Master’ skill was terrifying. Luckily, they were on the Master’ side. Otherwise, they would likely be the ones fighting with their eyes flushed and completely lost reason.

“Attack! Leave no survivors!”

Elder Gu was issued an order calmly, telling the people behind him to wipe out the devilry cultivators whose strengths were now weakening. Hundreds of people rushed out from hiding with their swords drawn towards the devilry cultivators, joining in the melee…

In the sky, Feng Jiu fought with the Devil Lord. As soon as they exchanged fists, the Devil Lord’s face changed as terror struck his heart. “You’re not an Immortal Sacred Strong Exponent! You’re an Immortal Venerable mid-rank cultivator!”

“So what? Just realize that none of you can escape today!” Feng Jiu attacked him with the Red Armillary Sash. The sash was as fierce and terrifying as the attack of a sword. As the Red Armillary Sash rolled up, a breath carrying the ancient sacred beast’s pressure came attacking and hit the Devil Lord’s body with a bang.


With a groan, his body was shot back and blood spurted out from his mouth. He stared at her with shock and murmured, “It’s the breath of an ancient sacred beast! How is this possible? Who the hell are you!”

“I’m the one who can kill you!”

As soon as Feng Jiu said this, the figure in red flashed out again and the Red Armillary Sash rolled out in an attack. Suddenly, a flame burst out from the sash towards the Devil Lord.

The Devil Lord was about to resist, but he was startled to find that the spirit energy in his body suddenly disappeared. The flame rushed to his body with a whizzing sound and burned his hair…


The sound of fire burning came along with an unpleasant smell. The pain from the burn made him scream. He patted down the flames but couldn’t extinguish them. Startled, he took off his robe hurriedly and cut off his hair with a knife.

“I’ll kill you!”

His disheveled appearance made him roar out in anger. As he clenched his fists tightly, he then realized that his body had lost its spirit energy for some reason and his body fell down from the air.

Sensing that there’s something wrong with his body, he immediately gritted his teeth, reluctantly sacrificed his body, and fled with his Nascent Soul.

Feng Jiu was surprised to see his decisive action to run away in his Nascent Soul form. After all, if one escaped in this form, they had to cultivate from the start. What’s more, in a place like this, nobody could advance. Even in the face of death, few people would think of using their Nascent Soul to escape. What’s more, this Devil Lord still had not been pushed into a desperate situation and only lost his spirit energy.

Because she didn’t expect this move, the Nascent Soul instantly escaped outside the range. However, this place had a protective boundary barrier. Even if he escaped in his Nascent Soul form, he couldn’t escape her boundary barrier. She was in no hurry.

Looking down, she saw that the Devil Lord’s corpse was trampled by people. With a spark in her eyes, she looked ahead with surprise.

When the Devil Lord’s Nascent Soul found that there was nowhere to escape, he actually ran back. With a whoosh, he rushed into a devilry cultivator and possessed the body.

Seeing this, when she was about to kill him, a sharp arrow was shot…

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