Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2322 - Specially prepared

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Chapter 2322: Specially prepared

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The Devil Lord stood abruptly when he heard these sounds. But once he stood up, things in front of him were swaying and there was a buzz in his ears. His vision was also a little blurred. Someone appeared in front of him seemingly wielding a knife. By instinct, he flipped his palm and attacked the person.



“Ma, Master…”

The devilry cultivator was shot to the ground by the slap. He felt his breastbone was smashed to pieces, his internal organs injured, and blood pooled inside his mouth. He seemed to want to say something, but until the end, he had to swallow his unwillingness and say nothing.

The devilry cultivator’s voice made the Devil Lord sober. He was greatly shocked, but after steadying his mind and having a look, he knew that the man he shot flying was the devilry cultivator next to him who helped him cut the meat and scoop the wine!

The frantic voices behind him, the clashing swords and the smell of battle in the air made him step forward in big strides. In a sweep, his figure headed towards the outside.

When he came to the scene of battle, he almost spurted out a mouthful of blood. All the men who were fighting fiercely in front of him were his subordinates! He had no idea what’s going on. Each one of them seemed suicidal, chopping around recklessly. The scene was bloody and a lot of bodies had fallen on the ground.

Seeing this scene, he felt all of his vital energy and blood rushing into his head as if it was about to burst out. He shouted angrily. “Stop for me! Stop it! What are you doing!”

However, his voice could not stop them. Those people were still chopping at each other. They showed extremely cruel and bloodthirsty sides. Their eyes were filled with the determination to kill each other.

He became worried and furious. As his anger surged, he clenched his fists, raised his head and let out an angry roar. “People of Phoenix City! Come out!”

His voice was filled with the Immortal Venerable’s mighty pressure and airflow. As his voice spread, the pressure and breath were sweeping the air. A mighty pressure shrouded the place which immediately made the devilry cultivators engaged in the melee hold their heads, scream, and fall down.

At this moment, a figure in red appeared quietly in the night. Her red dress was fluttering in the night wind with her back to the curved moon in the night sky. Therefore, her face was invisible to the Devil Lord below.

“It’s you! It was you who did it!” The Devil Lord stared at the figure that appeared in midair. As killing intent burst out from his body, he immediately lifted his vital energy and swept upward.

When he came to mid-air and saw clearly the face of the figure in red opposite him, despite being filled with anger and killing intent, he was also amazed by her.

Her appearance was really unparalleled! The slightly raised eye corners and curved lips all exuded a devilish charm and wantonness. Although she wore a man’s clothes, it did not damage her incomparable beauty and grace.

This woman! She’s actually even more stunning than the portrait!

“Are you satisfied with the present I have prepared for you?” Feng Jiu curved her lips in a smile. The spirit energy breath in her nonchalant voice spread out with the night wind.

The Devil Lord stared at her. Even though she had a beauty that could cause the fall of a city, he still had an impulse to strangle her!

Suddenly two roars were heard from below.. Two ferocious beasts at the sacred beast rank emerged from hiding. Once they caught a person, they would tear at him…

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