Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2146 - Meeting Song Ming  

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Chapter 2146: Meeting Song Ming

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With this, one of the disciples entered through the side door and went straight to the peak where Song Ming was.

The other man stood in front of the gate, staring at the young man who wore a leisurely smile on his face. Was this man really Senior Uncle Song’s uncle? Because of his outstanding talent, Senior Uncle Song was accepted as a core disciple by the sect master and had a special status in the Heavenly Sun Sect. If this man was really Senior Uncle Song’s uncle, didn’t they offend him just now?

The young disciple thought of this and wiped his cold sweat. In his mind, the two of them joined hands but couldn’t compel him to act. He must be very strong. Now he was waiting here with a relaxed face, so he must be Senior Uncle Song’s elder.

“Senior Feng, where do you come from?” Unconsciously, the twenty-something disciple asked Feng Jiu using an honorific title.

Feng Jiu smiled when she heard this question. “Of course, I came here from home.” She looked at the disciple and asked.. “How’s Song Ming doing here?”

“Senior Uncle Song was accepted as a core disciple by the sect master because of his outstanding talent. He is a very famous figure in our sect.” The young disciple said with a reverent voice. “Not long ago, Senior Uncle Song took the first place and became the best among the younger generation of our Heavenly Sun Immortal Sect.”

Feng Jiu nodded. That’s right, Song Ming was talented. In addition, she taught him for so long. Now, with their current strength in their early twenties, it’s natural to have such extraordinary status in the sect.

Meanwhile, inside the sect.

Song Ming was cultivating inside his cave-dwelling. When he heard the disciple outside giving a report, he was stunned and his face turned weird. “My Uncle? Did you hear it wrong?”

The disciple outside answered in a hurry. “Senior Uncle Song, Disciple heard it correctly. He said his name was Feng Jiu, he was your Uncle.”

Song Ming was surprised, then got up and walked out of the cave-dwelling. He looked at the disciple and asked, “What does that man look like? Describe it.” Could it be Feng Jiu? Why would she come to him? Was it someone impersonating her? However, who would know that he has a relationship with Feng Jiu?

The disciple thought for a moment, then said, “The man was dressed in azure and looked between 17 to 19 years old. His appearance is somewhat more beautiful than a woman.”

When he heard this, he couldn’t help smiling and asked, “Where is this person?”

“He is still outside the sect gate…” Before he finished speaking, he saw Senior Uncle Song had already swept out and disappeared in an instant. He looked blankly, then hurriedly followed.

Outside the sect’s gate, Feng Jiu inquired and the disciple divulged many things to her. Just then, a figure came out of the side door and his gaze was also directed towards her.

“Is it really you?” Song Ming was both surprised and delighted. He strode to her and asked, “Why are you looking for me? Is there something wrong?”

“Senior Uncle Song.” The disciple bowed when he saw Song Ming.

“Mm. You can go back first!” Song Ming motioned the two men to leave.

“Yes.” The two men saluted, then went in first.

“I do have something to look for you, but I don’t know if you can help me out with this.” Feng Jiu smiled. After a long absence, she saw Song Ming become more dignified and imposing.

“What kind of help? Tell me.”

“I came to the Heavenly Sun Immortal Sect for the Seven-star Spirit Grass.” She smiled with her eyes narrowed to a squint. “It’s the five-hundred-year-old plant most treasured by the Pharmacy division peak’s Peak Master.”

Hearing this, Song Ming looked at her in amazement and then chuckled.

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