Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2067 - Bandit Amongst Bandits

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Chapter 2067: Bandit Amongst Bandits

When the middle-aged man who was the leader saw the young boy in the azure robe look at the jar of wine with his dark eyes, his mouth couldn’t help but twitched, he smiled stiffly and said: “It’s alright, it’s fate that we have met, this roast wild boar is our gift to you and you can also take the big jar of wine over there!”

They could always hunt another wild boar and buy more wine. However, if the treasures on them and their lives were gone, then that would really be a huge loss!

“How can I refuse your kind gesture, since you insist, then we’ll accept it!” She grinned and said, then glanced at Zhuo Junyue next to her.

Zhuo Junyue took a few steps forward and picked up the jar of wine, then placed it into space. Having done that, he walked over to the roast wild boar and carried it with Feng Jiu out of the cave dwelling, one person at each end of the wild boar.

Everyone followed them out salivating as they looked at the roast wild boar they’d caught, gluttony expressions filled their faces. At this moment, the young boy in the azure robe who was walking in front turned his head suddenly and they were so scared that they stopped in their tracks.

“You don’t have to see us out, just stay where you are!” Feng Jiu waved to them happily, then walked with Zhuo Junyue in the direction of the old man.

The people behind stood staring blankly and came out of their daze after a long time. One of them murmured: “This young boy in the azure robe is even more of a bandit than we are! He is the bandit amongst the bandits!”

“Boss, it took us so much effort to hunt the wild boar and now it’s just gone and we’ve also lost a large jar of wine.” Another person said quietly as he looked in the direction where the two people had gone. Although they were far away, they could still smell the fragrance of the roast meat from here…

“Good for nothing…”

The middle-aged man glared at them: “Those are just things, it doesn’t matter if they’re gone. As long as our lives and belongings are left untouched, they can have as much roast meat and wine as they want.”

“Boss, the men on guard have only been knocked unconscious, they’re not dead.” Another two men walked back quickly, supporting the two unconscious men.

“It’s good that they’re not dead. Bring them into the cave dwelling.” He said and waved his hand.

“Boss, shall we go back and hunt more wild game? Everyone hasn’t eaten meat for half a month.” One of the men said boldly.

“Go back? Do you think the journey to go back and hunt more wild game is short? If it’s close by, those two rascals wouldn’t have come to get it from us earlier.” The middle-aged man said angrily: “Don’t we have more dispelling pills? Just eat the dispelling pills!”

Upon seeing his anger, no one else dared to speak anymore.

At the other side, the old man who was resting in the cave dwelling was humming a tune and he murmured: “This girl is stubborn and doesn’t listen to this old man, I’ve already said that there is no wild game in this area and she won’t believe me. I don’t believe that you can come back with wild game.”

However, as he was sitting there muttering to himself, his nose sniffed suddenly and he couldn’t help but walk out and look around for the smell. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw the two people carrying the roasted wild boar back.

“Huh, this girl really brought back wild game?” He ran forward excitedly and couldn’t help but asked: “Where did you get this from? And it’s already been roasted? You didn’t take this by force did you?”

He thought back to the two of them talking to each other when they walked off earlier, did they really snatch it from someone else? This girl really has a few tricks up her sleeves!

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