Medical Princess - Chapter 615 - Did Grandma Hand in Memorial Before?

Chapter 615 Did Grandma Hand in Memorial Before?

It seemed that this courtyard had really been prepared!

Basically, she could live here. If some small details were not dealt with, it could be said that all the things were in a hurry. Shao Wanru had to wait for a period of time before she went down the mountain. At this time, it was reasonable that the courtyard was not tidied up properly.

“I’m afraid I can’t move for the time being!” Shao Wanru said weakly. Her voice was so weak that people needed to guess what she was saying, especially when there was a screen between them.

“Madam Dowager said that it didn’t matter. She asked servants to carry Fifth Miss out. The carriage is ready. It’s covered with fine cotton, and there is a soft blanket inside. The wheels are also wrapped with thick cotton. Fifth Miss, you won’t feel uncomfortable when you lie in the carriage, let alone hurt your body.”

The old maid heard Shao Wanru’s words and answered quickly.

“What do you mean by moving out? Can’t I live here? Zhuozhuo is still in poor health. Go back and report to your Old Madam. I could not move out at this time.” A cold snort came from the door. Rui’an Great Elder Princess, dressed in splendid clothes, came in with several servant girls and old maids.

She looked sharply at the old maid of Duke Xing’s Mansion, and the old maid couldn’t help shivering and kneeling down to greet her. Needless to say, this person in front of her was Rui’an Great Elder Princess.

“Are you from Duke Xing’s Mansion?” Great Elder Princess asked with a cold voice.

“I was sent by Old Madam to pick up… pick up our Fifth Miss back!” Although the old maid was afraid, she forced herself to finish her words.

“Zhuozhuo has been injured like this, and you also want to pick her up! Don’t you care about Zhuozhuo’s health at all?” Rui’an Great Elder Princess sneered and looked down at the old maid. “Go back and report to your Old Madam. I will keep Zhuozhuo!”

“Yes, I’ll go back and report your words to our Old Madam!” The old maid did not dare to argue. She kowtowed to Rui’an Great Elder Princess again, got up, and walked out without looking back.

Old Madam’s intention was to ask her to bring Fifth Miss back and she would reward her heavily. But now Rui’an Great Elder Princess was not under her control. Not to mention her, even Old Madam was weak in front of Great Elder Princess. She did not dare to offend Great Elder Princess.

It was not a big deal that she didn’t get a reward. If she lost her life because of this, that’s a big deal.

The old maid of Duke Xing’s Mansion hurried back. Rui’an Great Elder Princess turned on the screen and looked at Shao Wanru, who was lying on the couch. Although she seemed to be indolent, she was in good spirits. Rui’an Great Elder Princess smiled and reached out her hand to touch Shao Wanru’s forehead. “You! Why did you put this person in? How dare an old maid come to persuade you? Is there no one in Duke Xing’s Mansion?”

Duke Xing’s Mansion really took themselves as something. After such a big thing happened, they only asked a younger and a servant to come and have a look. Old Madam and Madam of Duke Xing didn’t come at all. It could be seen that they treated her granddaughter so poorly. Thinking of this, Rui’an Great Elder Princess thought of her poor daughter.

Since they treated their granddaughter like this, who even had a blood relationship with them, they must treat her daughter even worse. She should not have allowed her daughter to marry into such a mansion.

“Grandma, they can’t come even if they want to!” Seeing the tears in Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s eyes, she knew that she was thinking of something sad again. She sat up straight, reached out to hold Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s hand, and pulled her to sit down affectionately.

She sat up on her knees on the couch and poured a cup of tea on the table beside her. She held it in front of Rui’an Great Elder Princess and said sweetly, “Grandma, don’t be sad. It’s not easy for Duke Xing’s Mansion to get rid of the crime this time!”

Seeing Shao Wanru’s well-behaved and considerate look, Great Elder Princess felt sour and bitter in her heart. Her daughter used to be so obedient and sensible. Even if she only had one daughter, she could rely on her daughter. But in the end, her daughter, who was brought up in the palm of her hands, died soon after she gave birth to her little grandson. Even her granddaughter was lost in other places. She was almost replaced by others.

Of course, it was also the work of the old woman of Duke Xing’s Mansion.

“Zhuozhuo, if you need anything, just tell me. I won’t let them take advantage of you. Unless I don’t want it, they can’t take anything away!” Suppressing the pain in her heart, Rui’an Great Elder Princess said in a sharp voice. Her arrogant face had a bit of coldness and fierceness.

Her daughter couldn’t die in vain. Since her grandson’s surname was Shao, everything about his father belonged to her grandson.

Her granddaughter whose hands were in her hands was very tender. Although her little face was delicate and beautiful, after all, she was still a child. However, Rui’an Great Elder Princess did not look down upon her granddaughter. Since she recognized this granddaughter, she was very surprised by this little girl.

But after the surprise, there was a joy. Qinghua was too gentle, and she didn’t act decisively. She didn’t dare to make malicious guesses about others, but in the end, she ended up like this. She couldn’t even protect her own children.

Her granddaughter was good like this. She was much smarter than her daughter at such a young age. Thinking of the meaning behind this, Rui’an Great Elder Princess felt sad again. If it were not for the fact that there was no one to protect her and she had been treated poorly, how could she have such a cautious and considerate character?

She reached out and brought Shao Wanru to her. She touched her black and silky hair and said, “No matter what you want, I will definitely help you!”

Her words were not loud and sounded vague, but Shao Wanru understood them all!

Tears welled up in her eyes, but she held back her tears. She reached out to pull Rui’an Great Elder Princess’s hand, raised her watery eyes, and pretended to be relaxed, and said, “Grandma, shall we take Hao’er back this time?”

“Okay, okay, of course, it’s good!” Rui’an Great Elder Princess nodded repeatedly. Her red eyes made her less imposing and kinder than usual.

She was originally a tough old lady. After the death of her husband, she only had one daughter, and she and her daughter depended on each other for survival. But later on, her daughter got married, and then a series of things happened. Later, her daughter died, and her only grandson was not close to her. He even avoided her and was unwilling to come to live with her, no matter how hard she tried to persuade him. This old lady suffered a blow, and her heart was about to break!

Fortunately, she now not only had an obedient grandson, but also a considerate granddaughter.

“The position of the heir of the duke originally belonged to your father. Later, something happened to your father and it fell on the second branch. In fact, your brother was born at that time, and he could also have the position. Now your brother has grown up. Why didn’t he get it back!” Rui’an Great Elder Princess turned her head slightly and wiped away the tear in the corner of her eyes. When she turned back again, she was still the tough and arrogant Great Elder Princess.

Shao Wanru took Great Elder Princess’s hand and asked with a comforting smile, “Did grandma hand in the memorial before?”

“Yes, I did. And I did it more than once. I want to let everyone know that the title of heir of Duke Xing’s Mansion belongs to your brother. It definitely doesn’t belong to the second branch of Duke Xing’s Mansion.” Great Elder Princess said angrily.

In order to prevent the second branch of Duke Xing’s Mansion from taking over the position of the heir of a duke, Rui’an Great Elder Princess had handed in memorials for more than one time. Moreover, she told the Empress Dowager and the emperor about what had happened at that time. If it weren’t for the Old Madam of Duke Xing’s Mansion, her daughter and son-in-law wouldn’t have left and had an accident.

Speaking of this, it was all Duke Xing’s Mansion’s fault. She had already lost a daughter and a son-in-law. It was impossible for her to watch her grandson end up in a bad situation now. Moreover, it was also said that before the death of the old Duke Xing, he had also handed in a memorial to give his grandson the title of Heir of Duke Xing.

But the emperor said that he didn’t get it at all!

Later, the current Duke Xing was promoted and became the new Duke Xing. After he inherited the title, the first thing he did was to promote his son to the position of Heir of Duke Xing. It was also because of the resistance of Rui’an Great Elder Princess that this matter was delayed again and again until now.

“Grandma, let’s see how they will deal with this matter next!” Shao Wanru shook Great Elder Princess’s hands to comfort her and said with a smile.

A trace of darkness flashed across her bright watery eyes. It was not easy to deal with Qin Yuru. Since this matter had started, it would not be easy to deal with it. There were many meanings in Chu Liuchen’s words before. Although Shao Wanru did not understand them very well, she also knew that what she had to do at this time was to keep a low profile.

A wounded woman, who had lived in the Yuhui Nunnery for so many years, should naturally be weak and peaceful. She must not do anything. Qing’er had been scared “crazy” before, and now she was in treatment. Of course, she should not appear in front of others.

Chu Liuchen asked her to live in Great Elder Princess’s Mansion for a few days. He asked her not to intervene in the affairs outside for the time being and not to inquire more, especially about Duke Xing’s Mansion. As for Qin’s Mansion, she could contact it.

The Ministry of Justice had already taken action, and there were many people in the dark who would intervene in this matter. Shao Wanru would naturally not do anything at this time. This matter had been intervened by Chu Liuchen, and it was likely to be a big deal!

“Great Elder Princess, Old Madam of Qin’s Mansion has come to see Miss!” A servant girl reported loudly outside the door.

Shao Wanru’s eyes lit up and she looked at Rui’an Great Elder Princess eagerly.

“Well, let them in, but you should be careful. You haven’t recovered yet!” Rui’an Great Elder Princess warned meaningfully.

It was not that she did not believe in Old Madam Qin, but the people Old Madam Qin brought might not be all trustworthy. Qin’s Mansion had sent people to see Shao Wanru before, but they were all blocked by Rui’an Great Elder Princess. At present, it was not the best time to see Old Madam Qin. But when she saw her granddaughter’s watery eyes full of desire, Rui’an Great Elder Princess had no choice but to remind her.

“Don’t worry, grandma. I know!” Shao Wanru nodded repeatedly. She really wanted to see Old Madam Qin. Since Qin Yuru talked about Old Madam Qin’s illness, it must be true. Seeing that she could come in person, it should not be so serious. Shao Wanru was relieved.

“You!” Rui’an Great Elder Princess patted her head helplessly and stood up. If she was here, this Old Grandma of Qin’s Mansion would definitely feel uncomfortable and had to salute her. She was old and not in good health. There were some things that could be avoided…

Seeing this situation, she knew she must have come here for something. Otherwise, she would not have taken such a trip in person when she was in poor health!

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