Medical Master - Chapter 896 - Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon Are All in the Sword

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Chapter 896 Heaven, Earth, Sun and Moon Are All in the Sword


When he felt the slight change in John Doe’s sword move, the Sword Fanatic’s pupils instantly contracted!

Over there, the onlookers were still watching the battle between the two of them.

However, no one could see the change in John Doe’s move, let alone know how dangerous it was.

Only the blade of the sword moved several millimeters along with the wind.

It was just a few millimeters.

But it allowed Fang Qiu to borrow the power of the wind to speed up the sword a little bit.

It was unknown if it was accidental or planned, but when the sword suddenly moved faster, Fang Qiu’s wrist trembled slightly. The sunlight from the sky just happened to shine on the bronze sword blade. A dazzling light refracted and met the Sword Fanatic’s eyes.

The moment the dazzling light lit up, the expression of the Sword Fanatic changed drastically.

Although he saw the shadow of the sword in John Doe’s hand, he couldn’t judge the direction of John Doe’s sword at all because of the dazzling light!

In addition, John Doe had borrowed the power of the wind, so his speed was faster than before. Therefore, when the Sword Fanatic reacted, trying to wave his sword to fend off the attack, the long sword in John Doe’s hand fell on his chest!

He had lost…

Everyone looked indifferent.

In their opinion, the swordsmanship and strength of both of them were top-notch. It would be difficult to determine a winner if they didn’t fight for three days and three nights. Therefore, they naturally felt that John Doe would definitely be easily defeated by the Sword Fanatic if he merely displayed such an ordinary sword move.

Thus, they were all waiting.

They were waiting for the Sword Fanatic to make a move to crack John Doe’s sword move so that they could continue their fighting.

But after waiting for a long time, they found that the Sword Fanatic didn’t move at all.

They all took a closer look, only to find that the bronze sword in John Doe’s hand was already pointed at the chest of the Sword Fanatic.

It was not until this moment that they came to their senses and shock quickly appeared on their faces!

“Wha… what is going on?”

“Is it over?”

“Is this the end?”

“The Sword Fanatic lost?”

“In a contest of swordsmanship, the Sword Fanatic actually lost? How did that happen?”

At this moment, there was a look of shock on everyone’s face. They couldn’t take their eyes off John Doe. They were utterly shocked by the figure standing in front of the Sword Fanatic!

Unexpectedly, John Doe won!

“How is that possible? Isn’t the Sword Fanatic the best swordsman? How could he lose?”

“I can’t believe that the Sword Fanatic was defeated at his strongest point!”

“Is John Doe’s swordsmanship so powerful?”

Not only the ordinary Martial Superiors, but also Yun Yangzi, Diwu Qian, and the others, who had been watching the battle carefully, frowned at what they saw!

To them, the sword moves of the two were flawless.

Since they were perfect sword moves, how could John Doe suddenly have the upper hand, and how could he suddenly defeat the Sword Fanatic by one move?

Everyone was staring at them in shock.


In the field, Fang Qiu flipped his wrist, put the ancient bronze sword on his back, and stood with his hands clasped behind his back!

“What’s this sword strike?”

The Sword Fanatic looked at Fang Qiu blankly.

“Nature!” answered Fang Qiu.


The Sword Fanatic froze. Then he closed his eyes and began to recall Fang Qiu’s last sword move.

Recalling from an outsider’s perspective, the Sword Fanatic, whose realm had reached the pinnacle, immediately grasped the key point and understood everything.


After figuring it out, the Sword Fanatic was convinced. He laughed excitedly as if he had found a treasure, saying, “You are stronger than me! I admire you!”

Hearing that, the 30-odd people led by He Gaoming instantly cheered in unison.

As for the other bystanders, they were all rubbing their eyes in disbelief. They simply couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“There’s a limit to the power of humans, but the power of nature is infinite!”

The Sword Fanatic seemed to have realized something and added, “Heaven, earth, wind, sun, moon, and stars are all in the sword… I understand! I understand, haha!”

He looked up at the sky and laughed out loud.

All he felt was light in his heart.

The mountains blocking his way melted.

In the past, he had been obsessed with studying swordsmanship. Except for that, he had almost never paid attention to anything else. It was not until now that he really understood that no move was not the highest realm of swordsmanship. There were various natural factors above that, such as fine weather, favorable geographical position, and so on.

They were also part of swordsmanship!

More importantly, they mattered a lot!

Aside from the unity of the owner and the sword, swordsmanship also stressed on favorable climate and topographical advantages!

“Good sword, good move!”

As his laughter died away, the Sword Fanatic held a fist salute to Fang Qiu at once and said, “I lost. I admit my defeat wholeheartedly today!”

The people around were still not over the shock.

“What the heck is going on?”

“What on earth happened?”

“How did John Doe win? Why did the Sword Fanatic lose?”

“The Sword Fanatic thinks so highly of John Doe’s last move. Who can tell me what happened?”

The crowd, who was in a heated discussion, subconsciously shifted their gazes to the powerful experts beside them.

To their surprise, they found that the experts also frowned, as if they did not understand.

It was the same for Yun Yangzi and the others.

They didn’t understand, but as super experts, Yun Yangzi and the others had some clues after hearing the conversation between John Doe and the Sword Fanatic. They just couldn’t figure it out in a while.

“The Luotu Ginseng belongs to you!”

Without further ado, the Sword Fanatic on the battlefield took out the rag, in which the Luotu Ginseng was wrapped, and threw it directly at Fang Qiu.

Fang Qiu caught it.

When he grasped it, he clearly felt the powerful earth attribute energy of the Luotu Ginseng, which made him thrilled.

“You’ve opened up a whole new world of swordsmanship for me.”

The Sword Fanatic cupped his hands to thank Fang Qiu and then added, “Goodbye!”

After that, he waved his right hand.

His powerful internal Qi burst out. The rag wrapped around the long sword before seemed to be sucked back by something instantly. It wrapped around the long sword in his hand.

With the sword in his hand, he turned around and flew away without saying a word!

He didn’t seem to regret it at all!

After getting the Luotu Ginseng, Fang Qiu was ready to find a place to take it and make a breakthrough.

But just as he was about to leave, he felt that there was a faint commotion in the crowd around him.

He looked around and found that many people were ready to take action. Their targets were the Heaven Treasure and the divine sword in his hand!

They seemed to have planned this.

No matter who won the battle, he would be exhausted in the end.

This was the perfect time to rob that guy!

Now that the winner had been decided, all that remained was to make a move!

The martial artists who were immersed in the earlier battle were ready to make a move.


Fang Qiu snorted.

He packed the Luotu Ginseng before waving his right hand and clenching his fist.

The divine sword took shape instantly!

“Three-point Shadowless!”

With a shout in his heart, he waved his right hand in front of everyone.

Three shadows immediately burst out.

It was different from the last time.

After practicing it several times and completely mastering it, Fang Qiu was able to cast three streams of invincible Sword Qi instead of just three shadows.

The moment the three beams of sword Qi appeared, they connected with each other and formed a new attack.


When the strike landed, a deafening sound suddenly rang out.

Everyone looked at the place where the sword Qi landed.

John Doe’s blow created a big crack with the width of a palm and the length of several meters on the ground. In the middle of the crack was a big hole like a sewer well.

This scene scared those who were about to take action at once.

“This, this is the move that repelled the Sword Fanatic!”

“So powerful!”

“Not only is it powerful, but it is extremely fast. It’s simply impossible to dodge it!”

Everyone discussed in shock.

Fang Qiu felt that more than half of those who were ready to move dropped the idea, but there was still a sense of threat at the bottom of his heart. It seemed that there were still some hidden masters ready to take action in the crowd.

They didn’t move right away because they feared each other!


Fang Qiu narrowed his eyes.

It looked like his first move didn’t pose them enough of a threat!

Thinking of this, he waved the long sword in his hand.


The sound of lightning suddenly rang out.

The crowd took a closer look and found that the divine sword in Fang Qiu’s hand flickered and a layer of dense lightning directly burst out, making him look like the Thunder God who controlled thunder and lightning.

Along with the appearance of the lightning, a stream of extremely powerful Qi power rumbled and surged out of his body, causing the clothes on him to make crackling sounds.

It scared everyone around.

Those experts who were hiding in the crowd and ready to make a move gave up their plan at this moment.

They found that before Fang Qiu could perform this move, there was an extremely oppressive and destructive aura surging between heaven and earth.

“Driving Thunder and Slashing Demons!”

With a shout in his heart, Fang Qiu tiptoed and immediately rose into the air. The lightning that had been covering the divine sword suddenly spread out and covered his whole body.

Lightning flashed in the next moment.

Fang Qiu waved his sword in the air!


Thunderclaps were instantly heard.

With a wave of Fang Qiu’s arm, a huge sword blade made of lightning departed from the divine sword and went straight to the front mountain of the Sword-hidden Mountain.


In the next moment, the earth shook and a deafening explosion was heard.

Everyone turned to take a look.

The moment the sword blade made of lightning fell, it directly cut open a huge hole on the top of the front mountain. Moreover, the lightning spread wildly in all directions like a spider web. Wherever it passed, the trees, flowers, ground, and rocks were all charred!

Everyone was astounded by the scene in front of them!

No one had expected that there was actually the second move of John Doe’s divine sword!

Seeing this, those experts hiding in the dark secretly weighed its power in their minds and felt that they couldn’t take this blow at all. They hesitated in no time.

“Humph, don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. You’d better not act rashly, or don’t blame me for being cruel!”

Fang Qiu glanced around and spoke in a cold voice.

At his words, these people, who had intended to attack, did not dare to move now!

No one knew what other moves John Doe could use.

These two moves were terrifying enough!

If he had some other moves that were more powerful than these two, wouldn’t they die?

They all dropped the idea.

The sense of crisis in Fang Qiu’s heart dissipated right away.


Without any hesitation, he waved his hand to disperse the divine sword in his hand as he landed on the ground. Then, he moved and immediately left.

Over there, everyone was still staring at his back.

It was because the shock he had brought to them today was too great!

After Fang Qiu left, the 30-odd people, led by He Gaoming, also turned around and left together with a wave of his hand.

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