Master of the End Times - Chapter 974 - Exposed

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Chapter 974: Exposed

Voodoo Lord and Shao Tai could not believe it. The man standing in front of them was the overlord that had killed He Tianxing and destroyed Faceless Lord with one skill.

Yet, he was only A4-tier?

“That’s not his true strength. His internal force had already attained S-tier. But since his physique is still catching up, his exterior aura remains at A4-tier.”

Shao Tai was an ancient warrior himself. Thus, he immediately figured out the contradiction between Qin Feng’s aura and his true strength.

Voodoo Lord got the idea. But the fact had only deepened his fear toward Qin Feng. He wanted to kill him more than ever now.

The young man had managed to destroy two S-tiers with an A4-tier physique. His future would only be scarier. They had feuded with him and were worried that he might seek revenge on them in the future. It would be best for them if Qin Feng were killed here and now.

“Master Zolls, that’s the man we are talking about. Why not have him work for us?” Voodoo Lord quickly suggested.

Zolls had naturally noticed that Qin Feng was equally baffled. Qin Feng was among the passengers that had come here on his Shuttle Whale. Zolls did not see through his disguise then.

“Interesting!” A sly smile came onto Zolls’s face. His consciousness was locked onto Qin Feng.

“Come over here. If you perform well, I will consider rewarding you.”

Even though Zolls mentioned a reward, the prerequisite was that Qin Feng had to be alive at the end of it.

If Zolls intended to use him as cannon fodder, then Qin Feng’s death was destined.

Qin Feng was rooted at the edge of the mountain peak. His mind, in contrast, spun furiously.

“Hubby, let’s leave at once,” Bai Li suggested.

“No, wait!” Qin Feng calmed Bai Li down. He stepped forward and moved toward Zolls.

Voodoo Lord and Shao Tai were not the only S-tiers around Zolls. There were six other S-tiers around him. None of them seemed thrilled to be here, but at the same time, none dared to voice their reluctance.

They were probably still safe, for now. Even when there was danger, Qin Feng was confident enough to improvise according to the circumstances.

Thus, Qin Feng decided to follow Zolls for now. He was eager to know what would happen next.

Zolls was satisfied when he saw that Qin Feng was abiding by his order without any resistance. At least Qin Feng showed him enough respect.

“Let’s move!” Zolls ordered them to continue climbing.

The higher they climbed, the greater the gravitational force became. Not only that but the energy around them had become more tumultuous too.

The raging energy pounded on them violently, forcing them to advance at a much slower pace.

However, Qin Feng was certainly not one of them.

His Dark Armor was designed to absorb energy from the universe, to begin with.

They were moving as quickly as they could, but the peak seemed endless. They finally saw something different after climbing continuously for one hour.

Multiple giant caves were seen on the peak. It was as if someone or something had poked a series of holes around the peak. Once they reached the peak, Qin Feng’s consciousness immediately caught more people on the other side.

Other than the group he came up with, there were actually a few hundred more that had also reached the top of the peak.

“Go!” Zolls urged them. He sneered. “If you guys do as I say, then perhaps you could come out earlier in one piece. Otherwise, none of you will live to see another day!”

They gritted their teeth and entered grudgingly.

The light was sapped out as soon as Qin Feng stepped into the cave. They had seemingly entered a different dimension that was far more enormous than he thought.

Besides, the energy level here was twice as thick compared to the outside.

However, this place was filled with rotting evil.


A somber, eerie laugh arose around them. It belonged to the resented specters.

More than a hundred specters revealed themselves out of thin air. The specters must have sensed the presence of the SS-tier. They lingered aimlessly and did not approach the party.

“Who wishes to go first?” Zolls glanced at the eight S-tiers maliciously.

Voodoo Lord and Shao Tai were plotting to kill Qin Feng as quickly as possible. Thus, Shao Tai could not wait to suggest, “This guy is only an A4-tier. He would be useless later on. Let him go now and he would still have some use.”

In fact, if Qin Feng was really that useless, then Shao Tai could be considered hopeless.

Nevertheless, Zolls agreed with what Shao Tai was saying. He nodded and ordered, “You will be the first.”

“Wait!” Qin Feng spoke through his consciousness. Shao Tai and Voodoo Lord became tense. They were worried that Qin Feng might use some gimmick to direct the arrow at them instead.

Without the weird sunray, Qin Feng’s dark runes were in action again. He could once again conceal his true form.

But what had been exposed could not be reversed.

“You are not willing to comply? You should know that I can kill you anytime and take over your body as I wish. Go immediately if you still treasure your life. If you do well, I will have someone replace you.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to comply. But this is my first time here. Do you expect me to succeed without telling me anything? Should I just go and waste my chance?”

Zolls was stunned. Qin Feng coming here without knowing anything did surprise him.

At least, he was still being reasonable and explained it to Qin Feng, “Lure the specters and keep running for ten thousand meters. I will have someone replace you once you have succeeded.” Zolls did not want Qin Feng to feel despair, so he suggested a change every ten thousand meters. But his consciousness became fierce and he warned Qin Feng sternly, “Don’t you dare play any tricks. Petty tricks always don’t end well under my watch, remember that.”

“Alright, alright!”

While they were talking, more specters had gathered and they were growing restless. Finally, the specters could no longer resist the temptation of human scent and charged at them.

“Go now, or I will kill you!” Zolls shouted.

Even to an SS-tier, being surrounded by hundreds of specters in this dark place was rather dangerous. That was why they needed a relay of cannon fodders.

These specters would not pursue too far. However, they were everywhere in this pitch-black darkness.

Right now, a lot of S-tiers had been worked by their respective SS-tier abusers to lure the specters. In Zolls’s group, Qin Feng was the first cannon fodder sent out. He did not tempt fate and ran obediently at the front to draw away the specters.

After one week, Qin Feng had studied the behavior of these specters well. He had killed thousands of them during the night. This number chasing him now was not enough to dazzle him.

That was why he seemed oddly relaxed despite being hounded by a large band of shadows. Zolls did not bring along the Shuttle Whale and jogged closely behind him and the specters.

Though the Shuttle Whale was also a spatial beast, it was not as skilled as Bai Li. The best it could do in this high-pressure environment was to open a spatial tunnel. It was Zolls’s last resort to escape if things got dire.

Like Zolls, other SS-tiers had something up their sleeves to get away in the direst of moments. But whether an S-tier could escape unscathed largely depended on luck.

Qin Feng continued to sprint forward. The surrounding was still shrouded by impenetrable darkness. However, it did not obstruct Qin Feng’s vision. In fact, he could see clearer in here.

Indeed, he was running through a valley. However, the sensation on the ground was a little different than a normal mountain route. There was also no vegetation around this valley.

‘This place is called Dragonspine Valley. Am I running on the spine of Bahamut now?’

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